SXSW Pitch! 2019 Winner – Miro AI – Sports & Performance

SXSW Pitch! 2019 Winner – Miro AI – Sports & Performance

Welcome to the stage – Taylor From Miro My co-founders & I met in the McDonald’s System Building Computer Vision & Data Tools used by Millions of Consumers Big Macs are Big Business – 25B per year But we wanted to work on something even bigger… Running – 250M Athletes cross the finish line in 5Ks, 10Ks & Marathons every year. and whether it’s running shoes, fitness trackers or Spotify premium, they contribute to a 120B market. We moved from that market size and found The brands are absolutely old school They’re using clipboards & surveys to understand this consumer. With MIRO, they can get this data & more in seconds. Here’s how it works – Thousands of photos, hours of video are taken at every race. MIRO has built AI to process that media, identify participants & their preferences. Things like shoe brand & clothing brand for every runner. Things like fitness trackers & headphones for every single runner. Our brand partners – they love us. In under 2 years, we analysed more than 3M athletes across 450 events. But it’s not just about brands. We’ve partnered with medical angels & a set of clinics to deliver first-of-it’s-kind, frictionless gait & form analysis AI. This allows our runners to train better, avoid injury & achieve peak performance in their races. What’s next for us? We’re going in-store. Working with retailing partners in sporting goods to help them better understand their customers. We’re MIRO & we deliver AI to transform the running industry. Thank you.

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