The $19 LED Shoes

The $19 LED Shoes

Whoa! These actually are sick let me try a heel clip. I still can’t do it a heel click hey what’s up guys Keaton here so you guys probably remember LED or like light up shoes. Some of you guys might even still wear em’ like your boy over here, but if you’ve ever seen light-up shoes that look like yeezy’s, and can change colors it’s lit, literally. So yeah guys these right here are $19 LED looking yeezy shoes, if you guys want to check them out, links down below and you guys know how this works as soon as I make my video they usually see it they increase the price so make sure you have my notifications on so you guys can buy these at 19 bucks as soon as the video drops. So LED shoes, I’ve been on the hunt for a very long time trying to find you guys some that aren’t like too expensive and too crazy, cuz’ like these are shoes with lights in them you know, you don’t want to be paying $100 for it so for 19 bucks you can pick four different colors I don’t even know how your boys found this. Usually you guys are gonna get if you pick them up you get this box that legit it looks like it’s $19 worth. I don’t know I’ve had a lot of two boxes, this is that, and I drew a Nike symbol on it just to give it a little bit more pizazz I didn’t really do the best job but I got it on this one let me know in the comments you guys think you can draw better Nike logo so this is the box you get. You’re going to get your size depending on like whatever size you are I got 10 and a half and I’m a 13 I think it’ll work I don’t really know my brain is telling me Keaton, you didn’t get the right size but my heart’s telling me dude you’re gonna fit in these shoes you got it you can do it so when you open the box you get these black looking yeezy pair…? I think that’s kind of the best way to describe you got your shoelaces and everything it’s really just shoes in a box and you get your charge cord because these are actually rechargeable light-up shoes kind of sick kind of futuristic guys like legit they’re just shoes so here’s the cool features with it. It’s a shoe, it’s got some shoelaces. If you guys want me to you know show you how to tie your shoe drop a like on this video I got you. On yeezy’s I got this pair right here you got this uh Kanye sent me these green ones myself actually I want to make sure these are real yeezy’s so what I’m going to do is I’m going to tweet my friend yeezy busta’ and just see what he thinks about it yo yeezy busta’ these new yeezy glows are fire sweet just tweeted him, hopefully these are real and if you guys already follow me I’m just at TechSmartt on Twitter go favorite that tweet hopefully he actually responds. Like I said before these are 19 bucks your boy went crazy legit bought every single color just cuz’ like their $19 and they light up I don’t think I could even get shoes for that cheap that also light up even if I went to like Skechers and balled out you couldn’t find them so how these actually work is you got this kind of pocket part here which is where the buton is, that is some tight velcro this pocket part is good protected so this is your switch got this button you just click the button once and my shoes are dead. All right so this is green yellow pear is dead, I’m going to show you guys how to charge em’ so this switch here actually has a microUSB and what’s sweet is the cable that’s included has two micro USB’s, so you just plug that in there and then you get your other one plug it in here charge it up, your charging both shoes at the same time and when they’re charge I dont know why this one wasn’t charged, it’s going to look something like this you just peel back this velcro pocket you hit the button and you can change up all the colors and then when you’re done you need to make sure it’s tough behind here and velcroed up I don’t think these are waterproof I don’t actually know so I don’t think they are for 19 bucks so I want to show you guys all the colors that these shoes can do legit there’s so many but it’s kind of hard to see so I’m going to turn off all the lights, promise me you guys will not get scared I want to show you guys how sick these things are so here’s all you have to do you just got to click this button if I can get it, just click this button and it will cycle through the different colors this is rainbow for $19 this thing is so smart I don’t, I don’t know I really don’t know. Did it again the rainbow kind of goes a little fast you know you have slow rainbow now you got fast rainbow then you just got red I think it’s the color of whatever shoe you have. Just kidding, of course it’s not it’s whatever color you want it to be. It’s dream shoes, it is dream light-up shoes you dream whatever color you want and it’s got it. You got green, pur, I think that’s a purple or a pink. Back to blue you legit just have all these colors and now they’re all flashing any color you can think of, they’re on the shoe and all you have to do is hit this button and you’ll get it. You guys know I got big feet which means I need big shoes the sizing I don’t really know how fast these shoes are going to go you guys just go crazy so buy what ever size is still left, I picked up the biggest one that I could find which is a ten and a half I’m gonna go ahead and try these on. Oh my wait, am I actually a size 13 anymore these just fit on like a glove, not actually has some toe room I make like tech videos and now we’re talking about shoes. They don’t call me Kobe for nothing [slam it, pass er’ up!] I don’t know but I actually like can [mumle] step in these shoes they don’t feel too tight or anything this velcro part is pretty annoying, so you just got to make sure this is just velcroed down all the way and just like that I hit the light and just like that we got some $19 LED shoes that fit I don’t even know how, I can, I promise you I’m a size 13 I’m not just lying to make myself feel good these things are legit oh, these things are legit awesome. So yeah guys that’s pretty much it for these awesome light-up shoes I don’t know how these are $19 thank you so much sir ghosts and matt for having my notifications on if you guys want a notification shout-out turn them on let me know the comments that’s how you guys are going to get these at $19 seriously get subscribed if you’re new and tweet me at techsmartt if you guys find anything else weird like this, I’m going to go kick it now, peace. So yeah, at the dog park just cuz you want to get a dog and you want to know what it’s like, go get it. I really want a dog so bad

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  1. My dads friend was the one who envebted the led shoes out when he gave it to a company in China they stole it from him and he didn't make any money for it 🙁

  2. my school has no problem with kids wearing these but when my real air force special field mid dont have a nike logo on the side they freak out, and say im poor for buying fake shoes… if you didnt know af1 sd mid dont have the nike logo except for a print inside of a box, and on the strap, and the rest are on the inside and on the side and bottom of the sole. That shoes how retarded the kids my school are, they also called my gucci belt fake because it said gucci but it wasnt the double g or snake, it was a feline belt btw. so yeah my school is basically a bunch of retards

  3. Literally I got them from my brother
    Same pair

    Wanted to wear them to school but honestly the comment section made me not want to lol

  4. The comments are hysterical. You've got serious issues if you are afraid of getting 'made fun of' 😂 you know how childish that sounds? No one cares that your shoes light up? You need to hang out with better people if they are honestly worried so much about your shoes

  5. They have new better ones that are high tops and they light up on the top part too. They are called skechers energy lights ultra

  6. Puberty is comin’ on strong in you huh!
    Is this the new cool now in Fuckwit America.
    Good luck with the depression man, I don’t mean now! That’s coming’ too! 😟

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