good morning Internet it is nine eleven
in the morning and welcome back to the channel I’m having my breakfast now
together with these lovely people from South Africa and Sweden right yeah and
so we got omelets yogurt some cheese yogurt
what is it oh sorry Armenian masu. I haven’t tried it yet, and
bread, and what is this? Apricot Jam. apricot jam
Also Jam. Pavitlo and then okay yeah gonna enjoy the breakfast and then
I’ll show you the map where I’m gonna go today so I’ll show you where I’m gonna
go today the map is a little bit useless now because you cannot barely see
anything but anyway I’m now here in beauty and today I am crossing the
border again into Georgia to somewhere around there so another border crossing
let’s hope it’s gonna be smooth oh it was lovely meeting you
good luck on your trip thank you for to stay thank you very much
sorry thank you bye so it’s a really nice ride so far
beautiful through Armenian countryside but now I’m almost at the border it’s
six kilometers to go and I’m taking a different border than when I entered
Armenia so let’s see how smooth and quick this border is going to be. number four? one window and four window, yes
okay – To eh.. Vardzia And.. welcome back to Georgia! Well, that was a super easy border crossing. It
took 20 minutes, I didn’t even have to get off the bike. It was about five minutes
on the Armenian side and about 15 minutes of the Georgian side didn’t
check any of my panniers nothing, so yeah I think it’s a new record anyway I just
put on my thick jacket because it’s really quite chilly and I must have been
climbing as well but there’s a cold wind and the weather does that not look very
good so I’m afraid I’ll catch some rain anyway it’s only 75 kilometres to see
I’m gonna try to find some food on the way because of three wait one o’clock so
if I see something to eat so yeah let’s go well it seems like I just missed the
rain oh the weather is bad pretty bad but
it’s 23 kilometers to go so I’m just gonna push through- yeah and then dry up and have a lunch or something But eh.. there is lightning and thunder as well. Look at that Cool right?
with those clouds in the background It looks so mystical! Really awesome! Anyway, I have 11kilometers to go, so I just have to push through I’m at a guest house
let’s see if they’re home. Nice garden Hi! How are you? Moto? Yeah Oooh, I get the pink room! So, welcome to my extremely pink room! It is so pink that it hurts my eyes. No, it’s lovely. I’m glad I made it here. Riding in rain was not so great and it
was a shame because the scenery was actually amazing but yeah I couldn’t
record from the front only towards me so that there wasn’t getting any rain on
the lens anyway the reason why I came here to Vardzia is that there’s a very
famous or quite famous monastery close by I think six kilometers from here, and I
was planning to visit that today but in this rain that’s not gonna be very fun
so yeah I’m just gonna stay here maybe if it’s all clear up in the afternoon I
could still go or I’ll go tomorrow and then check it out then so let’s see what
the weather does so this is attempt number two to reach
the cave monastery here in Vardzia there’s six and a half kilometers from
here and the weather looks good good yes see you later check this out how amazing is this right
I just tried to fly the drone I hope it worked a little bit but it’s just so
beautiful so this monastery was built in the early or mid 12th century by King
George 2/3 and then later King they call her King Queen Tamar finished it and
yesterday I met her a bunch of local teenagers and they told me that this
princess or this queen was here and she was lost and she was wanted to get
rescued by her uncle and she said I am here uncle which is Vardzia in Georgian
and that’s where the name Vardzia yeah sorry Vardzia comes from. Anyway
it’s really impressive there are over 600 chambers around here and I used to
be two thousand monks living here so really impressive I’m just gonna wander
around a little bit yeah really really stunning and I mean
the whole setting is just beautiful I came a little bit too early they only
open at 10:00 because I thought I’ll beat the crowds but then I had to wait
until 10 o’clock until the open but still pretty quiet early he a little
walk so just went into the little Church I
had to wear a scarf in there and at the end of the tunnel there was a spring
with I guess holy water I just can’t imagine like in the 12th century
hundreds of years ago you know you’d be among you be living here in one of these
chambers just meditating all day so this area over here is actually still
inhabited by monks so there are six months living here and every morning
they ring those bells over there so yeah that’s actually still monks living in
this place oh there’s a letter here oh this is Tamar’s room
so this is where Queen Tamar lived good luck right safe bye I forgot to tell you but today is my birthday! what do you guys think of the cake? Good? Yeah!
so that was it for today I am back in my pink room I really hope you like this
video if you did please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and
then I’ll see you in the next video

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