And welcome to Greece I made it in Greece Good morning Internet it is 7:40 in the morning and welcome back to the channel. So this is my last breakfast in Turkey Look how amazing it looks some egg cheese some vegetables, honey Good breakfast to start the day echoes today. I’m gonna do the border crossing into Greece I’m gonna try at least I hope it will work out very smoothly So yeah, I’ll show you on a map where I’m planning to go or hoping to go today’s after this breakfast, so I am now here in anes and Today, I’m going to cross the border into Greece. I’m gonna try to reach Thessaloniki here, but yeah, it all depends on how fast the border crossing is. If I don’t make it Thessaloniki I’ll just stop. I don’t know somewhere around there or something Let’s see if we can get out of the gate Okay good Push yeaah Okay, thank you so much bye…….bye They were so so nice What lovely people they’re really amazing so friendly Really nice way to end my stated Pretty close to the border now, so I’m just gonna fill up here at rid of my Lila To the border Hello That’s another minutes Supposed to be able to provide the green card insurance somewhere near I don’t know where Ridiculous Thank you So getting out of turkey piece of cake Didn’t agree, that would be nice Passport was easy Green card insurance You know, I can buy green card Green card Here green cards, okay parking. Okay. I was lucky This is supposed to be the place where I can get the green card insurance Without it. I cannot enter Hi Well, I got the insurance it’s a Expensive little insurance cost me 100 euros Normally so far it’s usually like 10 years or something, that’s okay This one is relative all of the EU countries, which is good. I know it’s cheaper to get it in Bulgaria, but just to go to only go to Bulgaria to get there insurance is also a bit of her a bit of a waste Let’s see if I can enter Greece now And Welcome to Greece. I made it in Greece and well, honestly, I I don’t I don’t get it What I understood from other travelers and what I could find online is that you have to have the green card insurance Otherwise, they will not let you into Greece So I get the insurance right and I thought okay Now there’s gonna be another checkpoint or something or some custom check or whatever to see But I was already in Greece. There was no checkpoints nothing anymore. So after both insurance, I was riding I’m thinking wait I’m already in Greece So weird, but in any case app, you need to have it anyway If you get a stop or a checkpoint or whatever or If I enter EU country Other countries I need to be able to show it So anyway, I needed to have it anyway, but if I didn’t buy it, I could have just entered Greece without it apparently, but anyway I got it and I mean so that’s the main thing I was really bit worried about this border crossing because I thought you know, it’s Indian bike not registered on my own name How is it gonna be? But yeah, it’s so easy So all over for nothing, I made it So yeah, I’m gonna change my jackets because this morning when I left it was a little bit chilly But now it’s already getting very hot. So I’m gonna try to make it to Thessaloniki today. It’s 350 kilometres or something so I should be able to easily make it because it is now 10:30 So yeah The border crossing including the insurance thing that took the longest it took like an hour and a little bit or something Maybe an hour and 15 minutes So I have plenty of time and today I’m not gonna do a lot of off-roading. I’ll just take the main road I think Just to make it to the Thessaloniki today So that you all be good. So yeah, I’m super happy another border crossing done. No problem So yeah, I change my jacket and then I go So it is now Almost 1:00 o’clock So I was getting a little bit hungry. So I went off the highway. I’m now in a sound called Kavala Kavala kaka va la, I think Don’t think I’m gonna eat here right at the beach or not on the beach but at the beach with the view Older on the sea things gonna be very nice Maybe I’ll put Basanti so I can see her actually Yeah, I’ll just Took basanti inside of it because I have my luggage on Oh look at this Wow, I feel like I’m on a whole bed In this nice No, cause I am getting myself look at this I was so gravy something healthy. So I have quinoa salmon Whole salad, so it’s gotta be super good Just the noise of the of the sea here So so nice So Bon Appetit Alright, that was absolutely delicious And it’s now 155 kilometres left to Thesaloniki so it’s not so far Hello sorry, no Yap room And I found a place to stay here in Thessaloniki, this is my room Really lovely? Well, basanti has to sleep on the street unfortunately about they let her let me park her right in front of the entrance so somebody Can always keep an eye on her plus I would put the bike cover over it. So hopefully basanti is fine as well so ultimately it was kind of long day in the end because now it is Almost 4:30 But Yeah riding wise it was not super interesting because I just took the main road the highway even Just to be able to cover some distance plus it was super hot as well today, so I’m not really Yeah, not really the day to really explore but I was all fine for me I think in the next right? I’m gonna explore a bit more This Thesaloniki seems to be a really cool place as well. Just riding around I saw some really cool Street, so it was kind of fun, but Anyway for me the ultimate thing is that I made it to Greece and I was just really quite worried If they’re gonna make a problem or anything like that, but it was super easy border crossing They didn’t ask for anything really didn’t check my luggage They didn’t ask, you know, they didn’t even notice a thing that Basanti is not registered on my name It didn’t even notice that and yeah, ultimately the green card insurance also didn’t ask for that. So I Think I worried for nothing. It was all really really easy. So anyway, that’s good. So now I’m in the EU When I will be riding through the Balkans, I’ll probably leave the EU again if I go into Bosnia And then have to re-enter again. But anyway, that’s for later for now all this good so I’m super happy So that was it for today. I really hope you liked this video. If you did, please give me a big thumbs up I subscribe down below and then I’ll see you in the next video you

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  1. It was not easy it was wrong. Here in greece we lack a lot of essential law enforcments, i mean you could be a terrorist and they didnt even search your luggage or even needed to get a green card to pass. Shame.

  2. At 7:50 you forgot to return to the lane at the right. Meaning that you kept traveling at the opposite lane… And if you don' t already know it, ESPECIALLY in Salonica(Thessaloniki) it' s full of thieves and even armed robbers. So, if you are planning on keeping your bike, better keep an eye on it. They broke the window of my car once and stole every valuable thing I had in there. My new sound system, money and other stuff. From a person I know, they lifted his whole pick-up truck he was using in his business. so, don' t even think about going around the university, because the cops won' t even go in there, due to the immunity it has. All of these happened in Salonica.

    So, have a nice stay in the [email protected] Greece, whenever you visit it again.
    Greece: The birthplace of democracy, corrupt governments and un-insuranced – un-paid work(slavery)!

  3. That smile you do in Kavala in the restaurant is called the Greek smile.

    It is the smile Greece brings to the tourists. I know it, I see it many times from foreigners when they visit Greece.. Cause no place has the ''light'' of Greece….

    Welcome to the most beautiful country in the world…..

  4. Που να ερχοταν και αθηνα δηλαδη.. οχι για την ομορφια..αλλα για να πει στο βιντεο τι διαολο καθε 4 λεπτα πληρωνω διοδια..

  5. Μαθε τι εχει κανει η τουρκια σε εμας τους Ελληνες και μετα πες μας αν ειναι φιλικη και καλη ανθρωπη. Παρακολουθα της ειδησεις και πες μας θα ηθελες να ξαναπας.

  6. What do you mean it's a waste only for the cheaper green card to go to Bulgaria.. Bulgaria is a beautiful country with many things to see while riding…

  7. When you pass the bridge between Turkey and Greece they are four soldiers from each side… I was lucky enough to be one of the soldiers from Greek side 🇬🇷😊❤

  8. Πέρασε από Ελλάδα και έφαγε κινόα και σολομό! Πέρασε από Ελλάδα αλλά δεν ακούμπησε!

  9. I hate the fact that Greece and other European countries have become a bad place for tourism after thousands of "refugees" have conquer beautiful islands and cities thanks to the communists and liberals.
    It's not gonna end up well for Greece and every country in Europe that has those "refugees".

  10. Let me tell you something about Greece… You can get in the country very easy! Specially if you are a murderer (you cut people's throats just like pigs because they believe to a different religion such as Christianity) or a raper or a pedophile or believing that women are things and not human beings and you hide their face with some cloth, and if they take it off you just kill them, or if you just want to change Greece's religion into yours, and you have NO RESPECT about this country and it's people! I hope you can get the point! Also last but not least, this little shithole I saw on your map, that said "Macedonia" it's actually called vardarska (skopja)! THERE IS ONLY ONE MACEDONIA AND IT IS GREEK! No true Greek recognizes that joke as "Macedonia"! Only the traitors that rule Greece! I hope you had a great time to one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and I really hope you visit it again! Take care!

  11. A lot of garbage and strays in Greece. Lots of homeless people. There are only like 5 places where it’s high class. And just to give you an idea, mid class for Greece is low class America, and roads in Greece are so dangerous, so damn slippery. You put 1/4 of the power of the car and your wheels are spinning like crazy. And the people speed like crazy, and there are so many motorcycle accidents. My dad was hit by a bus that ran a light and he was on a motorcycle, too many broken bones. If you can drive there, you can drive anywhere, except India.

  12. Bit of a glitch in the Matrix there, wasn't that the same dog in the road twice at the beginning? Another great video.

  13. U should ask ur insurance provider to give u green card as it a paper witch allows u to drive and proof of insurance in Greece Bulgaria and balcanic states… The whole Europe is not necessarily to get green card with u…

  14. Hello 🙂 I just want to add something here – Bulgaria is never waste of time 😀 It has amazing mountain roads! Just saying 🙂 Great content!

  15. Why didn't you go to Antalya, Muğla and İzmir. Those place are most beatiful citys of Turkey.There are a lot of turistic place and historical place for travel and off-road.I wish you come again Turkey and you visit those place.Have a nice travel.

  16. You could buy it at Turkish border before the passport control.There is the office of Touring .It is 38 Euros for 15 days for a motorbike.But European people's insurance is already valid in Europe. You needn't pay for any insurance.

  17. Sınırı geçerken sıkıntı çıkacağından endişe edenler birtek Türkler değilmiş demekki.. İngilizce bilmiyorum bilseydim bu ablayı tebrik etmek isterdim.. Helal valla biz motorla şehir dışına çıkamıyoruz usengeclik ten..

  18. Aren't you an EU citizen?
    Why do you need to buy insurance to enter EU?
    By the way, Turkey is famous with its green and blue, also the color turquoise is the mix of them. But you passed through the least of both 😀
    You should do a trip along the Black Sea and/or Mediterranean shores some time to see the real beauty of green and blue 😉

  19. Some comments:
    1. the border police usually checks the green insurance card (its a green paper), in my case they always ask for it. Even if they didnt check it, you still need it. It is an insurance, hopefully you'll never need it but just in case you have to have it.

    2. The Turkey-Greece crossing is usually quick. There might be some delays in July.

    3. Kavala is a nice city to visit

    4. Your rides are long. Respect

    5. The vlogs could also be shorter

  20. What all documents should we show when crossing border?. Do you need any prior permit before you cross the border Visa or something?

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