SEASON 1 – [Eps. 94] STOPPED BY THE POLICE in Russia

SEASON 1 – [Eps. 94] STOPPED BY THE POLICE in Russia

Good afternoon – Sorry?
– Good afternoon Hello India? Motorcycle is from India Documents? It’s all good? Noraly Rebecca Clear Is that a driving licence or what? Is this a motor document And where’s your driving license? Georgia? Gruziya [Georgia in Russian] Have a safe trip Bye bye Yes yes yes Booking, okay, good. One moment, let me see. It’s cold there It’s cold there Is it heavy? Here Will you come down to the reception? Take off your clothes

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  1. Hi Noraly, a friend told me of you, and l have been thoroughly enjoying all your videos. I'm in Australia and l am a paraplegic in a wheelchair and l have a Volkswagen motored trike. I'ved traveled around Australia and would love to travel the world. But I've sustained a severe shoulder injury and now that's out of the question. But to travel with you is such a joy. It's the only way I can see the world from on a bike. I can only imagine the wind, the smells, the freedom. Thank you so much. You are a beautifull person. I have Dutch friends, and they are good people too. I pray for your safety. Looking forward to seeing more. ♡

  2. We have one problem on russian roads – crazy young bikers on sportbike.. Regrets many of them dies in road accidents.. This is the only reason to check out the driver lisence by bikers

  3. a motorcyclist with a driver's license in Russia is already an event
    Выделите текст, чтобы посмотреть примеры

  4. Hi dear well you try to come in Pakistan really so much beautiful place I'm not say because I'm from Pakistan but you can visit really amazing

  5. Ох, как стыдно за такую полицию. Вроде бы ничего плохо не сделал, но вёл себя по свинки. А хорошенькой девушки хороших дорог! Welcome to Russia!

  6. всегда бы так реагировали на своих эти полицейские, а не за ноги в астозак

  7. В России есть незыблимое правило: если иностранец тебя не понимает, нужно сказать громко и медленно ещё раз)))

  8. ой какая ты милая и позитивная, сегодня случайно увидел ваше видео и теперь буду смотреть все остальные, лайк и удачи…

  9. Hallo Noraly, ik ben echt genieten van uw Videos's! My attempt at your home language:). I am from Pennsylvania in the US, enjoy:).

  10. je video's zijn zo interessant!

    Ik voel dat ik me kan verhouden tot jouw ervaringen.

    Dank je. but I believe your Russian is far better than my dutch. 😛

  11. Начало видео ожидал примерно такое… 😄
    I expected the video to start like this.–B2J3OIY

  12. I am happy nothing happend when u drive in Russia, is much crazy drivers there, lot of videos here on YT from Russia, but u maybe drive much in country side? Russian police want money….is why they stop you….Take care, come one day we take a tour on bike..✌😁

  13. you are a great woman i really like your ability to travel on bike from india to Russia which is great keep it up noraly rebecca. am glad of you.

  14. They seem to be very generous with the food portions. I don't know how you can eat that much at breakfast. Impressive. Keep riding Ichy Boots!

  15. Hi i like to your world trip very much… please came to our country India places Kolkata howrah bagnan and please come to our home….🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  16. …и просто лучшее аудио всего цикла приключений Нурали, это фраза девчонки на ресепшене с неподражаемой интонацией – "это кто это?" ))

  17. Come to Belarus .. we also have beautiful places … I signed up I will wait for the video … did not expect … you are a brave girl .. respect

  18. Try crossing the Crimean bridge, welcome to Crimea, try Krasnodar region roads and newbuilded Tavrida road, and see crimean landscapes, mountains, black sea. Good luck

  19. Тут у нас на каждом шагу, как в старые добрые времена – Хальт! Ауствайс! Папирен, партизанен! 🙂

  20. I should say that videos are really interesting and real; It seems to be onboard or in the reality. But..the .most interesting and involving aspect is to listen and look at this fantastic, smart, beautiful dream girl : Rebecca

  21. стыдно за наш народ. не могут значимые слова иностранные выучить… чтобы смысл понять… позорище. рецепшен… и то поди не знает что это такое )

  22. Noora Ali your videos are excellent moreover it became part of life. Watching each episodes, anxiously waiting for next. God bless. Safe journey.

  23. Норали,ты сильная, бесстрашная и красивая девушка.Желаю,что бы тебе никогда не попадались ублюдки на дороге и не только на дороге!

  24. Good point, the policeman there speak many different languages even with low skill but good enough.
    He speak french too, i heard "Permis de Conduire" then "Driving licence". Good point.
    Long live Russia.

  25. Ты классная…. Эх Годиков бы 20 мне в минус… Я бы с тобой покатался… В качестве переводчика 😎😉

  26. Of course, like.

    if you had laid a route a little higher on the map, through Mongolia, then you would have traveled to the most beautiful places in the Altai Mountains.

    And not only in the steppes of Kazakhstan and Kalmykia.

  27. Hindu lord ganesha picture is just at your back. hanging on the wall.. when you were having breakfast..
    Any indian house you were living? I don't know much about you but I think you are a "Sholay" fan.. previously it was "Dhanno" now "Basanti".

  28. Heyy… I too noticed a picture of Goddess Lakshmi in the hostel where u stayed.. the one where u where having breakfast.. which brings me to say that we will never know the world until we travel, experience it by ourselves.. Hope I could travel one day..!!

  29. At beginning of this video when you were having breakfast in hotel [0.41 sec].. on wall behind I saw a photo of goddess Laxmi.. how come in Russia it was there? that too at some hotel.. surprising…

  30. Helloo. My name ridz…from malaysia….i like royal enfield motorcyle 650c.. classic n beutiful design. My hobby ride big touring motorcyle…You .welcome to malaysia ….

  31. It feels like riding along with Noraly and Basanti. I am sure all your viewers feel the same way and that's the beauty of these blogs unlike many other on YouTube.

  32. Welcome to Khanty-Mansiysk!!! will be interesting trevel to north of Russia!!!! if interestid in, we will be glad to assist and accept!!! roads are fine!

  33. "водительское да или что это" я поржал только ради этого надо посмотреть

  34. Hi. I am your subscriber. I love your videos. You are just awesome. I am from India. Thinking of buying an Royal Enfied Himalayan. I have 3 questions.
    First question is why did you choose the Himalayan?! As far as I know, nobody ever rode this motorcycle for world tour.
    Secondly, In open roads what is the maximum speed you feel The motorcycle is comfortable riding?!
    Also what is the the average fuel mileage you are getting from the motorcycle?!

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