Hi How are you? Good? Yeah, yeah, yeah! Good and how are you? Yeah, fine!

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  1. Bienvenida a América, cuando pases por Mexico espero poder saludarte. Suerte y te sigo en el camino. Soy Hila para los amigos. Abrazos.

  2. Really happy for you Noraly and really looking forward to watching another adventure of yours. Good luck with the last little bit of waiting around.

  3. Just a quick note to you Noraly, you satalite phone does NOT work in a lot of the countries you are going to be traveling in…..
    Thuraya XT-LITE Satellite Phone

  4. I am from Luján, Buenos Aires (60 kms from the downtown) me and my wife will be glad to receive you in our home if you need

  5. Hi..Nice videos, good camera work and editing…Your videos seem to inspire the rider inside everyone…Great work…Could you explain sometime how did india inspire you amid the slightly chaotic environment that is always present there..
    Wishing you a wonderful and super exciting journey ahead…

  6. Hallo
    Zo dat is al weer snel aan je 2 de wereld reis
    Ik ga je zeker weer volgen op je reis en ben benieuwd naar je film verslag
    Goede en veilige reis

  7. Hi, lovely trip !! hope you get the bike in one piece from the Buenos Aires customs and take money in your pockets to bribe all the officers , good luck !!!

  8. Which company did you book for the cruise to the UK? The cabin and the amenities look amazing. Would you recommend that particular cruise?

  9. come to Brazil, the largest country in South America, with large forests, desert-like regions and one of the largest coastlines in the world.

  10. You bike looks very good.
    All the best with your travel from Patagonia to Alaska. I am hoping to follow your channel through out the journey.

  11. Try riding between lanes of traffic like that in America and you'll get in a wreck or get a ticket. Be careful!

  12. Noraly, I love you so much.I see your all vedios. I want to be like you. You are very lucky. God bless you … Happy journey.

  13. in india tractor driver is always found to be in fast lane with the speed of 40 km/hr……they donot give side you have to pass through the slow lane….

  14. Hi from Arkansas in the states, I have owned and rode 18 motorcycles in my 63 years. Don't cut between cars here. You will be ticketed. Good luck on your adventure, I will be watching. Have fun and God Bless👍

  15. Hello Noraly, Enjoyed all episodes of season 1 and excited to start season 2 with you. I am seeing the world through your eyes that I probably would have never been able to see on my own! I admire your courage. Wish you all the best for your next adventure. Be safe…

  16. Wow!! The paint job on that bike is awesome!!! Beautiful!!!! Royal Enfield should offer that paint as a Special Edition!!!

  17. Wow!! I was eagerly waiting on your new adventure. The happiness I got watching this, I missed it way more then I thought. All the very best to you 👍🏻
    Justin @karmakazemoto has beautifully captured adventurous journeys & detailed tutorials indeed!

    Well, Have Fun safe travels 🎉🎉

  18. Noraly, since you listen to Spotify when you're riding, and you'll be in Argentina, you should try listening to Soda Stereo and Gustavo Cerati. Phenomenal Argentinian artist!

  19. All the best and congratulations on starting your next trip. Love the custom paint job on your bike! We will be praying for your safety, have a great time and thanks for including us in this new adventure.

  20. hey Noraly, back on the roads again! will wish you the best und press the thumps, everything will be fine on your tour. still with you and excited to see what happens 😀

  21. Your zest for life is contagious! When I watch your videos I get in a good mood! I wish you a nice journey! Thank you for taking us with you!
    Greetings from Austria!

  22. my little intro to your new adventure, song by Julie Covington 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina' , at least a beautiful song .

  23. Hi dear Noraly 🙂 Wish you the best on your new trip,..Very meditative to see you ride and explore, thanks 😉 <3

  24. Great to see you on the move again!!! Just be aware, when you get to the US and folks ask you the name of your bike and you say "Dhanno" they're gona look at you kinda weird thinking you're saying "Don't know" LOL

  25. Езда между рядами на автобане это плохо, куда спешить? . Остальное прекрасно.

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