Sneaker Release Calendar December 2019: Skip or Flip | (Resell Guide)

Sneaker Release Calendar December 2019: Skip or Flip | (Resell Guide)

Nelson’s intro Take 2 All right, what’s going on guys? Welcome back to the channel It’s your boy Nelson here with another sneaker video for you guys here today I am with my friend Bryson. What’s going on guys? I have a how to style channel where I like to do reviews on sneakers and clothing so if you’re into that kind of stuff definitely check me out and what we’re doing today is starting a new monthly video series where We talk about the release calendars of next month’s sneakers And what’s a flip and what’s a skip so what you should go for if you’re trying to resell shoes if you’re into this kind Of content and want to see more make sure to smash that like button and subscribe to the channel Let’s jump on into this with the first sneaker so the nike off-white dunk low comes in three different colors on December 20th this retails for 170 US dollars and these ones are gonna be super super hyped. Yeah This is the shoe that’s going to be very limited. Something you can get on the Nike sneakers app or certain boutique shops So this ones is going to be more so about trying to copl a pair of any color. The color isn’t too specific when it comes to resale That’s right. And this is gonna be one of the biggest releases of this holiday time So if there’s any shoes that you guys are budgeting to go for definitely go for this one Me personally, I love the colorways. I like how they have that new lacing system over there And let’s be honest Virgil just does hit after hit so pretty much all off white is a success access nowadays for the most part. Yeah, that’s exactly it So for the first shoe, we are looking at the Nike off white in the Nike Dunk low colorway So if you’re looking to resell make sure to check out that shoe. Yeah Alright guys, so the second shoe that we’re talking about is the yeezy 500 high slate Which is rumored to drop on December 16th This is a shoe that I’m personally excited for cuz something’s different coming out of the yeezy lineup, which has been very repetitive lately Yes, definitely There’s been a ton of 350 V2 colorways But honestly of all the yeezy releases this one might be the most the biggest one of the holiday season This is a brand new model. And Yeezy is just putting out a number of hits lately so I think that this is a great shoe and Something that if you guys are thinking about picking up or flipping, I would definitely go for this one for sure So let’s jump on into the third sneaker already and next up We are looking at the Air Jordan 11 in the bred colorway This is one of the most popular releases of the year. It is going to releasing on December 17th for 220 this is the shoe. I’m also very excited for I love the bred colorway on the Elevens It’s also if you’re into basketball there’s a lot of cool history with Michael Jordan with this shoe Yeah, absolutely and similar to the Concords that released the year prior. This is going to be a pretty available shoe so if you’re looking to buy them definitely don’t sleep but also don’t be Super eager to sign up for every raffles or pay resale or get a bot because it’s very likely that you’ll be able to get Your hands on this pair? Yeah, Jordan Brand lately has been doing the same thing recently with the retros where they still sell out But they kind of make sure everybody gets a pair So as long as you’re active it shouldn’t be too hard to cop one. All right, let’s move on to the next shoe So the next sneaker on the list is the yeezy 700 carbon blue, which is dropping on December 18th This is a really cool looking shoe as well, but it’s also similar to other 700 patterns So it’s not gonna be too crazy to get because retail is very expensive on these Yeah, so they retail for about like $300 or so and I can imagine similar to the other 700 set of released though They’ll do pretty well in terms of resale, but it’s not gonna be make it’s not gonna make you rich essentially Yeah, because of the high Retail price for them people are a little bit more reluctant to purchase them So I think you can get probably fifty to maybe a hundred dollars off the top of the purchase But like I said, it’s not gonna make your a rich man. Yeah with the exception of the statics The 700s don’t really resale for that much exactly. So this is a great colorway It’s something new from the line, which I definitely appreciate so I don’t know. Is there anything else to say about it? I don’t think there’s too much. It’s just another 700. Yes. Let’s move on to the next one already So next up is the Air Force one in the hand wash cold colorway These are super limited sneakers and they have the potential to be extremely high in resale price They are coming out Like I said in the high and the low and it’s about 5,000 pairs that are being released respectively for each shoe So this resale is gonna be insane on these. Yeah, super limited shoe It’s gonna have a lot of resale value to it that you’re not gonna want to sleep on but it’s also gonna be very hard To get so you don’t want to sleep on these. Yes exactly and they are releasing on Nike sneakers app And as well as a number of boutiques So there are great opportunities to pick them up but like Nelson said you’re not gonna want to sleep on these So make sure you get your BOTS ready. Whatever it is that very topic. Yeah, whatever it is that you’re gonna employees You know, that’s right. So yeah, I think that’s go on to the next shoe But these ones are really great shoes in my opinion the quality on these looks amazing So I’m definitely gonna be going after them myself for sure one of the top releases of December for sure Alright guys. So the next sneaker on the list is another Yeezy. It’s the yeezreall coming out on the 14th This is a really cool pair. That’s also glow-in-the-dark so there’s gonna be a lot of resale value when it comes to this and you can expect it to be a more limited and easy as well Yeah, and based off of the glow-in-the-dark pair that we saw release a couple months ago I definitely think this is going to be similar in price and resale values So if you guys like a loud shoe This is definitely down your alley and there’s also another 350 v2 releasing on December 19th This is in the ico colorway. These ones are pretty loud And I do enjoy the fact that they are different in terms of pattern in terms of style. Then their traditional ez 350 b2 I can imagine that the resale might be I’m sort of on the fence because I’m not exactly sure how they’ll do Either people will love the way the colorway looks and they’ll buy them and then want to resell them But maybe they won’t because it is because it does look so different. Yeah, I’m personally excited for this pair cuz it’s With the 350s recently. We’ve been seeing such similar shoes. I’ve been coming out the cloud lights the Lund Morris mollies This is one that’s loud. And it’s very different and I think a lot of Kanye fans make me really excited about this So I would not sleep on these if I were you. Yes And they are going to be releasing in most standard places that 350 s are being released Which is the easy supply a website as well as things like footlocker, you know and your standard sneaker stores So I think they’ll be pretty available as well. So if you want to get your hands on them Yeah, you can just do so pretty standard. So let’s move on to next year All right, guys, the next Meeker on the list is the Jordan for winter ice is a really cool pair as well It’s coming out on December 2nd and looks very similar to the M&M for us. Which as we all know It’s one of the biggest grills in this your game. Oh, you already know it So these are gonna be releasing about two hundred dollars and the releases can be pretty wide So if you’re if you want them, you can definitely get them I absolutely love the colorway on this and you know, we’re both in Toronto Canada. So it does get very wintery out here So I always appreciate sneakers that are winter. Are you trying and the biggest key? The key key indicator. Sorry is the side mesh. It’s actually yelled in its leather. So it’s a little bit less breathable But it also means that you’re gonna get less snow inside your shoes if you’re wearing them outside So I think this is a really clean colorway great shoe for the wintertime. Yeah, so let’s move on. Alright guys So the last sneaker on the list is another. Jorian. It’s a arrow door No one made collab with clot that’s releasing on December 7th for a hundred and sixty dollars u.s Yes, and this is part of a campaign where Nike is working with six different artists to commemorate their Special talents with a number of great sneakers. This one of course is the Air Jordan one mid which is a very popular shoe and The collaborative artists that they worked on. This is Edison Chen who’s the founder of clot? He’s a fellow Canadian as well and Claude has a very historic brand in terms of Nike collaborations Yeah, so you can definitely check out his low version that he released a number of years back It has a red upper and it is super clean super fine right now. The shoe is on stock ex for about $3,000 it is pre released So that explains a price point but we both forecast that this is going to be a very valuable sneaker So if you guys are looking for Air Jordan ones that are gonna be up and resale and feature a cool, you know Fun new model of the mid variety definitely check these ones up. Yeah, and even though most of us don’t like drone one mids It’s still gonna be a very hype shoot you do not want to sleep on. Alright guys Thanks for watching this video If you’re new here Make sure to smash that like button consist scribing to the channel and check out my boy Bryson’s channel while you’re at it We’ll be back here next month with January’s releases. But until then we’ll see you all in the next video. Peace, please

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