The 3 Tips to Fixing Heel Pain in Kids

The 3 Tips to Fixing Heel Pain in Kids

– Hi guys! Andrea here: owner and senior
podiatrist at AC Podiatry. Look, today what I want
to talk to you about is heel pain in kids. Okay. Preseason has started for soccer. A lot of kids are still playing basketball and will come back to it
in January and February, after the break, and what
we’re seeing is that a lot of these kids are presenting
to the clinic with a really painful heel. So that’s pain in the back of their heel and in a lot of cases,
it’s so bad that they are limping or hobbling off the court. Three kids that I’ve just
seen in the last week have been having this particular problem. It’s a real blight, and
it’s really hard to see, especially as a parent
because it’s your job to try and help fix the kids and to
protect them and then help them do what they want to do. But we try different things
and it doesn’t seem to matter. Well, today, what I want to
do is I want to do is share with you just basically three basic simple tips that you can use to help your
kids get over their heel pain. Keep them playing, keep
them doing the things that they love doing and
just basically having fun. So, let’s get to it. Okay, I
know we’re all time poor. So the first thing we’re going
to talk about is footwear. So what are we exactly
looking for in footwear? Let me grab it. So the first thing we’re
looking for in footwear is specifically what we
term, the drop. Okay? So, the drop refers to
the back of the shoe to the front of the shoe.
What you’ll generally find is most of the kids that
are having problems now are children that are
playing footy, soccer. Those sports where it’s, we’re
going into football boots and football boots and
soccer boots are very flat. They’re very low, there’s no
drop in them whatsoever. And a lot of kids, especially
if they’re semi-serious about their sport, their jumping into it and then they’ve gone from doing not very much to now training two or three times a week. So if you then wear a
shoe that has a low drop, okay, you’re going to stretch the Achilles which is going to put stress
on the back of the heel. So by putting them in a
nice plush cushioned shoe that allows the foot to be pointed, you’re going to take the pressure off. So footwear is the number one
thing you need to look for looking specifically for something that has a drop from back to front. Okay? Number 2. The heel raise. The
fantastic heel raise, okay? So this heel raise, you can
get them from pharmacies. You can obviously get
them from someone like me, a podiatrist, physiotherapist, doctor. But what this does, is this
little heel raise tucks inside a shoe. So especially in a
footy foot, or a soccer foot, where there’s absolutely
as I said before, no drop, wearing this little thing
inside the shoe can be enough to point the foot. Take the stress of the heel
and make a massive difference. Now if you combine this with the shoe that we were talking about before, the one with a nice drop,
you are 80 percent on the way to fixing your child’s pain and getting them back on board. Now, the final tip involves kinesio tape, or rock tape. Now I’m actually going
to post a link to a video that shows you how to tape specifically for children’s heel pain. It can also be used for Achilles pain, but I’ve got a young fella who I coach. On Monday, he came off after five minutes with his boots, a heel
raise, and some rock tape. In only two days, he’s trained 45 minutes. The expectation is,
tomorrow night at training, we’ll get him doing a full session. That is how quickly you can turn around having a child who is
unable to do anything and hobbles off very quickly to be able to do the
activity that they want to do without any pain whatsoever. So just a re-cap: shoe, with the drop. Heel raise, and rock tape
or some type of kinesio tape of which I’ll add the link below. You combine these three
things, and I promise your son or daughter will be
feeling so very much better in a very, very short space and time. And you know what, if they don’t, really look to get some professional help. No child should be running
around in pain. Zip, nada, none. I love treating this condition. I love giving children…. Getting rid of their pain and
giving them their lives back. As parents you do this they’re going to think
you’re their superhero, and they’ll be back doing
everything that they love. Please like, share, ask any questions. But please, take advice
and let’s get those kids running around doing things they love as soon as physically possible. Okay gang, have a great day! See ya!

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