The Knot Sandals Resort Wedding Sandals Resort Review

The Knot Sandals Resort Wedding Sandals Resort Review

Our story isn’t typical or what people would expect …. but it’s ours and to me it’s perfect ten years ago we stood and said words that were written for us today, I’m not simply taking a vow but giving you a vow and a promise with words from my heart Big day, my friend! laughing… this guy ten year anniversay. Marrying the woman I love love of my life, mother of my children, Latoya remarrying her, after ten years she is probably one of the most strongest people I know in so many different ways and she’s really shown me a lot about myself and she pushes me to be a better person Wow… You’re so beautiful ….. you look so handsome laughter Good Afternoon to all of us 10 years is no easy feat through thick and thin you have arrived at this juncture

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