Sandy Mandy | Episode 1 | English Subtitles | LTN Family

Sandy Mandy | Episode 1 | English Subtitles | LTN Family

Sandy Mandy, Mandy Sandy one is sour, other is sweet. (The incidents, names, characters and places shown in this drama are totally fictional. And resemblance to any live or dead person or real place of incidents, historic reality will be purely coincidental.) Different from each other, isolated from each other, to say they are one soul and heart, still they live in anger Sandy Mandy, Mandy Sandy one is sour, other is sweet. Sandy Mandy, Mandy Sandy one is sour, other is sweet. This is Mandy’s house and who is this Mandy? You should see by yourself. Uff, this is trouble. This helpless got not one, many problems, first thing is that she got nothing called self-confidence, second she can’t take any decision by herself, third that she can’t do anything right at any time. You idiot, no one told you that office has some rules, who comes here and who goes, what happens and what not, staff should keep their mouth shut about that? I know sir Why you’ve told Mr. Shehroz that I said an ass and owlet to him? No sir, I didn’t told him anything, he asked me that what happened after he left. Then I told him. Wow Miss Mandy wow, he asked and you told him, I am asking why, why you told him? Sir, I can’t tell a lie. You know how much the company had to bear loss due to your truth? I can’t tolerate that and you as well, you have two minutes, take your’s this true and scooter’s seat like face and get lost. Means sir I can go back to my seat? Not back to your seat, go out of this office, forever. But Sir.. Get out! Sir.. Miss Mandy, I said get out Due her simplicity and honesty this helpless can’t continue her every job more than a week or two, and how she gets rid of this sadness, see it too by yourselves. This load shedding.. And come on we are going to show you shooting of an upcoming movie. Lights Camera Action This, you’re saying this to me? To me? Who didn’t thought before loving you that you face is like donkey’s chump… Cut Cut, cut, cut, what are you saying? He is the hero of this film, hero, and his face looks like donkey’s chump to you? What is the line in script? What is the line in script? Sir, Sir, the line in script is something else but he is looking like that. What? Means Am I looking like a donkey’s chump to you? Packup I, I can’t work with her. OO, Farhan Bro, Please..Please Please give her one more chance for me one more chance, we’ll do it again, we’ll do it again, ready? We’ll do it again Sir now will do it fine, I remembered it now. Sound Camera Action You You’re saying this to me? To me? Who loved a priest of lust like you? Cut, cut, cut, Madam Say the line from script, say the line from script my mother, pleaseee. Sorry sir, last.. We’ll do it again. We’ll have the last take Sir. Lights Sound Camera Action You’re saying this to me? To me? Who didn’t thought before loving you that you have a dirty gas problem, with you in the car…. Cut Cut, Cut, Cut Shut up and get lost get lost, get lost Pack up Sandy, despite the prohibition of the family, turned out to be a heroin, but she is such a bad actor that shooting a film is too far, situation in an ad is like this.. Action Chulbuli Balm, economic cure for hand pain, abdominal pain…, head ache……. Cut again, will do it again, will do it again Action. Chulbuli balm, economic cure for every pain, head ache, abdominal pain, muscle pain, beaten by daughter in law or mother in law.. OH, dude how many more chances I should give to you? But I take pity on your face, but this is last time, I am telling you this is last time. Ok. Not anymore than this. Sir last chance. We’ll do it again, we’ll do it again. Ok sir, we’ll do it again. Action Chulbuli balm, economic cure for every pain, head ache, abdominal pain, muscle pain, pain of love. Action Kulmuli – Balm, Ch, Chubuli Balm, chulbuli balm. Action Chulbuli balm, economic cure for every pain, abdominal pain,,,,,, Head —ache. Throw her out, throw her out, throw her out, throw her out, throw her out. Sorry Sir, sorry, sir please last chance, leave me, sir please. Acting like this, she is in the same condition as our first character Mandy is in, and now she has not more a place to live because her landlord gave her warning due to non-payment of three months rent. If she didn’t pay the rent till dusk, he’ll sell her things and cover his loss, then see what happens Oh God, I think that this girl is disappointed from life and committing suicide, I’ll never allow her to do so, what are you doing, can’t you see? Oh hello, who are you? Are you mad? You don’t know that committing suicide is forbidden? Yes I know? Then why you were doing so? What? Suicide. And what? Me, when I was committing suicide? Stupid, whenever someone knowingly tries to give his life before a vehicle is called suicide. Oh God you maniac I was talking to aunt on handsfree, Thank God by the way thank you for saving my life, I am Mandy. And I am famous film star Sandy. Famous film star? But I haven’t heard this name before? I mean the famous film star of future, Sandy. Oh right right, from the future. Yes I can offer nothing else than an ice-cream for saving my life, Yes, yes, off course I’ll eat, come on lets go. hahahahhaha By the way Just tell me something about yourself Dude, what should I tell you, I am in a so poor condition that neither I have a place to live nor I have money to eat. You are eating. That’s bought by you for me. Oh, right, right. Yes I don’t have enough money to have two meals. Aye, Oh my sister, anyway You did a great work by saving my life So you can come to my home to live What? You will take me to your home? Yes Oh, you are so cute Thank You Sandy is a bad actor in a new scene, but no one can be a master like her in making things and trapping people to fall in, and using her this cleverness Sandy make things before Mandy that she made Sandy her family and also her home partner. It’s been fifteen days since you came to this house and you’ve made me a maid. It’s not like that Mandy, I am always thinking. Here you come Einstein, by the way what you’re thinking? Business Money, lifestyle. Madam all this is not achieved by talking, this requires work and hard work. Yes we’ll do. Yes we’ll do, you don’t even do a single housework, and we’ll work. Dude, see.. , I have listed a thousand things in this dairy, and all is the best is best cheap. Bala, that whose mouth is black? Shut up Mandy. You just get ready in the morning, from tomorrow onwards we are on our mission. Mission, by the way I’ve been regretful to keep you in this house. And these two have thought to do something new, something like that which can make them rich overnight And to do all this what these two are going to do, you should see by yourselves.) Mandy go and bring a glass of cold water for me. I am also thirsty, you should go and bring one for me. You can’t see, how tired I am? Yes, and like I’ve come on Superman. Stop playing lalu, and do what as said. Sorry, I am having pain in my feet. Ok, bring it later, and also make a cup of tea. By the way I can’t understand one thing, if you hadn’t to meet the Mr. Ansari, then what was the reason to disgrace ourselves. We didn’t had money and we had to come back by foot. Look, what I had, we paid to the rickshaw, and here’s the thing about Mr. Ansari that now we can’t do business with him. Why? You said that we were going to start a new business with him? I have a new idea and I think that will be successful. New plan, but what’s that? See, we’ll bring clothes from flea and we’ll separate good clothes from them then we’ll wash them, pack them and sell them at new clothes price, how’s that? Hmmm and you think people are blind, that they will purchase clothes from flea on such prices, yes na. Mandy, fooling people isn’t difficult, these are fooled by promises during elections and good campaigns of sub-standard products, we are doing a just little work. This is not a work, it’s fraud which you’re thinking to do and you know the punishment if caught? Who’s caught till today, thousands of people have been roaming like innocents after committing billions rupees fraud, and no any catches them, then who will catch us? We are committing a smaller fraud, and you don’t need to worry, I’m with you, I’ll handle everything, han. But we haven’t money to start the business? From where they’ll come from? With the help of Sharafat brother. Hmm? Sharafat brother? Who’s he? Sandy Mandy, Mandy Sandy one is sour, other is sweet.

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  1. I was requested to visit and comment by a makeup artist of this drama….I met her in Lahore while I was waiting for bus…..But no time to watch ……

  2. as urdu is not read by everyone it would nice if actors names are printed in english

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