[S1 – Eps. 117] CROSSING into MONTENEGRO

[S1 – Eps. 117] CROSSING into MONTENEGRO

good morning Internet – this 8:16 in the
morning and welcome back to the channel this is for breakfast today it is a
croissant and this is a salty pastry so I’m gonna eat this and then today I’m
gonna ride to Montenegro and it’s 34 kilometers to the border and after yeah
I don’t know exactly where I’m gonna go maybe I’ll catch part of the TET again
which is the Trans Europe Trail but I’ll see I’ll show you on a map later where I am as
well, but first breakfast So my pen is already in my bag and I don’t want to unpack everything again, so now I’m actually here in Skoder and today
I’m gonna cross into Montenegro so this is Montenegro so it’s a very small country
and the plan today is to reach Savnik which is over here, so then I’m already
halfway Montenegro because such a small country but let’s see how it goes
because I’m planning to ride the TET somewhere around here so that will
probably take me quite some time to reach so let’s see how far how far we
get today it was so nice to meet you. Bye! no it’s okay! thanks, bye thank you, thank you. Have a nice trip! Thank you so much Take care it’s here: DL yes DL-10 Thank you sorry insurance card oh that was easy. I did have to show my
green card insurance that I bought in Greece but now they said show the
insurance but it was all good, so welcome to Montenegro
I already saw some really nice mountains and I’m gonna see if I can ride part of
the TET so offroad, let’s go! well the TET kind of starts to become
like proper enduro I think this is a bit too much for my little Basanti and
me. so yeah this is the TET now you can’t really see how steep it is but yeah look
at this this. This is a little bit too much, I think. Getting up here, that’s very
tricky so I think I’ll just go back a little bit and see if I can catch the
TET later on again the only question is how do I turn around here? I have to turn around here on this hill with all these rocks. Hmm, let’s see. so I’m gonna try to catch the TET again
somewhere here but first see if I can have a small break in here oh it’s so
extremely hot it’s very hot in all of Europe at the moment and yeah also here
at almost unbearable it’s now 11:30 So I bought some water, to put in my camelback and I decided to
treat myself with an ice cream Hey we’re on a holiday. I’m just gonna eat
that here just a little bit back there’s there’s
again the TET so I’m gonna try and see if I can find it hopefully it’s a bit easier to ride
this part I’ll just see how far I can get yeah that other part it was just it
was just a little bit too much and if you’re with other riders you can
attempt it but with Basanti fully loaded by myself I thought: better not.
Actually the road here, I mean, this is a bigger road it’s a little bit busy with
traffic but the scenery is just stunning it’s so beautiful. Just riding through
this gorge and just with like massive rock faces and this river down in the in
the valley or in the gorge it was really really beautiful so it wasn’t too bad
too right there but obviously I prefer to ride like small trails and, I don’t know, small roads so I’m gonna have my ice cream and then attempt number two for the TET nice Mercedes oh hello nice car Wow isn’t this beautiful? so as you can see I went back to some
paved road because it is so extremely hot
I just couldn’t ride off-road anymore I was just absolutely melting so I thought
let’s go back to some paved road get some wind because almost unbearable
anyway so now it’s 50 kilometers to go and it’s now quarter to two so I’ll see
if I see something on the way to have a lunch I’ll do that otherwise I will see
if I can eat something where I’m gonna stay tonight I just had to stop and show you this
okay beautiful right but what I don’t get is that this entire road is perfect
road and I did not see one single car so yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if at some
point it’s maybe a dead end or it turns off road or something I don’t understand
why there’s nobody here but anyway for me it’s great it’s lovely to rise nice
curvy roads have beautiful views so yeah I’ll just see if it continues I think it
should I think in 30 kilometers I should reach a town where I hopefully can stay
the night, but yeah let’s see that’s what I need oh very nice yeah perfect so this is my
room pretty nice I even have a balcony let me see See, Basanti is over there. so yeah all good.
but first things first, they also have a restaurant here attached to the hotel
which is excellent news for me because I am absolutely starving so I’m gonna eat
something now so this is for lunch and this is a national dish of
Montenegro and it’s called.. let me check.. Slane Povane Chinke and basically they are salty fried pancakes with ham and cheese
so looks absolutely delicious I’m gonna enjoy this
and so that was it for today I’m glad I made it to another new country
Montenegro never been here before either it’s a really good ride
I was a shame I couldn’t do more off-roading but yeah the first part was
just too hard and the second part it was just too hot but I think all-in-all it was a
good day and I found some really awesome roads which was paved but there was
nobody there so it was really nice with beautiful views so I really enjoyed
today so that was it for today I really hope you liked this video if you did
please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see
you in the next video

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  5. Wow, a real Border where you have to show a Passport and Proof of Insurance? How "Novel"…. Maybe we should have one with Mexico…

  6. Beautiful scenery! Makes me want to take up riding again after being away for four years. Like your bike as well.

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