Summer Sandals

Summer Sandals

hello today I'm going to show you how to take advantage of this year's trend for gold or silver leather sandals with big jewels and other glamorous ideas it's easy to do and you'll find yourself wearing these sandals from dawn to dusk on holiday and quite possibly on into the evening so buy a few pairs of the same inexpensive sandals and decorate them differently so that you have an entire wardrobe of summer sandals created in minutes using a dremel glue gun and Dremel engraver position your Dremel engraving template on the insole of the sandal and draw through it using a soft pencil repeat this as necessary to build up your design the Dremel engraving template comes free when you buy a dremel engraver alternatively you can buy something similar from your local hobby or craft store or online when you've done this on both insoles take a dremel engraver fitted with the carbide engraving tip 992 for and engrave along the pencil lines marked it is really versatile and will help you to engrave into all sorts of materials from wood to metal to glass and so on for other craft projects remove any remaining pencil marks with the eraser and repeat on the other sandal using a seven millimeter high-temperature clear glue stick set your Dremel glue gun 932 hot in order to stick the metallic velvet ribbon along the strap of your sandal thread it through the loop on the t-bar if necessary and trim the ends at an angle where the ribbon meets the insole do the same on the other sandal take your Dremel glue gun nine thirty and seven millimeter high-temperature clear glue stick and dot hot glue to stick a flat back gem into the center of a cup sequin then add another dot of glue and stick the sequin to the center of the mirror on the embroidered decoration prepare two more decorations then glue the first decorations centrally onto the loop at the top of the t-bar glue decoration either side of the first one then repeat this to complete the other sandal your sandals should look like this gorgeous enough to wear straightaway or when you get to your holiday destination

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  1. Pls can you list out the material you used to design that flower on the shoe an the machine love the video and again I hope the design won't wipe off? Pls do reply thank you

  2. Thanks for this video! I cant wait to do this! These sandels are becoming very expensive so this idea is perfect for a young mom on a budget like me! =]

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