the motivation is high and Luc, how are you? I’m doing excellent just great Bob? he’s doing well I guess Timi? Tim: great, we’re soon eating KFC great Aymen? ready Maria? are you okay? Maria: yes! Luc: best coach Margaux: very well! Lena: great I don’t think so it’s far okay if she can do it, I can do it too nice and the second hand too and back down again slowly, control it very good hello, I finally speak to you we’re already two and a half weeks in Font Romeu in France at altitude today is Thursday, the 1st of August we’re leaving in a little over a week no wait, in exactly one week I’m currently at the stadium, I did my warm up we did some exercises and now I have a track session oh no not a track session but a sprint session on the brand new track here I don’t know what I exactly have it will be fast my calves are already killing me from all the other days here and Aymen, how was your 600? this sums it up easy peasy 5x100m done now onto 80s and I don’t know what else, she doesn’t tell me that much I don’t know whats after that, maybe I also have a 600 we’ll see do you have something else? a 300 5×100, 5×80, 5×60 done for today I can take off my nice new spikes they survived the test they feel great and fast and immediately after a carboloader from MyVitargo not a MyVitargo shaker and a protein bar from MyVitargo gogogogo the boys are still running do you want to see something exciting? no way highlight of the day and do you want to see one more exciting thing? nooo way !! Bob: this one isn’t working can you go away now you have to get ready go go go their hot plate is working again uh windy 5 kilometers later and now we’re onto hurdles Maria is arranging the hurdles and Margaux is doing exercises the others are running longer respectively further today is another beautiful day but it’s quite windy but despite of the wind the weather is perfect 5x50m done done for today Maria we have two sessions left Lena and I noticed crazy isn’t it? Tuesday, so tomorrow evening and Thursday then we’ve been here for almost a month is it still sealed? what is it? something to eat something very sweet Gil is in for it haha Kenny your tapeworm is fed (joke) these stairs are the most stupid thing ever why? because they are so uneven Bob: pure sugar right? it’s dried jam from the start winner hello, today is Tuesday our second last day here time flew by so quickly I don’t know how this morning Lena, Bob and I had no training because because we’re leaving on Thursday for the European Team Championships I’m now on my way to the physio then lunch then I’ll take a nap and this afternoon we have our last real session it will be a fast one, hopefully giving it my all one last time here tomorrow we have a day completely off and on Thursday one last easy run before we have to take the train to Barcelona to take the plane from there now I have to leave or otherwise I’ll be too late 45mins later, physio done and dusted now I’m feeling ready to rumble, one last time we have a track session and after that we have to recover this evening won’t be too tough no wait. it can be tough but we won’t have too many reps we’ll have to run really really fast but not too far or not too often now I have to prepare porridge for the boys because the last 4 days I slept in Bobs room in the boys apartment and to “pay them back” I have to prepare them their porridge looks yummy 😉 Gil: a little too liquid Bob: I cooked well I know can you film me please? Bob: I should film you? you’re filming yourself Bob: you’re looking pretty stop it (talking with this accent) Bob: I can show you how to make Ricola candy you’ll need many herbs some of these these yellow ones make the candy yellow the color yes yes it’s very nice and you’ll need some spices last session is done wuhuuu fastest 500m ever and Bobs not fastest 500m ever Bob: and also not the last session here as some people come back later soo last session before the European Team Championships done Bob: noo also not true last track session done but we’re not completely done we only have an easy run on Thursday Lena: yes this is the last session, tomorrow is our day off, beach day 😉 yayyy coach are you satisfied? Maria: yes! yes nice session done, now we have to cool down Bob: nonoooo oh yes, it’s much needed Maria: oh yes some need it Bob: one two three, do you go with us? enough talking, we’re cooling down now and that’s it today Lena is doing everything right ReFuel from MyVitargo after the session Lena: the best that’s it with the video from Font Romeu I hope you liked it we’re now at the airport in Barcelona to fly to the European Team Championships which are in Croatia that video will be online soon I’m running the 800 and 1500 this training camp was the preparation for this event if you liked the video then give it a thumbs up I’ll see you in the next one byeeee 🙂

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  1. Very nice my dear. I lovebyour videos so much. I was a miler in high school, but that was 15 years ago now. You are simply amazing. A world class lady and you are so humble and kind.

  2. All the best in both the 800 and 1500 m races you have at European Club Championships. Who organizes these running training camps- this one in France and the One in Kenya?

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