Soley Ghost Exposes the Black Market of Stolen and Fake Sneakers | Full Size Run

Soley Ghost Exposes the Black Market of Stolen and Fake Sneakers | Full Size Run

beautiful day and it's bagel time nice plane big fuck you buddy listen up okay I saw all the comics you don't like the mustache you don't like the fucking Reeboks right oh you've got all the answers you know what the fuck my life yeah that Caucasian shit okay mr. rapper man go fuck yourself this is how you know how short they made me look on sneaker shopping I'll tell you one thing you're not God or my father or my boss dad you okay hello every single member of the fs army watching across the globe of course i MCOs Brendan done I'm not wealthy sure that James we have a guest with us here if we get into hot dogs with the people that engage everybody else yeah so he goes yeah you put you have you put your real name out there like that was just expecting so a ghost I didn't know we were gonna blow I have since I did that what's that then I never heard it the level up is real man but man going by his name you don't gotta be a ghost remember I got businesses all right all right we're gonna talk about your history and the resale game and the sneaker game all that but first up we're gonna talk about the sneakers everyone's wearing well yeah I got these end clothing X adidas Terrex they actually change colors okay also forget I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Hammond for last week for the London's okay God forgot this yeah they suck yotube at some obligation yeah I got the cause fors the black bear I got him a sneaker shopping you know now we sneak the shopping alone or whatever shot that boy Jonah Puma shut out the stadium Goods shut out the cars you know it's like flex none just keep I got on the air or fight your release Jordan ones yeah yeah it's actually a funny story we was like four o'clock in the morning in Pittsburgh Drake song no okay okay I was with John Geiger and he was like hey you know what are you gonna wear and I was like yo that's the only one that I'm missing so we hit up Josh and Matt from stock ex I told them that yo my boy wants the shoes literally two days later they were sent to me oh shout out the psychics with my shoes on okay what up what up Josh I know what I'm doing Matt Reebok thing real quick a shoe a shoe we have a funny history with shout out to Melly uh and by the way big up Leo for sending over the package you know I appreciate everybody hassling Reebok on my behalf to give me the bag but Leo leo has recognized it and always does gentlemen let's talk sneaker news the first thing and I think kind of the biggest thing in the last week was his Forbes article on where Kanye West's Yeezy business is going they're saying he's projected to do 1.5 billion in 2019 did anybody see this coming I don't I can't see those numbers but I mean they're saying it how's-how's easy doing it your stores now honestly the newer Easy's you really can't sell for too much over retail but the 350 is always hold there hold the value you know the seven hundreds are kind of dumb and what percentage of your business would you say that easy is at this point I probably say 30 to 40 percent that's pretty solid yeah not it's really I mean women kids and men all like it so I'm still – chicks that come in that's all they buy chicks don't buy the Jordans anymore really the wall originally when he first first started to rinse yeah it was about being able to really spread the product when he first came to it what do you know if you don't say I really be able to spread the product in a reality you know hype is amazing when I was young young young young young hype is the shit dad yeah young that young that hype is the shit but blue hat dad or whatever you realize this like bro you want everybody to get the shoe yeah you want kids moms like when I walk and travel and go everywhere that I travel and I see people people just where Easy's everywhere like in every you know it's just human I wish there were more silhouettes though you know I you saw that crazy photo of Kanye Oracle by and you know fucking patients come on I've been doing the 350 so much basketball so what like you do air force once for twenty years my nigga what do you mean but I feel like with the easies they're actually almost putting them out coinciding with like the Jordan releases that much right yes that's true nice Atilla wet snow now to play devil's advocate I will gorgeous it's a little slimy because we have my problem slimy from just for this they heard the standpoint of bra make a new colorway or make a new give us more silhouette marks look like butters yeah it's like doing the same cuz you and I well you're not gonna get me but I get that wealthy is a certified to do this employee are you happy to see the business booming no I thought it's good to see I mean if even if the stuff's not not for me you know seeing some of the just seeing the brand have something that can finally like you know transcend the the gap to sometimes it feels no one other than you but do you ever think it'll be Michael Jordan it's tough because you're comparing you know a rapper / designer / whatever to a basketball player and obviously the game has shifted and in transition from from there arm but I think that Kanye is working with the right people to make you know really great shoe yet that Smith yeah shout out come on the show finally let's talk about it but one interesting thing too is that he's already caught up with Michael Jordan in some ways according to the Forbes article the percentage he's getting of the wholesale is 15% versus Jordan doing 5% so it's kind of funny because there was a quote from Kanye awhile back where he said I'm making more money than Michael Jordan off shoes and it was kind of a vague one but I got if you look at it in terms of percent like this is a different stage and a lot this is a level of schedule like this is the boy at stage yeah exactly where's like put on a hat never that chasing hype you're not necessarily chasing the bag you just putting in the right no no I am oh I'm just talking about Versace and concept so shout out to my boy Soleil he's the designer now and on the show I mean do you want him on the show yeah so late we're let's play basketball and then come on the show oh that's hoop let's get some tea or some booze you like you like to drink motherfucker they're doing a new Versace what concept calop for former these or preview these first course Khalid is you know Khalid you kept the person that debuts things um well sorry feels but it more importantly it's inspired by J Lo's mm brash dress yes yeah Grammys yeah where'd that suppose you'd like a Versace dress yes which it's supposedly like broke google or became like the most Google but you know what that dress originated with right that was when the shooting happened and she wore that drug yeah take away from the whole thing that was going on with the huffy shooting good shine situation had attracted to it oh wow that's what they said that she wore that dress to get people's mind off of it so people would be talking about the dress and not actually what's going on that's great marketing spirits these man Marty saw know some credible market lob or something no you gotta watch it too but one day without ghosts are you into the Versace stuff not really no that's not my thing going on the stuff that you may actually be into though there's supposed to be another Union Jordan collab they want it to be the Joe Gibbs and Beth I want to show they did something Apparel recently and all that sad the thing that's releasing with an awesome yeah situation are we happy to see more Union Jordan collabs coming out I am I think it so you know it was fire yeah kind of weird actually at this point that Union hasn't had more Nike like the fact that the first time Union did a Jordan shoe was that one like Union should have had a shoe a long time ago right like weird too because you have like Union in you know there's such like deep in like the sneaker like history and legacy and all but but Union itself really is in a sneaker store you know like they're a lot of people kind of know you from from the stories you have from the reselling game but before that like how did you first get into sneakers I've been doing this for like twenty years that's a lot of misconception that people have about me where it's just like I'm not one of those people that's new to any of this gotalk yeah so basically back in like maybe like 98 99 when I was a junior and senior in high school I went to an all-boys high school and played soccer or whatever and we went at it we had competitions soccer that's football wealth Adrian it just the translation I actually got a scholarship to play soccer at do do and then crazy for a while it held every record for high school for New York State like most goals in the season all these different things he's also do his research on that yeah you should have research it's the truth 2007 I was doing Nate do you guys remember the international sneaker battle the Funk Flex show yeah so I won that in Connecticut very international Connecticut pressure all right I'm ready probably right after that it just got to the point where a lot of people were asking me for shoes I would be delivering shoes in my trunk and I had access to get two three four pairs I was tell him on the side so my original sneaker thing came from passion it's something that a lot of people know you for anything that though okay someone who called out who sat in that seat okay before was one Jim Jones okay so he had a fake pair of Brett will agree they were fake right Jim Jones wouldn't admit it when he was here but Alette think and what was the verdict never God they look kind of fake right though the guy solely ghost he had him in the video with the response I was hurt the fact that people were saying much she was faking I don't really I don't really understand fake tears were still are and always will be fake correct and no shade too Jim you know in fact Jim's a good guy did you try and pressure okay so do you guys actually know like the whole situation or no this is just I was home in bed sleeping right and this guy from sneaker watch was cool with hit me up on on FaceTime and I just thought it was weird cause it was like 12:30 1:00 o'clock in the morning and I'm like why is this person calling me so he put me on FaceTime and he started showing me the shoe and I was like what size is it I think he said size 10 or 10 and a half which they don't obviously have correct it's either you have a sample size 9 or you have race eyes that's it you know what I mean I was like it's fake and then all of a sudden I hear Jim in the background like nah that's that Frank Lucas and he started going off but I'm in my pajamas bro you don't saying like I'm not thinking like okay this I'm getting set up right now for this like it wasn't hey listen I'm at the studio with Jim Jones I'm there's some that right right right I didn't know he's gonna make Media Takeout I didn't know was gonna do all that was like sneaker expert this and that I just felt bad that he lost the money I didn't I didn't think it was gonna go that far you yourself were caught in a similar situation right I was there was a pair of notorious fakes Air Jordan aids all right Cookie Monster Cookie Monster Jordan days yes I think you had them on listen I told you I'm not nothing don't want to talk about it was it at sneaker Karnas alright it was what year is four or five years ago now for you so where did you get the shoes okay so so obviously that DEA face is so good I love I'll put the glasses on put the glasses on please I love the energy given off a crowd I'm such a fan now we get sponsored by fucking cop glasses come when the DA starts sponsoring efforts are alright now again where did you get the fake shoes from okay so the person I'm not gonna say the person I got from but I would say well bleep it up just say it well booze got this kid who sells a lot of samples in Calvin I believe in it I don't care Elijah fucking fucked me over anyway well I love that so fuck you fuck you miss Cathy I was buying a lot of samples obviously you know that stuff that was going on with Nike and people were stealing the big is a big thing big thing at that point I was getting a lot of LeBrons I was getting a lot of Jordan did a lot of stolen goods in your Bush I did I listened every single collector that's in the sneaker game has those shoes any of those LeBron samples like to watch the Thrones and all those who fought the Statue of Liberty they're all stolen don't listen let's just let's just call a spade a spade what I got time for the bullshit so at that point I was buying a lot of shoes nah I didn't know they were stolen – obviously article and all this this came out but the person that was buying shoes from he said listen I got this pair of shoes from you I haven't you know showed anybody else do you want it and I said cool and I literally got them the morning before sneaker caught on Saturday the Droid named the Jordan AIDS right I got fresh shoes my shoes yeah i'ma put them on bulls I really didn't look into it like that and I've trusted this person of course you know and I made a mistake everybody gets God at some point there's not one person in this world that hasn't gotten into some sort of way what was the feeling that when you found out they like the shoes were fake at first I defended myself because I felt as if I was being attacked corgi shoe was going on you know yeah yeah whatever listen the people that went hard on me I think were you ever heard that name is so long I know it doesn't it doesn't bother me I was wrong at the end of the day I owned up to it I said listen I got got how much did you spend on the shoes I think I spent like 1,300 or 1500 at that point like I said I'm not embarrassed about it it happens it's life I make I make jokes about it I don't care I just feel like people who now harp on that five or six years later it's like either a you have a vendetta against me you're jealous or whatever it may possibly be but look pull up exactly why how does beef happen in the Riesling game when it's like bro you don't even had these shoes how we briefly I just think that a lot of people get into their emotions when it comes to this and put aside like the actual reality of the situation like we're all in this to make money yes I'm happy for everyone here when I'm winning I don't care I don't care what other people are doing you know show off from round two a friend of the show oh yeah right now a man who we always take a glass obviously he's a good guy listen I've met him once I went in support of the matters aeramax event okay he was like listen thank you I appreciate coming I'm gonna send you a pair of shoes never sent them so I don't like beef me no no no no I want to ask you so uh someone who works in your industry was once telling me that he had beef with you right because he thought that when you were like going hard on like Instagram link like four or five years ago that you were wearing the shoes that people work in signing to you to post on Instagram no I'm being all dried this is like a story I genuinely heard that's that can you say that person's name yes bitch now put it out thank you showed out alright sure I don't even know what that is her name is Tony first and foremost every shoe that I've ever posted I personally own I'm just telling you the streets are saying listen listen III honestly have an issue with a lot of people who think that they buy shoes they wear at one time and then sell it like that's just not my thing if I shoe I'm gonna wear it to the death of me and whatever it is like I gotta be honest I've put some shoes on IG not on my feet but put them on IG with a nice little portrait photo and then took them to flight call them I'm gonna be honest with you guys react to this question minute because I'm sister I want to own a consumption that was one of the reasons why I even got into music but owning your own shop is not the easiest to think you're on your second or third shop now third right so we have the one the only the first ohio joe arpaio home you pass the wood correct now we're in Roosevelt Field just in Long Island and then Staten Island's gonna open probably either ten one or ten fifteen what's the fuck up at clientele and a fuck up a footlocker the difference it's just when something gets stolen I take it personally because you're stealing from my pockets directly when you're stealing from footlocker you're stealing from corporate and that doesn't hurt them but that's like a big thing for me so like if someone works on a store and something got stolen and it's on there directly coming out of my pocket how do you feel like the resell game has changed since you've been in it I was one of flight club's biggest consigners you could ask Jeff and all of those people I I used to do a lot of that stuff just getting extra shoes and doing that now with New York there's so many stores like Stadium flight club soul stage urban round – it's like if you look at as a pizza they're all splitting up a piece of this pie yes so I just feel like the game has blown up because so many people have seen money in it and now my god correct and everyone's trying to get there that's why that's why I stay enjoy that it's so big that it's like hurting the yeah the retailers are not retailers but you for me personally I mean I'm the biggest orange jersey so I I stay out of the whole New York thing and then why did the Long Island thing is because I just wanted to put in a road block in between all the money that's in Long Island and then the city like some Sopranos shit man I mean I you know I'm just saying I wanted to do it that way because you think do you think the star kicks is its own pizza I have like actually helps me when people come in to cuz I you know I do buy sell trade most of my businesses I buy direct like I literally buy from the customers that come in I don't think it shoes not pizza just yeah shoes I don't I don't think though I don't do i do consignment but I don't do a lot of it consignment is only if we can't come to an agreement on a price okay so I buy it the rather don't know what Tony said but yeah I just know who Tony is show you something sold out oh my god sorry he's mad because they don't get money like we get money I'm sorry to do I mean but that's what I'm trying to say that's that's where it comes back to like the whole jealousy aspect I got access questions talking so sock is boys and stockings with your boys they flew you right they didn't find me out you're right so stock ex is my boys and stock ex may be working on a knockoff full size of stones definitely not my boys but go on is stock exhale or hurting more of the recent game overall because you have a different perspective of the consignment game because everybody ain't on the same level and consignment no offense so forth that's why I'm asking you when it comes to stockings how does stockings feel for you for some people they hate it it's the worst it's fucking up the business they've got to go out of business but I brought for you though you're opening up new stores so is it helping her no you don't even care I don't even care it's knockers doesn't bother me at all honestly i don't think i don't like is the undercutting of what people do so if someone's willing to make $65 you have someone right next to you who's willing to make steamed ale again correct correct so it's like it's just that's the whole aspect of its meet for weird but from a consumer standpoint I mean you could get some you get some shoes I buy shoes from stock X then I know I can sell myself for more money literally someone asked you so you know you have like stores and malls and correct not only do malls but do you think that that's kind of like killing the idea of sneaker culture where people would like criticize you know what I mean like like the idea of like a sneaker boutique in a mall the main reason I went to a mall is obviously you know my one of my business partner was killed right yeah so I just for safety purposes the mall is a better situation for us and the amount of traffic that you get into in a mall is different than just being somewhere in a strip somewhere you're a destination spot at that point we have people who come to our store in menlo and we've been there five years now let's say hey we didn't even know you were here so you get other traffic from other stores and I feel like we we kind of reciprocate that and people get traffic from us I feel like I feel like a big part of your hustle is getting shoes before or they come out you know it's kind of how we met but when you were getting stuff there was really hard to get before it came out how did you first figure that out being in the game and just knowing philia left lip shit yeah and just situations where it's like you know I'm good people if you know me I give you my word if I if I tell you what it is I'm I always pride myself on being an honest truthful person so when you start to make those connections your connection spread from you know Trinidad to Croatian side to people and then when all these good people link up it just happens to just full you know fold out the right way we mentioned it earlier but this stuff got really serious a few years ago when there was a federal federal cases about you know people having stolen Nike proper you know guys in Florida guys in Beaverton a whole a whole ring of samples password I mean and one of the things that said new jersey and that was me you get a call from the feds I honestly didn't get a call from the feds you're sweating bullets though I honestly wasn't because the way I was going about it I was getting it through somebody else I never touched the product Direct pregame same day you know did that person get in my honest opinion I think that person snitched but I would never say their name when I would never say nothing but I thought even if we bleep it up no you good you so were you but you were you worried when the article started to come out yeah I saw New Jersey and I knew that was me yeah it was kind of like Brendan done like blogging about it I was kind of worried I was but at the same point my whole argument would have just been I had no idea knows of the background on this as people at Nike were making super rare sneakers and ordering up super rare sneakers and encanta correct loading they were saying they were saying they were for promo or for ever else they were ordering them up and then they were getting sold to people and then those were getting into the hands of regular collect yes I was just likely to me when we saw that they were actually like wire taps around sneakers yeah I mean but you're talking about a lot of money I would if I had a guess I would probably say it was probably between a 500 to a million dollar business yeah yeah that's insane getting on to some lighter topics we every week here on the show punish someone with the worst take or something they said egregious on the last episode make them switch out their sneakers for something terrible and it is mr. Matthew J wealthy as voted by the commenters on YouTube for dancing which wasn't even saying anything but the people of the I said Drummond I love that that was so good again or no I love that hit a little do stuff you have to wear these right now yeah all stop anyway my hoodie I don't think Kevin Garnett will be too happy with this Wow oh man he was hanging out with you hanging out your boy to J's the other day where Hall of Shame tell us in the comments it's the worst take this weekend we will punish them so goes as you know we also do drip flip and skip okay okay no drip be no look good on you you know I'm saying flip being you like it you know Sam but you will wear it so your cell it make some money okay it climbs him shoes or skip will fuck what it is oh okay so the first year we're gonna talk about the verge of MCA let's try to pop okay I know that's what I was just talking about is you probably these shoes are all releasing at Chicago which will be there yeah first of all you could come sake guys announcement mode announcement mode break the table like that all right we got complex con we got complex con gosh come to confidence con Chicago shake my hand it's gonna have a good time it's gonna be amazing people there we're gonna be there Jose will be there the whole complex crew bring your ass to conference come wait wait before we get into I know we already went over this but have you ever wrestled Snickers have I have of resold sneakers is that a serious question first of all results Eagles so are you just as confused as I am you have to be right this is my man okay I'm just flipping it trip Brendan this is a trip I love the stuff that he's done like partnering up with MoMA and now MCA I mean you know if you wanted to flip them that would certainly not be a bad choice either because I think these are fetch so what is a drip for me though and and these feel more special than the rest of the tent stuff well T that's a flip can't wait you know stock X is dialing in this pocket right now this is a drip I wish I had these on right now I would've had these on right now you guys lucky to my lands and houses lucky move before we got the iris and Eric Emmanuel copper Scott exclusive again another color too let's answer five yeah all right I'm start with you Brendan Jeffers get rigged up Leo this is this is a this is a good-looking collab Erica man you'll actually have to change the Iverson logo a little bit so his is confused there and a well-seasoned person you you may see me walking around the complex on floor with these on my feet well T that's a skip mmm it's a skipped me too it's just not my style but it's a dope show what does it call it nom I hope these is a drip buck would blackboard ended before we got the atmosphere max pack that's coming out conference card come start with you girls Jeff little skip I'd flip flip well ever since I saw Atmos reselling their own collaborations at complex con she is kind of like rub me a bit of the wrong way so it's a get past what you guys accomplished con he's literally on your ass what what are you doing Brendan are these flippin is it gonna be like that probably right I would say so okay I want to skip these because I think that this looks like a Nike ID project from like five years ago okay definitely not wearing them I guess I guess I'm with you flip I mean there's a drip for me I mean I'm totally yeah I made this for me so it guys is very drip biased every day moving forward compris count again the conference on top market these are really interesting actually you've got some converse don't you think we have a pair of sitting over here snow what you got over there for me brother Chuck's aren't for me so this is yeah there's no one sucks in general trying to not a Chuck price yes chinatown market so you posed to be able I think if not mistaken it's changed yeah it changes if I'm not mistaken so still seeing the person drippers get skin just not my style Brendon that's a skip I feel like Chinatown market is doing so much right now every other week there's a new Chinatown market called so is it yours because of how much they're doing yes because it shoe because like oh they made a cool basketball and then like it's big respect to Mike well I mean I don't know guys maybe it's the living in her life a little bit but I like these in charge our market is dope I mean this is simple the colors look better I like colorful shape once again these are for me this is a drip from all right ghosts we also do outfits okay our just situations right listen that was only half of the pairs that I got I was like how many pairs did you get how many pairs of Travis not once you get this and this this particular time a lot so you cashed out I cashed that so Brendon this picture drip flipper skit it's America baby I but you understand that this whole picture for me is I'm mocking like it's a satire it's a sec correct so this is you taking shots at Benjamin kicks so cool dude like I don't I don't I met him once I personal know I'm like that I'm just on the show yeah well so I'm just laughing because I this is like what people want to see oh yeah this is what an Instagram well so what you're so right if you'd note yeah correct your flippers get drip Brenda what did you say this was Brendan I didn't say jump ropers get Brendan let's just get for me because because like you said it's don't explain just skip for me too I was laughing all the way to the bank doing this is a drip because shit it's a drip yeah I'm gonna call it like it is just common space I also did it before people actually got their pairs another fool over for the gang the gang know I'm there you can catch me they're probably twice a month there is notice man this notice man yeah right there no when are we going whatever whenever you typhoon the city I'm with it literally Emily now let's go what's he come Alina oh yeah sure I'm in the picture I go Reaper repo repo what's up goggle what's up FS our alumni Gaga is it time to come back on the show home got a good trip on it Brendan it's a trip look at the boots thank you you stand by this drip I mean I do I mean that's just how I dress I'd like personally Nia I'm I'm more like a little designer person but you know the supreme stuff and nasty I'm obviously grew up on hip-hop so for me that's I mean it's a drip is I'm by this is the gang is the gay like those the people in this picture right here last time I had a meadow Molino he was passed out of the tables everybody on these couches has seen Trinidad fire that may or may not have happened at a stock X event while you're talking to Dan Gilbert first of all still my prayers to Dan Gable man he's sick right now shout out to Nick Gilbert to man the whole family over to everybody gentlemen before we get out of here we want to breeze through the comment section and see what people have been saying about us online in the past week which is always an insightful experience I thought we have the comments I said drip on our picture I want to make sure the world knows that big drip you put your call in the Psychonauts of like y'all pick these names man imagine imagine catching a fade by a man wearing money ah T's I'm done shit I'm not sure who that's in reference to you lucky I changed my life Timothy bags do we get the money ah he's in the mail wait no way Timothy Mac says I'd never owned a pair what am i yeah is that I never owned a pair of Reebok but if Brendan gets that collab I'm definitely copping a feel for a D says it would be nice if you got guests that have sneaker knowledge what we had on here that doesn't have sneaker knowledge what kind of knowledge made his own fuckin shoe Melly these Louise says incredible handle I'm dealing with the passing of my family member I thank you guys so much for these episodes and having to rewind back every two minutes those two minutes are some time to take my mind off the pain and laughs thank you thank you Steve movies winners club says you'll be a Twinner case subscribers in no time I just hope you're ready for it because after that you're gonna blow up I already blew up you know what it is aim it will see you at a complex con folks Chicago I'm your co-host Brendan done I'm Matt well T turn to that J is baby Holy Ghost Oh she want every color that's the full size by six for my kids bought a seven yo better late than never but it's fine we got black what's that silver shiner K subscribers that's cute this is amazing you're hyped over 100,000 subscribers what do you mean that's nothing it's a big moment for the brand it's not my own channel and get a hunt thousand subscribers you don't want a million I'm not trying to touch that shit to his all go okay you guys we need more subscribers subscribe to the show I'm at it dressed like wilty back to being the common folk nobody wants to it's not pretty I already lost my Gucci suck they're gonna fire me we don't get more subscribers that's actually true subscribe to the show or they're gonna stop sending me speciale subscribe to the show so I keep flexing are you niggas man see these goddamn kicks on my feet I think that one more smoke just hit the button I mean God how much

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