Running For Cyclists: How To Get Started And Enjoy Running

Running For Cyclists: How To Get Started And Enjoy Running

– I know cyclist will always be cyclist, but sometimes we don’t
even bring our bike, we don’t have the time, or
it’s not the perfect weather. So running is the best
exercise for a cyclist undergo. Today, because I’m not an expert, I brought our own Heather from GTN. She’s going to help us out
with some tips and exercise to get better at this. – Cool, thank you Maya. Yes, I mean, running is great and there are so many
benefits for cyclists as well. To start with, you can do
it pretty much anywhere, it doesn’t matter whether
it’s raining or even snowing, if you don’t have much
time going for a run, even as little as 20 minutes
will still have a benefit and it’s going to help
with your bone density. And all you need is a
pair of running shoes, some shorts and a T shirt. So I’m going to be bringing you
some tips and some exercises to help you enjoy running
and stay injury free. And guess what? You’re even allowed to wear socks. – And I did it, no helmet,
no cycling shoes and no bike. Let’s go. (upbeat music) Building up slowly is really important because as a cyclist,
we tend to overdo it. We just want to run fast and for too long, and we just get injured. – It’s really common for cyclists, you’re going to have that fitness and you’ve probably got
really good endurance, you just want to go out and run. But if you’re not careful,
this can lead to injuries, like Maya says, because your body is not going to be ready for that stress that you get
from the impacts of running. (upbeat music) – Okay, I’ve got some
points to get us started. Point one, start really,
really, really slowly, build gradually. – It’s a really good idea to have a realistic goal and target as that’s going to help keep you motivated as you hit those targets. And it is easy to go out
a little bit too soon if you enjoy your first
run and get carried away, but you’re going to have
that cardiovascular fitness, but you’re less likely
to have the conditioning. So if you are new to running, stick to doing just 20
minutes to start with. And it obviously depends if you’ve done any
running in the past or not as to how many breaks
you’re going to have, but a good starting point
would be run for 30 minutes, have a minute of walking and
do that five times three. – It’s better to do less and to finish one thing to run more, not the other way around. (upbeat music) Point two, find a dirt path to run. If you can avoid the pavement, better. – It’s a great point because
it’s going to reduce that impact and your legs aren’t ready for. So if you can find some grass,
some sand or even gravel, it’s all going to be kinder on your legs than running on asphalt. – Running in uneven terrain
even makes you work harder, because you’re working
your stabilizing muscles and sometimes even your core. – Exactly, but don’t go
too off road too soon, because if your legs
aren’t quite ready for it, you could end up twisting
an ankle or something. (upbeat music) – Point three, move the joints. – Dynamic warm up is really important to help get your joints moving
in a different direction, ’cause cycling is a very
unique lateral movement and you’ll find that your
joint’s basically moving in the same plane of motion all the time. – For this leg swings are perfect. What you have to do is
find something to grab or just someone to hold you for balance, and then when one leg start
swinging front to back, and then change legs. And the other one is
start with the right leg, crossing from one side to the other, and then switch legs and you’re done. – Another exercise, it’s really great for opening up the front of
your hip, are walking lunges, and this is an area that gets
really tight as cyclists. And it’s also going to actually challenge a little bit of your
coordination and your core as you want to make sure it’s
a really controlled movement, and you’re also keeping
your body nice and upright. (upbeat music) – Point four, strengthening your feet. – It’s really easy to overlook your feet and the small muscles that
are surrounding the area ’cause when it comes to cycling, it doesn’t actually do too much work. But when it comes to running your feet and all the muscles in your lower leg are going to be working overtime. – Talking about it, it’s
important to do some exercises to strengthen your feet, just walking barefoot on
the sand or in the grass. Or if you wanted to
take it a step further, you can use a physio band. – If you want to know more on that we’ve actually done a video over on GTN on strength and conditioning
for the lower legs so go check that out. (upbeat music) – Point five, choose your
running shoes wisely. – This one leads on
nicely from foot strength. Choosing the right running
shoe can make such a difference to your running experience. You want to make sure you get a trainer that’s got the right amount
of support and cushioning to suit you. – Okay, Heather, I think we’ve
covered all the basic tips but do you have any extra for us? – I think it’s just a
good idea to bear in mind that cycling is so different from running, so don’t be disheartened when you set out because after all, you’re suddenly going to be weight bearing and it’s a lot for your body to adapt to, so have that realistic goal and start with a run more strategy, because you can always build up from that. – You’ve talked about all the difference there is between running and cycling, but is there something that’s the same? – There actually is, when you’re ready to progress, you can actually start to implement some of the training
that you do on the bike over to the run. So for example, you might
break your cycling week up with a longer ride, a tempo
session and some speed work. Well, there’s no reason you
can’t just carry that over to your running workouts too. – Some people prefer cycling, because you can go way
quicker and farther, and you can carry your
own food and your water. What will you say to those cyclist? – Yes, admit you can go
further when you’re cycling, but there’s loads of places
that you can go running that you can’t get on a bike. So you get to find out new routes, Commute’s actually a great
way for finding new places. And as for the snacks, you’re not going to be going for as long, so you shouldn’t really need
to have any snacks with you. But do make sure on that note that you eat long enough in advance because jiggling up and down is going to be a little bit
different than being on the bike, so you can find you end up with a little uncomfortable stomach. So just make sure you have
your meal long enough before. – Running with food on your
stomach is never a good idea. Okay, it all sounds great, but how often should I run? – Well, recovery is key when
you’re starting any new sport and now running especially you really need to respect running because you’ve got that
impact that you’re coming, where it’s weight bearing. And when you’re cycling, yes, you can get on the bike day after day and your bottom might
be a little bit sore, but you’re not really going
to be affecting your joints or your bones. So it’s really important
to build it up gradually, but to make sure that you
get at least a day of rest in between each one, and then hopefully you’ll
be able to continue running for much longer and actually see a bigger
improvement overall. – Great points there,
Heather, thank you very much. I think you convinced most
of us cyclists to go there and try some running but what do you think of those
that still thinking about it? – The main selling point for me of running is the time efficiency. You can get so much work out
of a really short space of time compared to cycling, and after all you can
do pretty much anywhere and all you is a pair of running shoes. – Next time you find yourself with just half an hour to do exercise, why not pop on your trainers
and just give it a go? – I completely agree. I mean, I am slightly biased but I think you can’t beat that feeling of coming back from a good run. Well, hopefully you’ve enjoyed it and you’re motivated
enough to go out for a run. Give us a thumbs up like if you are and hit the globe on
screen to subscribe to GCN. – If you want to see another GCN video, just click down here. – And if you want to see a
conditioning video over on GTN, go and check that out down here. – Let’s go Heather, we
just have a half an hour.

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  1. Do you run around your cycling? Would you consider swapping your bike for a pair of running shoes when you're short on time or travelling without a bike?

  2. I love running but shin splints just make it so difficult. I had to stop two weeks ago after I started back up again. It is good to combine with cycling though because your leg muscles are being used differently. My legs definitely got stronger when I combined the two exercises. My shin splints went away so I’m gonna slowly add more running back in.

  3. After today's running for cyclists and y/days Si & Dan's chat on no socks, cankles & triathlon, next week its gotta be Si's triathlon challenge!!!!! Come on Si! You know you want to. Could be another return of the GCN red Speedoes (& blond mullet)!! 🙂

  4. Lol, heck no! Running is slow, boring and plainly sucks. Also it hurts the joints, especially the knees. I need those for cycling.

  5. Quite a bit of negativity. I think one video on running every 365 days is more than reasonable. Plenty of cyclists (like myself) like the occasional run, or combining them both and this video contains good tips. Thanks GCN (just get Lasty up some climbs again)

  6. No, no, no! Running is a perverse and completely unholy activity. Every time someone goes running, a little bit of humanity's soul dies.

  7. If for nothing else, run for your bone health. Especially as you get older. Cycling has many health benefits but is now known to degrade bone thickness and density.

  8. Ok, I was a runner (still am) before I was a cyclist, and It's kind of weird to watch this video from that perspective. (And to read all these anti running comments, y'all are hilarious!)

  9. I ran for decades and wore my knees out in the process. I cycle because my knees won't let me run. What alternatives do you recommend?

  10. Base training for cycling at the moment, using Zwift and running a CT5K along side it. All done inside on the turbo and treadmill, at 65 I guess I shouldn't expect too much, but so far so good 😉

  11. The only time I run is for very short distances while carrying a bike and covered in mud. Got talked into a Parkrun once (while horribly hungover, it was New Years day). Awful, so just went as fast as possible to get it over with. Crippled with DOMS for a week. Think I'm doing it wrong.

  12. I’ve just started to go for runs about 2 months ago and I’ve had to stop because of tendinitis in my left foot . It started when I started to run for 10k and had built up to doing 10k when it started. I also do jump rope because it burns more calories then running this is why boxers do it and it builds up your stamina.

  13. To be honest, I somewhat envy runners… At least now that I bike primarily for health and sanity reasons instead of racing. Why? Because the best thing about running is volume of a workout you can get in over a much shorter time. A typical one hour run is roughly equivalent to a typical three hour ride for most people (who are proficient at both). Running is very effective use of time…and there's no faffing about with inflating tires or lathering chamois cream in the morning, and no guilt of disappearing on your family for half a day on weekends.

  14. The benefits of running are open to those who are light weight and fit.
    For the average person, cycling is so much easier and per the effort put in, far outsurpasses the benefits of running.
    I'm a big guy and would find running even short distances, purgatory. Give me a long steady away climb and I'll twiddle up it all day long.

  15. Gcn en Espanol has beautiful girl presenter. Gtn has beautiful girl presenter. Gcn hasn't. There is no justice in this world.

  16. I gave up running 20 years ago. I took up hiking and cycling instead. My knees were worn out by military service. Couple that with a bad back and age, the impact of running was way too much for my body to handle.

  17. I alwasy was on the fence about this. I never liked running when i was twenty-something. Or at least I told myself. By accident I got some Nike Vomero for really cheap and just tried a little run and of course, im convinced 😀 Its so easy to just get out real quick after or before work and go on a quick loop around my local park. Everybody should at least give it a shot.

  18. The lady in the GCN shirt 'heel strikes' when running. This is a common mistake that is easily corrected to 'fore foot' striking. I am surprised the other lady, who is showing her the basics, didnt address that plus other bio mechanics that make running more efficient and less injuries prone.

  19. I find running up steep hills similar to, and great training for, riding out of the saddle. Probably why Emma does so well at riding uphill.

  20. Do you have any advice for the opposite? I'm a runner that cycles for cross training, how can I get the most out of the 3 hour long rides I do each week?

  21. I was a runner before taking up cycling. Do both now. Too much overhead in cycling for it be my only activity, running is more efficient. Even though I do both, I wonder about the risk/reward trade off: Local running ads are for physical therapists and coaches. Local bike ads are for personal injury lawyers.

  22. If I wanted to learn about running, there are 100's of other dedicated channels I could watch. I can't run. I don't want to know about running. Hello? Global CYCLING Network? One car, me on my road bike, 4 screws, a titanium rod, and lots of pain later dictates I use a cane now half the time to just walk without a limp. (Cycling uses different muscles, but I'll never be the rider I used to be.)

    Sigh. Every time I'm close to buying something from your store in support which let's be honest here, is one the primary goals, your channel does something which is upsetting. Ollie's stupid accent "jokes" on every go****mn video is another bothersome point. Stop it! He's supposed to be a knowledgeable presenter, not an actor. Start acting like one. With that said, he's seems to be a great guy, one I hope to see doing more fixed gear racing, but I digress.

    Stick to what your good at; the subject you know well and we all love. Bicycles.

    Note: I dislike being the "bad guy" here, I truly do, but this needs to be pointed out. Your channel has created a winning formula for viewership. Job well done. Don't ruin it by trying to cover other sports on this channel or you'll start driving people away. Go make the Global Running Channel and take it over there.

  23. There is an ease to just pulling on joggers and heading out the door. But I don't do it for fear it will negatively affect me on my next ride.

  24. I'm too old to run now (used to when I was in my 20s). Now I am 70 and walking is just as good fitness wise (power walking). So if you can't run, then walk (and cycle of course). 🙂

  25. If you ever see me running you better start running as well because something trying to kill me is right behind me.

  26. Good stuff ladies! Thanks for the tips. Maybe I’ll start on the treadmill first. Brave to run on video in slo mo, but you both look great! Love the GCN shirt too!

  27. Just started C25K (Couch To 5Km) the app is great. You get told when to run and walk. Only 3 runs/walks in but enjoying it. And I hate running!!

  28. Running is the best when you don't have much time to spare day in day out. Much more of an effective workout. But it does take a toll on your body over time.

  29. I like to run 5k once a week, besides weight lifting and all the cycling I do. Good for conditioning the gain muscle mass and getting muscle tone.

  30. No orthopedic surgeon will recommend running because of repeated damaging impacts to the knees. On the contrary, they recommend cycling, especially low torque, high RPM cycling. Running 👎, cycling 👍.

  31. I used to be football player.. beside that a runner and track & field atletics.. then just runner… after my knees went last time bust, five Years ago, I bought my first road bike. Now I can run maybe one kilometer before pain locks knees. 🙁 Still I can't be noting runners on my cycling trips if they "can not run" (trainer in me takes place).. pacing, wrong shoes, bad shoes, bad body handling, not running; morelike jumping or slow jogging like bad walking.. and most of not using energy right; save energy from too many unneeded moves and put it into foot work. Efficiency is The Key for enjoyable, long, run! Every time when see one Running like it looks like forward going and as it should be when one runs, it makes me smile on my bike… sometimes giving thumps up also! 🙂 Still missing those forest path runs…

    So, now cycling 10k per Year till knees can't take that.. then it's time for golf before getting into coffins.. Ps. Still The Best shoes are Asics DS Trainers.. can't beat that floating feeling with those shoes. 🙂

  32. Took up running, due to cyclocross! Everytime I got off the bike to run with it, i went backwards!! Did the couch 2 5k program, and went from there. I run more in winter, and cycle more in Summer, which seems to work well for me. Even done my first fell races this year!!

  33. Runners can't cheat as much as cyclists. Less drafting options, tailwind not as significant, downhills still hurt…. With running, if fat, you are punished. Cycling fat can be done. Under 1 hour, hard. Get it…..

  34. Cross Country running at school really put me off running and it was exactly as you mentioned; a long run in an afternoon after we'd just had lunch! Of course we all felt awful but had to run anyway. It took me a long time, and a serious injury, to consider running and coming from the bike I took it easy but found it so much nicer than I'd anticipated. I also find it helps relax my entire body and the odd run, yoga session, and strength training has been really great for my cycling! Great video, thanks ladies!

  35. I'm a former competitive runner who has turned to cycling because, well, I was getting injured a lot running and cycling is way cooler than running 🙂
    My advice to cyclists getting into running: 1) when you're used to zipping around town and on the roads at speeds of 16km/hr to 70km/hr, running is gonna seem a drag at 8-13km/hr, so be patient. 2) find some places to run that are interesting, like bike paths (just kidding) or parks or trails where you won't mind the slow speeds you're moving at; 3) stretch after every run, especially those quads, hips and calves; 4) start with a couple shorter runs per week (20-30min) and build sloooowwly to five or six days and then start increasing the time on your feet per run. Seriously, you body will tell you early on that it's "ok, hammer it buddy,". But by week three you'll start to feel some tightness in calves, or hips, or your IT band, guaranteed. Then you're shagged. Remember, your cardiovascular system is super fit from the bike but your running muscles are like, nonexistent. You'll feel great early on but do NOT listen to your body, build up gradually.5) There is NO sock game in running…in fact, socks are for chumps. If you must wear socks, go for below the ankle not 12cm cycling socks. 6) once you get running body (muscles) adapted to life bearing weight, you can get very fit with MaxVO2 running workouts, lactate threshold running workouts, hill repeats..don't just run a load of easy miles, you do enough of that on the bike. make the runs higher quality.7) remember #4 and don't get injured.

  36. If you're going to run one of your training loops, remember that 15 minutes on a bike will translate to about 5-10 miles on your feet, so make sure that you have a way back if you find that you're too sore or tired. Run to a train station or a bus stop and end your run there. Don't try to push yourself a little further, that's how injuries happen.

  37. Buenas cariño, mid or forefoot running. You are heel striking and that will cause major stress on your joints. 😉🙂✌👍

  38. At the beginning autumn ruunng is just like hell for me, when getting ready for winter and next year, but the more I run the better it gets.
    For me its good to run with my coach because he runns slower than I. Then Ihave to run at same pace and so I can run much longer and with better feeling!

  39. Good Video to remind me to take it slower….. i have been cycling for 4 years now and just recently reached ~ 300 FTP. So naturally i felt like i have to run "fast" In my very first run ever i did 8,6km doing a 4.49/1km average pace and had to stop with knee pain. My Oxygen and Heartrate were pretty relaxed but my bones and joints were so not ready for this…. had problems walking for 3 days >-<.

  40. Does anyone know exactly what the distance ratio is between running and cycling? (for example 5k running=40k cycling)

  41. Injured both Achilles because my cyclist lungs let me do stuff my Achilles weren't ready for. Running up mountains perhaps not best way to start running!

  42. Very nice to rear different accents! I run other night because I was ready to cycle but rear tyre was flat and I had just one hour to exercise. So, started to run on my converse allstar, knowing nothing about this discipline. After 1h our straight I Discovered pain in legs muscles I don't even know they existed. Next time I will a little more prepared thanks to this vid.

  43. Would the next step be talking about any possible benefits of a brick run (a run immediately after ending a cycling workout)?

  44. I'm an avid cyclist and I started running 11 months ago. I just love it! Especially during bleak and cold days. Oh, and I love running in the rain! Running in the rain beats cycling in the rain. Thanks for the info 😀😀😀

  45. Running is certainly cheaper than cycling is! I'd certainly run to keep cardiovascular fitness up and to work all the things cycling doesn't work – as mentioned in the video.

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