Scarlet Runner Beans Harvest | PNW Zone 8b

Scarlet Runner Beans Harvest | PNW Zone 8b

hi there miss Silla here such a beautiful day out here in the Pacific Northwest I'm in zone 8 B another wonderful day to be in the garden and get something then so today I'm going to harvest the scarlet runner bean pods that's been hanging on the vines and trellises I usually don't let them go this long it's already November it's starting to get colder and wet so they are going to start running if I don't get them off the vines so I'll be doing that today and what's great about growing scarlet runner beans is that allow the plant parts are edible you can actually eat the roots like starch like you would with potatoes the little pods when they're young wonder about about 3 to 5 inches long they are very tender and sweet they are actually the sweetest bean pods I've ever tasted and obviously the beans are edible as well now if you're going to eat the beans that are mature you need to cook them long like you would with dried beans the dry beans contain a significant amount of lectins so you need to cook that off like you would with kidney beans pinto beans you want to cook them long enough when they are dried like these or until they're tender so obviously I think an hour so I'm anyway so you can eat again the roots the bean pods and the beans and the flowers the flowers are beautiful they're just scarlet red flowers so I'll put a picture at the end of this video so you know how it looks like if you haven't seen it yet and they attract hummingbirds and butterflies so it's so need to have those animals come in our garden so but anyways let's get to harvesting and I'll show you how much we get and also what to mention let's see here I'm gonna get a long pot so you can see how long they get that's got this pod it's about I think 12 inches long so this one obviously it's not dried yet I'm going to go in harvest it and I can cook the beans they're still tender inside here's one that's already mature and I opened it up look at those beautiful black and lilac speckled beans you can get a look here I think the glares a nice face and beans so let's open up this green oops I'm going to open up this green pot for you oh my gosh you can see how beautiful the beans are so before they dry they look like this obviously the beans are going to be a little lighter than the mature ones like a dark purple in pink and then when they dry they're black and lilac so it's not beautiful so you can't eat this in stir fry salads soup so you can do a lot with these beans I've got more on the other side of the trellis a little bright so the scarlet runner beans were originally cultivated in South America but they are now cultivated throughout the world and they're very prolific beans they're pretty easy to grow as long as you plant them during the right time of the year and just make sure you and enough compost in your soil so give it some healthy soil and they'll do just fine for you so I found this footage of scarlet runner beans from a couple of years ago these are the tubers roots and they are edible just like how you would eat potatoes now they are supposed to be perennials in zone seven to eleven where we have mild winters except that year when I buried it back it did not make it I didn't mulch them and that year the temperatures dipped to around eleven thirteen degrees so it got pretty cold or colder than usual so other nadz I'm going to try and save what I have outside going to mulch them and hopefully they'll come back in the spring we've got our beans harvested a basket full of scarlet runner beans some green ones mainly dried ones so stay tuned I'll be doing a seed giveaway so I'm going to share some of these beans with you guys later on the season may be closer to spring so I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and found some information helpful and if you did please give it a thumbs up and I will see you next time happy gardening

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  1. these are gorgeous. when do you start them and do you just direct sow or start in starter trays? I am growing some drying beans this year and the only ones I've grown before are borlotti beans for drying ones. I have some options this year and limited space so trying to figure out which to grow and when to start the long growing beans to be dried in summer or before fall rains in October. Do you dry or freeze them?
    (so ends my 20 questions. lol) thanks for any info.

  2. Awesome video! We grew runner beans for the first time this year. My daughter loved that they were pink. I didn't know you could eat those flowers that pretty fun.

  3. Awesomeness Misilla and very nice harvest! I'm going to try growing them again next year.  🙂 Take Care & Happy Gardening, Peaches

  4. I just added Scarlet runner beans to my list of things to grow this summer in Illinois. I'm looking forward to your seed giveaway. Maybe mr. Cheapocan save the cost of having to buy some himself. Have a good one.. 😎😎😎

  5. ❤️👍🏼 hi Misilla , Irene here and I just love your videos so much ! I’ve never heard of scarlet runner beans and if you have extra come Spring , i’d like to get a couple and try to grow them here in zone 7a !

  6. I grew these for the first time this year. Beans are very pretty. I harvested mine a month ago. I did not know that the flowers and roots were edible. I also wasn't aware that they could come back from the roots. Good to know as I did not pull them up as yet. I think I will see if they will come back next year.

  7. That basket full of beautiful towards the end!!! These still capture my eye as the most beautiful bean I’ve seen 🙂 Thinking of trying some late this season, the spot I’m thinking gets all day sun which is in the low 70’a and we don’t drop below 50’s at night.

  8. I live in 8b in the PNW .. I have never had the scarlet runners come back the next year. I keep trying and hoping though

  9. I would like to grow these!! I actually tried last year but they all failed. I was shocked, but truth be told I didn't put any compost them. Do they take a lot of water, or little?

  10. I didn't know that you could eat the roots nor that they are perennials. Learn something every time…Thank you!

  11. Weather does remain much milder for you Misilla. Been several nights in the single digits and lower teens here along the NE border. But this is quickly turning into mid-December too. -Bob…

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