Runner with cerebral palsy has completed marathon, more than 110 races | HeartThreads

Runner with cerebral palsy has completed marathon, more than 110 races | HeartThreads

People say all the time Oh, I wish I could be a runner If I can run a marathon Literally anyone can run a marathon In 2012 I was planning to go to Italy and we were going to be on a tour, and I just didn't want to be the last person on and off the tour bus and so I started training. And I just thought, I bet I could do one 5K. That was all I was ever supposed to do. I was getting ready to have my 33rd birthday and I read this article about this girl who'd run as many races as she was turning in age and I thought that would be such a cool thing to do In the back of my mind, I just thought I'm going to start trying to work towards this goal Cerebral Palsy affects all kinds of things important to running. Balance, strength, coordination, running speed If I'm a traditional runner I can kind of hop over road terrain or whatever, but when you have Cerebral Palsy, you're watching for every crack in the street. because the smallest crack can trip you up, cause an injury so we really had to work on balance, strength, coordination– in training we practiced falling Somebody might run a 10 minute mile, a 14 minute mile I run about a 26 mile, so you just have to prepare yourself and know that you're going to be out there for a while. And, honestly, running is when I solve most of my complex problems I had no plan so I just signed up for a couple at a time. I did 34 for my my 34th birthday, 35 for my 35th birthday and 36 for my 36th birthday. You're pretty much running every weekend. In 2017 in the summer I nominated a friend of mine for an award. We were out to dinner celebrating after the awards ceremony and it just sort of organically happened in conversation they said "Would you ever want to run a marathon?" And I said, well, yes, I would, but its a logistics problem. and they said, yeah, yeah, but if we could work that out would you be interested in running a marathon. and I said absolutely yes and so by the end of the dinner, somehow, I had committed to running a marathon. I ended up getting hooked up with a trainer, and a meal plan and all and all these different things cause all that goes into your training. I started training on August first of 2017 and I trained and the marathon was– for most people it was April 29th, for me we started the night before, so April 28th at 9:43 p.m. and we ran all the way to the next day every person who runs a marathon hits the wall. I absolutely hit the wall, maybe a couple times. It was one of the most powerful things for me I had a friend with me cause at that time you've been running all night and half the day so she said to me I'll never forget it, she took my face in her hands and she said, you're going to make it but you have to believe it. Quitting was never an option. It was probably the most incredible thing I've ever done. I think the bottom line is never take anything off the table, because something is always attainable whether you have to change the way you do it doesn't mean you change the goal.

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  1. Jamie you made me cry with your wonderful approach to everything. BRAVO and good luck forever and all your projects.

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