The Real Reason Fear Factor Was Canceled

The Real Reason Fear Factor Was Canceled

Would you be willing to confront your deepest,
darkest fear for the right price? $50,000, to be exact? That was the promising premise of the original
Fear Factor, a show that demonstrated how some folks will do anything to win a bit of
extra cash. While Fear Factor isn’t a show that anyone
would mistake for Prestige TV, it was certainly entertaining … particularly if you like
watching people eat superworms. “You must consume the five earthworms and
the one superworm. You must chew them. You cannot swallow them whole.” The show originally ran between 2001 and 2006
on NBC before a plunge in ratings led to its cancellation. Then it was unexpectedly brought back to life
in 2011, enticing viewers with the promise of “even bigger stunts.” Unfortunately, one of those stunts was perhaps
a little too out there. In fact, it could safely be labelled “disgusting.” This particular challenge occurred in an episode
titled “Hee Haw! Hee Haw!” … and it’s very likely the reason
Fear Factor was abruptly canceled a second time. The episode never aired in America, and there’s
a very good reason for that. This is some truly nauseating content. The contestants in this case were three sets
of twins — and the challenge involved gulping down a bunch of fluid… which the show coyly
called, quote, “donkey juice.” These were two different bodily fluids — one
yellow, one white — that both came out of a living, breathing, presumably mortified
male donkey. How much of the stuff did they need to swallow? Well, that pesky detail was decided through
an impromptu game of horseshoes. As In Touch Weekly reports, “The number the horseshoe landed on became
the amount of donkey [juice] they had to drink (in ounces).” “Watch out!” “Oooh… Twenty-four ounces.” Impressively, one member of each team did
indeed guzzle down the “donkey juice” and lived to tell the tale. Unfortunately, Fear Factor didn’t fare quite
so well. On January 30th, 2012, Deadline published
a story that strongly suggested the writing was on the wall. On January 31st, 2012, Bob Greenblatt —then
the entertainment chairman of NBC — released a statement to TMZ that read: “I reviewed the episode late last week and
decided it was a segment we should not air.” Perhaps not coincidentally, twin sisters Brynne
and Claire Odioso opened up about their ordeal in an interview with The Cowhead Show on that
exact same day. “Wow, yeah, I’d say it was the hardest fifteen
minutes of my life.” Elsewhere in the interview, the sisters really
get into the nitty-gritty. “Um, if you vomited, you would have to start
over.” “Ohhhhh!” “So what I ended up just doing was just vomiting
in my glass and just drank that.” Later on, one of the Odioso sisters revealed, “The cameramen were vomiting.” By May 2012, it was official. Despite its impressive ratings, Fear Factor
had been cancelled once again. The controversial episode did eventually air
in Denmark in June 2012, but as far as American TV was concerned, Fear Factor was finished. “Whoa, she’s going under!” “My god!” But much like Robert DeNiro’s character at
the end of Cape Fear, Fear Factor simply refused to die. In 2017, the squirm-inducing show returned
from the grave once more – this time on MTV. “My strategy is to just try to be as calm
as possible.” The third incarnation of the show is hosted
by Chris Bridges, otherwise known as Ludacris. The concept remains more or less the same,
but MTV may be playing it a bit safer this time around … not that there’s anything
“safe” about being buried alive in wet cement. Contestants are still giving it their all:
Getting down and dirty with rats, thrashing around with slithering snakes, and enduing…
whatever fresh hell this happens to be. Much like previous versions of Fear Factor,
each episode is divided into three equally upsetting parts. First comes “Beat the Beast,” in which participants
face off with various creepy-crawlies. The next round is “Face Your Fear,” which
finds contestants confronting something that frightens them to their very core. As Ludacris explained to GQ, “We study what they’re really scared of, and
try to cater to their worst fears for what they’re going to do, challenge-wise. It’s not mean-spirited, but it’s fun. And definitely scary.” The “Final Fear” usually involves some intense
physical challenge… and whoever wins “Final Fear” finally gets that $50,000 prize. We gotta say, all these stunts looks positively
peachy when compared to guzzling down several ounces of … you know. It seems for most viewers, the only thing
to fear is Fear Factor itself. “What is that?” “About 300,000 flies.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
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  1. 2:21 But McKamey Manor would be the hardest 10 seconds of their life. Fear Factor cancelled but McKamey Manor still going strong? Seriously??

  2. This was my only favorite reality show since reality shows began. I wish he mentioned which episode had the donkey juice dare.

  3. I believe animal cruelty had something do with this great show getting cancelled! Nowadays Ludacris doesn’t have the touch like Joe Rogan did!

  4. You know all these programs are fake, right? They are all paid actors. The same goes to all reality shows and The X-Factor and all that. Don't believe what you see on TV.

  5. Cement gets incredibly hot in it's liquid state not to mention ab agonizing death by slow suffocation as you take each breath beoming more and more shallow due to the weight not to mention chemical burns and cemente poisoning

  6. There's no question why Fear Factor was canceled for the second time. Joe Rogan has talked about this four different times on his podcast, the last time he talked about it was with Joey Diaz. He said that it was the donkey semen and urine challenge.

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