The Sandals – Theme song from "The Endless Summer"

The Sandals - Theme song from "The Endless Summer"

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  1. Hey guys, love your music … laidback
    I've been having this question for a few decades now. Maybe you can help me out.
    At the end of endless summer 2 right after the scene where laird almost hits a helicopter ("have a little laird-burger"). There is this reminiscing scene with a very mellow/melancholic guitar song playing in the background (right before the 'endless summer theme' that plays with the movie-score), It doesnt't seem to be featured in the soundtrack.
    If anyone could tell me what this track is, I would be insanely gratefull.

  2. Sad to see you go brother. Thank you so very very much. I sometimes play your film all weekend long in the winter hanging around the house. May you foever surf the perfect wave at Cape St Francis with Old King Neptune! 🌊

  3. When the aliens land and say take me to your leader, I'm going to sit them down and make them watch endless summer first.

  4. Had it on my 8 track, played it on the way to Huntington beach Ca. in 66-67-68 and back, life was bitchin then, we would sit and watch the sunset and listen to this song.

  5. Check out The Endless Summer Numbered Book & Box Set – there's a ton of stories behind the epic movie, a remastered DVD of the movie "The Endless Summer" and LOTS of never seen before memorabilia for the collector of surfing history.

  6. I live in the Northern hemiosphere, so every spring/summer I watch/listen to this song.Because it gives me such a feeeling of summer and an endless one 🙂 one the best songs ever. and as a Movie soundtrack : the best !!

  7. I think this song plays in my head every time i paddle out… Hey does anyone know how to get the rights to use this song in a short film? Long shot i know, but i have to ask!

  8. surfing has allways been good to me,been in the water for 40 yrs now,we still have heros like these guy's. i wish our younger generation wouldget that.gerry lopez,rory russell ,greg noll,,fred van dyke,peter cole,pat curren,dale velzy,shaun thomson,mark richard's,robert august,randy lewis,sam &chris hawk tom curren… we are so bless to have surfer's like them.i'm so stoked that" jeff hakman" took sometime to take a picture together of him and i at the surfing hall of fame induction. and the best for last. " the duke" eddie aikua".there's more but you know who they are just don't forget them.

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