Sustainable Rothy’s ~ Sneaker & Pointy Flat Review, Styling & Washing ~ No Stinky Feet!

Sustainable Rothy’s ~ Sneaker & Pointy Flat Review, Styling & Washing ~ No Stinky Feet!

[Music] Welcome to The Dress Up Mom. [Music] Hello friends, thank you so much for tuning
in. Today, I’m going to be talking to you about
a shoe brand called Rothys. Now, these are incredibly comfortable, stylish,
100% recycled shoes that I have been wearing now for a couple of years and absolutely adore. I’m going to show you all about them, show
you my recent pair that I just purchased and wash them in the washing machine. But first, thank you so much for watching,
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too. A couple of years ago I was reading the weekend
edition of The Wall Street Journal, the Off-Duty section which I absolutely love, and I find
out about a lot of great new brands there and I heard about Rothys. Now, they have a little column about them
and what caught my eye was the sustainability issue, the fact that the shoes are 100% recycled. So, the top part of the shoe is made out of
old water bottles, plastic water bottles. The soles are made from recycled shoes, so
100% recycled. And then when you are done wearing them and
they are thrown away, they also dispose in the landfills really well, so I thought that
was really cool. But what really caught my eye, was that they
were adorable. They were really cute. I loved the styles, the colors of them. So, I thought I would give them a try and
like I said, I purchased my first pair, which are these. Now, this is their pointy toe flat and it
is–I got this sort of green color which just seems to go with everything that I have. What they do is, they dress up any outfit
that I have. I wear them to work all the time. So, I can wear them and sort of dress up a
skirt and then if I’m wearing jeans or anything they’ll dress something up. But, they are so incredibly comfortable, you
can’t believe it. Whatever this knit that they’re made out
of, it is like wearing a slipper and they’re just so cute. Look at the colors and everything else in
here. I absolutely love them. If you watch my channel or follow me on Instagram,
you’ve seen me wear these all the time. And, they wear super well, look, I’ve been
wearing them for two years, incredible. Now, I have not even washed these in two years,
we’re going to do that today, but (sniffs) I know that’s kind of gross, but they don’t
smell. I don’t wear them with socks or anything
and they don’t smell. I even got my daughter, who is very particular
with her shoes, they have to be really comfortable, they have to be stylish. She loved the sustainability aspect as well. And she bought herself a pair which are–she
got these red ones. The red pointy toe flats. These are pretty new, hers, and she absolutely
loves them too. They look so cute with her dresses and jeans. And we are just huge fans of these shoes. Now, I have to say, I am not sponsored–this
video is not sponsored. I’ve paid full price for all of my Rothys,
just truly love them and want as many people to know about them because they’re just
fantastic. I’ve seen them pop up around social media
a lot lately, but when I first got them, I don’t think a lot of people knew about them
and I’m telling you, I am a huge fan. They recently came out with their newest shoe,
which is the sneaker. Now, this is their white sneaker. So, I didn’t do an unboxing because I wanted
to be able to wear these a little bit and be able to review them for you and talk a
little bit about this white sneaker. I love it. So, the big rea–again, I like the shoe brand,
but the real reason I bought them is because I–whenever I have gotten a pair of sneakers
like this and wear them without socks, they end up smelling. My feet smell, the shoes smell. I know that sounds gross, but I’m guessing
other people have that problem. I’ve worn these now for days at a time,
no, no smelling. I-I-I can’t tell you how comfortable, how
stylish, how fun this sneaker is. I’m going to show you too some of the ways
that I’m wearing them. But you can wear them with dresses, with shorts,
with pants, with jeans and wear them all day long, super comfortable, walk a lot, get back
home and your feet aren’t going to smell at all. Like I mentioned, I have been wearing the
heck out of these and I haven’t washed them or done anything to them in almost two years. But, what I’m going to do today, because
they say on their website, that you can just pop these bad boys right in the washing machine. So, they suggest that–again, you can see
they’re a little bit dirty for sure, definitely can use a washing. The bottom as worn, like I said, really well. But they say to pop out the insole, which
is here’s the insole, pop that out and then just put them in the delicate cycle with a
delicate shampoo or a delicate detergent. Wash them in cold water and then let them
air dry. So, I’m going to do that right now and kind
of walk you through the process, show you the soap that I’m using and all of that
and show them to you afterward. And, we’ll try them on, make sure they haven’t
shrunk, but it’s pretty cool. Okay, here we are at the washing machine and
I am using The Laundress Delicate Wash. This is another incredible brand that I really,
really love, The Laundress. And their Delicate Wash just works on everything. So, let’s just go ahead and put these on
the–I’m going to do them in medium, just so there’s a lot of water. I’m doing them on their own. And then I’m going to put the delicate button
on, get that going and throw in the detergent and then I’ll show you as I’m popping
the shoes in. Taking the insoles out and popping them in. Okay, there they are. They are in their lovely, sudsy bath where
they’re going to get beautifully cleaned and I will show you how they turn out when
I take them out. Okay, the washer is done, so let’s take
a look, let’s see what happened here. All right, ooh, the soles, those came out
beautifully. And here’s the actual shoe. Oh my gosh, they turned out great. They smell really good, I think they look
kind of brand new here. Let’s look at the other one. This is so cool. I probably should have done it a lot sooner,
because they really turned out beautiful. Really, really nice. Look at this. And they look great, they smell great. So, what I’m going to do now is I’m going
to let these dry, I’ll let them dry overnight, it’s kind of late right now. They don’t feel super, super soggy, but
we’ll let them dry overnight and then I’ll show them to you tomorrow, we’ll try them
on and make sure they didn’t shrink, I don’t think they did. And, yay! Super excited. Okay, so it’s the next morning and the Rothys
are drying and they’re looking really good, but they’re still a little bit wet. So, I would say it definitely takes a little
while for these to dry, but they look good. They smell good. While we’re waiting, I thought that I would
tell you a little bit more about the white sneaker and I’m also going to show you some
of the ways that I’m styling them, which I love. So, this thing, let me show you, here’s
the cushion that comes in this one and whatever this fabric is in here, this is literally
like you are walking on air. I cannot tell you how comfortable these shoes
are, they’re like walking on air. This part that’s made out of the recycled
water bottles is super comfortable, it doesn’t scratch, it doesn’t do anything. You could wear these all day long without
any kind of a problem. And, I got the white ones because I thought
they were really cool and would go with everything and I liked the coloring that they had on
them. And, now that I know how well they wash, this
is going to be fantastic. So, I am a big fan of these and my pointy
flats. Highly recommend. [Music] Here they are. It’s been about 24 hours, a little bit less,
and they are dry and looking brand new. I just–you know, you just pop these little
insoles in and out. I took them out while they were drying which
is the way to go. And you put it back in there and I think they
look brand new, they smell great because they smell like my Laundress shampoo that I used. I’ll be doing this a lot more often. So, now I’m going to try them on, make sure
they did not shrink at all and that they still fit really well. And, the verdict is, yes, they are perfect. They’re back to being just perfect. So, I absolutely am very thrilled with how
this turned out. [Music] Well, that is it my friends, the revolutionary
Rothys. These shoes are amazing and I’m hoping there’s
a lot more like these out there. You also feel good because you really are
doing something good for the planet. But, stylish, comfortable, washable, just
fantastic. I would like to know if you wear Rothys and
what your thoughts are. Or, if you decide to go get a pair, what you
think of them. Thank you so much for watching, I really appreciate
it. Until next time, have fun and dress it up
a little. [Music]

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  1. I read that if you put a femine hygenie pad in your shoes , they’ll dry super fast. I love pointy shoes, these look gorgeous.

  2. I own multiple pairs of Tieks. Another super comfy flat. After seeing your video, and others, I'm DEFINITELY going to purchase a pointy Rothys!! Is there a special website?? I like the point leopards!

  3. Such a great video! These shoes are my new faves! If you want $20 off your first order, click this link!

  4. have you washed your white ones? i love the idea of washable white sneakers to keep them white, but wonder how white they stay even after a wash? i know i can't expect them to stay bright white forever even if they're washable, but i still hope!

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