The Most Underrated Sneakers

The Most Underrated Sneakers

Whats going on guys welcome back to the channel its your boy Nelson here with another sneaker video for yall today and in today’s video we are going to be talking about one of the most underrated sneakers on the market place for under $100 that you can wear pretty much every day So if you’re into this sneaker type of content make sure to smash that like button and subscribe to the channel If we hit 1000 likes in today’s video im going to be giving one of you guys $100 So lets jump on into this and check out these shoes Alright so the shoes im talking about are these ones here The classic pharrell williams tennis shoes Now these ones here i got at the Adidas employee store in Toronto Which i got in this video right here that i did with my friend brycekicks and basically these ones here are a little bit different then the regular ones in that these are the Billionaire Boys Club collab Which is kind of funny because Pharrell Williams owns Billionaire Boys Club so he is essentially collabing with himself. on these sneakers which is pretty funny to think of Anyways these ones here are a red white and blue colour way This is essentially a v2 so the difference between this and the v1 is that where the laces go you have this leather patch right here and on the toe box you have this piece of suede right here, its kind of like a added protection Now between the v2 and the v1 they’re both great sneakers but to be honest with you i kind of prefer the v1 as they are more sock like and i think they released better colourways on the v1 But my favourite one overall is this one here the v2 bbc collab When these came out they actually came out as a pack also releasing the NMDs Which i had a pair of those as well which is sold and i used for my how to make money selling shoes on StockX video Which i had those shoes and went through all the steps and sold them on stockx So if you want to see how that works and how this whole StockX platform works for selling, make sure to check out this video right here But anyways enough of that Lets talk about these So the reason why i think that the Pharrell Williams tennis shoes is one of the most underrated sneaker is that its a very comfortable shoe that is very light and they released such cool colorways of these shoes and a lot of them are sitting at outlets right now for really cheap Just to put together with a nice outfit its one of those shoes that you should own a pair Theyre not that expensive They’re not crazy hyped but they look cool and can go with most things This specific colorway right here is actually my most complimented shoe That i have gotten from random people Which is kind of funny because its not a hyped sneaker Ive owned a lot of hyped sneakers like i have had a bunch of jordans and yeezys and i have never had someone compliment shoes as much as these ones right here Which as a sneakerhead its not something thats hyped but people in the public seem to like it Its just a nice clean shoe for great value So thats why i think its really underrated Because there are such nice colorways Like i love the white and green one that looks like the Stan Smith Its part of the v1 collab

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