runner so the Duke Cortez is that new strong car and I think me and Georgie are the runners pretty alright road for our lives Geordi because the do go ladies and gentlemen I have a good idea I have a good idea how about you guys start cheating this and we enjoy we'll just make it at the end it's like a 1 you just drive across weird whoa that's your right there's no ramp nothing makes it a lot easier for you guys yeah because Garrett's already dead I mean Jordy I I live sorry sorry it's already your beard like confused me you know what I mean oh how did I miss that what white broccoli dude like eat some real food man come on Donald's afterwards good good that's more like it all right oh yeah you can merely make that that's impressive wait wait did someone just cheat no Garrett dude I would never do that ever the guy state egg I think everybody did yep yeah I never achieve jelly come on at least have a fair dogfight all right at least I hope their dog fight with me okay I don't think you can even do this just do your own thing I'm dead anyway number two now change this Garrett that was just a little bit loud hard to deal with just a little bit so is it possible to actually do this yeah sure try this out a minute it's like cheating already known around don't worry about a dirty there one down Garrett yes love you Josh just blocked me and I character die everybody you must really suck in that guarantee you were Josh okay there we go now that's the onthe sorry daddy that's not how it works Josh yeah Zef society works the first comforts that's that's the worst I've ever know [Laughter] get the hot dogs out Josh go dirty you're not even trying bro take your car a little bit there's nothing even dude and close your front hood alright alright Jory you're better off jumping out try to move your car move your car out it's gonna push you can't goodbye you can't get a seat like that keep on doing it like that yes like that oh yes I know jump out of your car and get in mind good plan right easy Josh big of your mind over Sheila I'm sorry I'm sorry you still have a chance to keep up on it no one wants to join the police even yeah he wants to sail my team good Josh I need the best team in Josh I'll make you another bridge Oh Oh Gary you're a blue dirty dirty sure he's a nice bridge dirty you're gonna die I can just tell you I'm a bridge for you ah you know making up that can always try bitch well what's this why is it not working no often you die Geordie I guys are now working oh my god that was really close although he was robbed your helicopter dude oh oh my god nice oh he's up there he made it up there I gotta be honest I think Geordie won because he got up there top four right over three it's time to run to the car on there maybe we can just eat wait what's up there why are there like signs up there and stuff they want you to really know like on the outside skirt like there's a sign it's a sign a sign of light no sign of danger Geordie said hey Garrett Garrett pass please Josh how did you do that how you know no I think josh is gonna cheat it's not on me you just threw the game good job now I'm not gonna win I don't have faith in myself my never happy yourself it's actually easy to cheat Josh you need to go like something like a little bit back of the end that's where that's where I did it it was great yeah yeah but like where the bus the sideways bus says you need to come from the other side well that works my god damn it I wonder you got it I didn't want him to do that one because that's and please Josh don't make it to the ending oh I know why they did this what you need a gun to be able to roll up this thing course it is that's so small I've never had someone be so small yeah Josh Geordi shut your little mouth Jordan shut your mouth okay if it blows up you're gonna you're gonna give me ten bucks if there any way you can go without a gun whoa why should I work it for me then dirty oh don't write that I got him all right now Josh what's the plan actually I'm gonna I'm gonna allow you to make it by walking onto my wing all right how does that sound Billy I found it fucking great what a shot what you think you're gonna get into that tank brother cuz I ain't gonna happen brother it's time for me and Geordi are back into the vehicles and this time we shall not cheat am i right Jordan try already driving you around friendly friendly flip dude it's just a friendly flip flip flip flip this is so cool I actually really like this but you can just you can just continuously drive like without any risk it's great I don't feel a bit risky no especially if you try and see do we gently do it finishing Oh Gary Barry nobody's allowed come on Jesse you missed come on Jesse what happened hi I'm Karen hide oh my god are you new here Garret oh my god – Detroit Circle this car is absolutely terrible all right Duke this one took this one Jesus yeah you usually do grace get over here little joshie you're not gonna make this No the turning so bad you're not gonna make this hey touch my car touch it I want to get a touch of town that's a nice way to introduce yourself Geordie key thank you I need to learn from that myself to everybody really that's kind of brutal dude you don't even have a driver's license they calling out that I can't you we can't get up there remember it's fun it says banter it gives them a little bit of home it gives him a little bit a whole Gary I hate you on my screen you piece of shit you're dead to me Garrett your death to me get oh did I get are you kidding wait up hey Jordy hi doing Oh Jordy scars here I didn't car come on guys I think Jordy is dead so Garrett okay can I try to win like you didn't give me a chance come on come on tell me I'll let you come up you know what you saved me earlier from the evil coma cop hey buddy that's the way I like to hear it man how is BST no I'll try again don't worry about it I'm coming up I'm coming up here you come jelly I'm right here I'm gonna do say hi okay have you messed this up then you work hi okay you made it alright come on up come on how are you so special ask my mother or something oh no not again duco death listen man Jordi are doing really bad we have lost three rounds so far so what do we do now Joe this means if they win one more Jordi we're done but you all right listen yes everything's possible this is the first one we've ever played where it's impossible yes it's impossible everything is possible everything is possible have you cheated yes I went right now see I'm dead that's what I cheated okay Jordi I have zero okay in fact dead I'm very broken thank you very much made it but like what it's making it through these days yeah I know you're right Josh it's pretty damn boilers really yeah are you sure I crossed us you can make you can last time I made it with a tank remember because I was trying to hit him that's why I like pulled me up and now hit me hit him in the head oh my god oh you got it now hit him in the head you got it and I'm in the head dirty 3 we don't know this is my tank Josh Josh say Jodi you're dead hush this is my time dirty you're dead I'm telling you you're dead oh I told you that was my right he wasn't lying I just ended the tank shot oh come on dude josh is dead on guys oh my god Oh God Oh it was actually on their leg it was not even a 180 all right brothers ladies and gentlemen again we have to win this one Jordy we have to we have to and you're saying I got this like I'm not even a part of it do we that's what I know okay well don't worry about it sort of don't worry about it don't kill a lot of ways you kill Josh you're gonna cheat a jury yeah same here that's kind of boring killing him over and over oh yeah I managed to cheat let's hope micarta Julie doesn't die or something it might there you go there you go but now I have an issue into you know how to do it right no no no Jilly it's easy grab it the pool cue and just keep on jumping okay all right all right so Josh did it because it was trying to hit you Geordi to it no that's what he says how do I roll again guys I do they hold escape what alt f4 come on you guys that's the one all the four will help you roll jelly all right all right Josh Julie you have to make it Josh don't you left them right then jump Josh you got four more bullets three you're missing every shot you do realize that right oh you just got one all right thank you oh wait don't worry about it I'm dead anyway oh no I'm not shit I don't know I'm gonna run for my life don't kill me don't kill me don't kill me don't kill don't like a whole sentence dude trying to make good with my killing a bit let's give it a couple words alright not a whole sentence what when the guy great jobs or do you really you showed him crush me please how's that suppose that but dirty just stand next to the yellow car on the fire lay on the fire sorry dirty bags already can get in this hole I was gonna hurt ya alright Josh are you gonna kill them or why Josh I don't know they just think that I'm good there you go oh I'm getting out of my car you got this one B one here we go oh oh please well – get him gently you got it Jory stop struggling already who's soon man too soon I mean you're literally trying to kill yourself why don't you just jump off no Tony just stay still that's Michelle clotheslined I'm gonna die someday to run oh my god all right one more there you go now you miss you miss Josh you lost miss we window no no you lost

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