I think you can get seriously lost down here Good morning internet, it is 5:19am in the morning and welcome back to the channel So yeah as you can see from my face it is super early morning But look where I am !!! I am in Cappadocia and I did not want to miss the hot air balloons in the morning So I got up at quarter past 4am and then it was still dark and it was a 20 minute ride to where I am now see there’s no body here I have the whole place to myself and I saw the first balloon come up and now there are already so many look how beautiful it is Music So yeah today I am going to explore Cappadocia, the entire day Just going to ride around , see what’s there, I think it’s going to be amazing As you can see from the scenery here it’s naturally a stunning place so I am looking forward to just riding all day I didn’t have breakfast, but.. i’ll find something on the way so See .. The first balloons are already going down again its already the end of the show and really fast Yah I decided not to go on one of these balloons because it’s really quite expensive For like one hour its 200 Euros or something So I thought it’s so much better to just watch it from here by myself No tourist crowds, no nothing Absolutely amazing I don’t like getting up super early to see like a sunrise or something Cause usually they are always disappointing and its like cloudy or bad weather or whatever But in this case it was really worth getting up at quarter past 4 in the morning Well just as I thought the show was almost over now all these balloons right behind me are coming up so lets have a closer look This is quite a cool spot, it’s a little bit far but You can see down there all the carvings out of the rock like 3 openings below and then second floor Oh I see one more here see there there are also carvings out of the rock and there as well. that seems to be the biggest one Oh there’s more there .. haha It’s going to be a beautiful day for exploring I think Look at that see there those carvings Awesome ! Oh Basanti !! Man in balloon: Where are you from ? Noraly: Holland Man in balloon: Ohhhh !! Man in balloon: You are crazy !! Noraly: Says the man who is in a hot air balloon .. hahaha ” Flame sounds” “Flame sounds” They almost hit Basanti ! that’s amazing I can’t believe how low they go over the rocks, look at that how close they are and then they go all the way down there Those guys really must know how to fly these things … its .. Its incredible .. and then so many at the same time .. like I cant believe that they don’t bump into each other look how close they are .. they are going quite fast as well “Music” I am now in a place, which is called .. Love Valley and … well … ya haha I have no further comments !! haha Just going to see if I can ride around here for a little bit The tracks are a little bit sandy I have to be quite careful, I do not like riding in sand .. At all and every now and then it’s really quite deep But so far its OK, because I didn’t have to take my luggage so Basanti is really light I emptied all the panniers, so she’s really light So that’s a lot easier than riding with a fully loaded bike yeah .. anyway its absolutely amazing around here just so beautiful everywhere and … yeah .. really enjoying this ride “Music” Sand !! I’m slipping inside it i’m not very pleased “Music” Oh .. This is a dead end .. haha its just so nice to explore a little bit There’s just nobody here so Oh .. there’s so many tracks everywhere it’s so awesome riding and I just love the fact that You know with Basanti I can just go almost everywhere … like only when the trails starts to be something like this obviously I have to walk .. but it’s just so awesome to just ride around and There’s absolutely nobody around I tried to avoid like the big tourist crowds because that town where I am staying Gorema it is so extremely touristy and ya .. Most of the tourists come for the hot air balloon rides .. obviously i didn’t want to do that so .. I am trying to find places where there’s no masses of tourists Cappadocia is quite big .. so .. as you can see here there’s just nobody Just caves everywhere Really cool .. so im just going to see if i can get into one of these caves How on Earth do we get up there !! Oh this is Oh .. These are the steps Yes .. ..oh dear What am I doing Made it !! No idea how im supposed to get down !! Don’t know what this is Nice little house with … a nice view ! Really cool “Music” So i just came back to the Hostel ahem .. because Ive just been riding very close around the Hostel .. and still had no breakfast, because now it’s almost 8:30am so now I have my breakfast included .. so I have a free breakfast im going to get breakfast and then after I am going to ride out again until it gets too hot in the afternoon It gets super hot around here So ill see how long it’s doable to ride .. but First going to have my breakfast Check out this breakfast !! looking good .. going to enjoy this So … That was breakfast Lets ride a bit more So . This is how I am navigating now I put my little small Kriega bag here on the tank and my phone on top It’s not ideal but Oh well It works so “Music” The biggest underground city well lets check it out So where do I need to go Oh .. there it is i think This is the Caravan Serai so that’s where I am going to go It must have been a place where people traveling on the ancient silk route would come to rest These kind of steps are scary alright lets see Whats here its cool down here Prison entry Ok .. I think you can get seriously lost down here No idea where this goes to ah so I guess this is .. was a cell .. prison cell I guess and then this is probably another one Yeah Back There’s absolutely nobody around here So I am now about .. what is it maybe 80 kms from Goreme So i guess I escaped the big crowds I did see a couple of tour buses on the way So this was the place where they would keep the animals Oh this is massive So this must have been the place where they would keep the camels I guess well traveling wise this is enormous oh there’s a ahh wow so they Camels probably came in by this way .. I am guessing See where this leads … No .. they didn’t come in here .. or it’s such a maze everything seems to be connected ok Go back up here oh .. can’t see anything Completely dark the lights not doing anything Well you probably can’t see anything It’s very dark here Oh .. there is a light switch *Click* *Click* That doesn’t work .. obviously I don’t know if I want to crawl in there haha Yeah .. going to skip on that one So that was the underground city I was planning to explore a little bit more but it is just too hot so hot that .. yeah .. i am Going to ride back to the Hostel probably take an afternoon nap or something .. after getting up so early yeah At least when I catch some riding winds it will not be so hot .. but just to walk around Like the underground city was great nice and cool .. but walking more is not going to happen today .. so Let’s go back to Goreme *Stranger Woman: Nice Motorcycle !* *Noraly: Thank You !* *Music* So I am back in the Hostel I think im going to have a nap now because I am super tired it was just so hot and it took a lot of energy any obviously waking up at quarter past 4 in the morning So I am going to have some rest now That was it for today I really hoped you liked this video If you did please give me a big Thumbs Up and Subscribe down below and then I will see you in the next video

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  1. Only had my Himalayan 2 days and been stopped 3 times by people saying ' Itchy Boots/ Norally is travelling the world on one of these' You see, Norally and The Himalayan are getting famous.

  2. Love your music choices on your You Tube videos. Particularly love the Da Vinci Code theme song in this adventure. Safe Travels.

  3. i thought you were here in Albuquerque New Mexico,at first glance. We have international hot air balloon festival.we will get you up in Hot Air balloon free,just help crew and eat and have fun.

  4. I'm thrilled to watch u re videos . Real inspiration . Hope one day I will do the same .. watching u re video on by one . Waiting for u re American series .

  5. Ik durf niet eens alleen te vliegen en jij zit als vrouw op de motor in je eentje de halve wereld af te reizen. Dik respect en leuk dat je mijn land hebt bezocht =)

  6. Great to see Cappadocia again Noraly. My wife and I were on a coach tour of Turkey a few years ago which included a visit to Cappadocia. We did the hot air balloon trip and as you said it is expensive but it was the best thing ever, even getting up at 3 am. Those pilots are super clever, we even landed back on the trailer so no crash landings. Coincidentally we are back in Turkey now on our annual visit to Kalkan which is on the Mediterranean coast so it’s nice to watch your videos while we are actually here.xx

  7. Please Don't lose any respect of Turks with saying as you didn't see any camels in Turkey. Please be careful good lady. We want to keep on knowing you as a warm person.

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  11. Hi, I am living in Turkey and I just realized your channel. It is really exciting to see my country from your eyes. And I realized one more important thing that’s how my life fully boring, I’m sad because when we are spending our lives boring in here, you are exploring the world. Maybe one day me and my wife would be start journey like you, I wish. Greetings, bye.

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