The Strats too dangerous for the GTA V Speedrun

The Strats too dangerous for the GTA V Speedrun

Hey, I’m FriendlyBaron and I’ve got a series called Casual versus speedrun where I explained how the speedrun gains time over a casual playthrough And how every technique and trick they used works in this video I’m going to go over the risky strats we know about but don’t use and explain why they may not be used in The mission repossession we shoot the gang member off his motorcycle right away through the fence Allowing the speedrun to immediately begin writing it to the end of the mission This normally takes us on a route left and around the small Vespucci harbor along the main road as seen on the map The risky strategy possible here is to instead head right and jump over the harbor cutting a bit of length and turning off the route The speedrun takes a right turn at this intersection and heads towards the edge of the water as mentioned in previous videos Franklin’s ability doesn’t help motorcycles turn very much, but it does help them do a wheelie So we use that to get the front wheel up and bounce off the fence Fly over the water and land on the dock at the other side if that looks easy to you Here’s me messing it up a couple times Not only is that landing zone very small But getting the front tire up and getting the right bounce with all the curbs leading up to the jump It’s tricky to do consistently that’s how some of these strats are people like set back who found this route go looking for stuff and Something may work every now and then but not really be feasible within the speedrun My barons score for this route is as follows success rate 10% basically everyone in ten tries It works time saved two seconds. That’s right. That’s all it saves If you get it perfectly just two seconds off going left back at the other side Potential time loss 30 seconds if you mess up and fall in the water You have to respawn then shoot the guy off the bike again and run over to his bike It takes ages of time for that early in the speedrun Overall a fatty not worth as my rating for this strat, but it’s fun to know that it exists So next up in polling favors We normally pick up the car with the tow truck by pulling Ford past it Reversing a moment to hook up then take off over these steps that get curved boost which accelerate the truck faster The fancy strat here is to instead slide the truck in from the back for the hook up and just drive away without slowing down As much it feels extremely satisfying but it’s sadly not worth it Traffic on the way back on this road instead of the one we normally take is often much more Congested and filled with cross traffic like this bus This means you have to take a sharper corner later on and you either have to slow down or risk the car being towed Fishtailing all over the road This has a success rate of probably closer than 75% or more Once you practice the slide though, a failed slide can result in more time loss backing up or even getting the cops The time saved is literally zero seconds at best if you do everything perfectly and you don’t get a bus like I did this route Has tighter roads, you still slow down the spin around and you save no time over the current normal stretch Potential time losses on average five seconds, but if you mess up really badly at all You could lose up to a minute like when you get cops or something Over all this – earns a nice not worth rating from me – missions later in complications We normally drive from Simeon dealership up the Michaels houses Franklin and pull up to the front gate to hop over it after hitting a bunch of break loose they get here quickly a new strategy was recently found by bar hack and source where we can take a slightly different route to end up behind Michael’s house and Jump into his backyard with the car instead of climbing over the gate We start out the same but take an early right turn You have to zigzag through the city in order to get to the road we want But luckily there are lots of brake boost here to keep up the speed approaching the jump Hitting to brake boost on the final straight is very important and then fly up and jump out of the car which then smacks us into the back wall safe and sound just Where we need to go to get to the truck to get onto the roof and continue the mission near mission triggers The player is given an invincibility for most damage such as falling So that’s why you are safe to hit the wall at 100 miles per hour To go off the jump again You need to be at speed then get the left side of the car as close as possible to this pole while aiming at this Point on the house so that Franklin lands near the truck and the car flies wide away from you This has a success rate for me so far about 50% some practice with the setup I just mentioned helps but sometimes there is a car in the way like this which ruins the jump Other times something like this happens and you don’t really have control over it This is a newer strat so we may be able to raise that success rate and Maybe find a good backup for when there’s a car blocking us The hardest part for me is forcing myself to jump out early enough My instincts want me to stay in the car for as long as possible The time saved is eight seconds The drive length is basically the same but we skip getting over the gate and running up to the house to the side garage Potential time loss is only 20 seconds usually as if you spook the family with a bad jump you are just respawned in the front Of the house and go over the old way However, if you feel really badly you are sent all the way back the simians which loses 60 seconds Which is basically speedrun ending this early into the game Overall this earns a maybe worth for me if we can jump Successfully around ninety percent of time and not have the really bad fails that send us back to the car dealership You can expect to see myself and other runners start doing this risky backdoor jump This strat is quick Normally when going up the hill in marriage counseling we slow down in order to maintain Contact with the ground to get over the fence at the top if you want to risk it You can go slightly slower and stop on the close side of the fence which still hits the trigger This saves a tiny 1.5 seconds, and I can get it to work ninety percent of time with focus however The time lost is up to 25 seconds because you fall back down the hill and then have to take the slow way back up I rate this a probably worth it’s easy to do and should be repeatable with practice. Just the first few times It’s failed within a run are going to suck You may be noticing a theme that about half of these strats are risky driving routes or crazy jumps and this one fits too Normally on front requests when arriving to the life invader building we simply use the yellow dot to stop us and climb over the wall there is a very risky strap that involves jumping the bike into the air similar to Repossession earlier with the wheelie and then jumping off the bike like complications jump in the area of invincibility at the mission trigger. I Have a success rate of like 5% on this it is super inconsistent It saves only 2.5 seconds as the moment Michael begins to recover from the fall it begins to start the mission Potential time losses 50 seconds if you mess this up you die and go back to the clothing store Well, except for this one time I didn’t die here which was hilarious, but it’s not the norm I rate this absolutely not worth it. It’s too darn risky During case in the jewel store. We usually jump back to the main roof from here However, there is a chance you can save two seconds by jumping from up tops We don’t do that because most of the time you lose two seconds like the following demonstrates a Fan-favorite is the jump onto the water tower Normally I jump to the right and park the ATV next to the ladder using the gun the point Trevor in the right direction You can be risky and jump directly onto the tower with the ATV like this though It’s only a 5 percent success rate or so as getting the speed and angle just right is difficult Plus hoping the ATV doesn’t knock you off when it bounces can be annoying This saves 3 seconds when done with a normal hit and the potential time lost is 5 seconds or so I rate not worth as it’s just unlikely to happen and the consistent jump up to the slide is much better another runner once got very lucky and flowing all the way to the top of the water tower with the ATV just once however There’s a possible new strap where we can use the ladder boost to fly up and float to the top like this This was found the day of me making this video and her car is putting your game down the 60fps Most PC speed runners have around 100 to 120 FPS for smoother and faster gameplay So locking the 60 for the whole run would not be worth this small save and there’s an open discussion on whether we should change The FPS mid run at all if you want to know more about the latter boost a link episode 16 of Kasia for speed run in the description where I made a guide to do it During crystal maze we blow up the house with a grenade throwing it with the quick throw option from the top of the stairs So we have plenty of time to run outside before everything explodes on us There is a slightly faster option like half a second to throw the grenade at the bottom of the stairs But when you do that this often happens when exiting not worth it One of the most iconic strats seen in the GTA 5 speedrun is the blimps trap that happens one hour 40 minutes into the run If you haven’t seen it before we call up the blimp when starting this mission and bring it over to the observatory and jump out into another one of those invincibility zones as Mike Rowe greets Davy just after I Wanted to include this to show how something that seems risky is actually not so bad Before blimp strat was found We would steal a car and drive it up this route to go to the top of a hill the car moves fast But you aren’t going in a straight line and the off-roading kills speed as well No matter vehicles than muscle cars tend to spawn in within the area we need to steal a car at if Super or sports car spawned in we wouldn’t do blimp strat but there’s basically nothing very fast that spawns in the mir park area Back to the blimp. We have created a very robust method for jumping out heading over we half throttle a blimp to keep it at 1120 feet on altimeter when the bottom of the window hits these stairs. We press full throttle and let go of the steering controls So the blimp writes itself horizontal then a moment later at the top edge of the stairs We jump out also having generally aimed the blimp. So the speedometers lined up with the stairs Falling into the davy zone as I call it is a bit random But as long as you don’t go too high, you won’t take much damage at all In fact falling all the way down like this is unlucky, but seeing Michael pop up from the void is worth it So the blimp strata has like a 95% Plus success rate these markers I just went over make it consistent and the fact that it’s moving so slow gives time to ensure you Don’t muck it up the time save is 5 to 20 seconds 5 seconds is the minimum we save over a Theoretical third car but on average you get like a taxi or slow SUV in this area. That’s 20 seconds to save with those The potential time loss on the blimp is in 90 seconds If you die you respawn at the hospital near Michael’s house and have to drive back up unless you make a savefile right before jumping as two new speedrunners might do So I hope that helps explain why the blimp stripe is? Absolutely worth it compared to some of the other time saves that are not worth it in this video also It’s straight up scores a 10 on cool stratz kale In Scouting the port normally when doing the crates we just do the crates. There’s not much to it Besides wiggle boosting the dock handle or a little bit to get it up the speed There is a possible strap where you can push one crate with the other you’ll notice from the choppy video, though This requires lowering your games fps generally to around 20 lowering FPS Mid run is kind of clunky to do similar to the ladder strat mentioned earlier as well the success rate on this pushing is only like 50% from what I’ve seen I can’t get it to work every single time It does save 10 seconds, though Which is quite a bit within this rather on Rails mission if we had a way that have a hotkey to set our games of 20 FPS it’d be worth doing but if we have a Tab out the lower FPS that would negate the time save The potential time loss is only like 2 or 3 seconds If the crate doesn’t push you can just pick it up and drive away normally Overall, I rate this may be worth lots of the small time save shown in this video and like this one haven’t been used much as the game is only just now being optimized where these small saves matter if the rules continue to allow FPS changing mid run this strap will be worth doing as of this video the best strategy we have for this section of I bought the law is to use Franklin’s power to latch onto the side of the port entity for a boost then carry that speed into multiple brake boost after The ideal risky strategy would be to have the orange car push us the whole way out of 50 attempts This one is the best. I got you have to use the power so much of a stay in front Otherwise the pushes are too strong and knock you away So that’s about a 5 percent success rate and I’m guessing to be about 15 seconds of time save Maybe it’s hard to tell Same for the possible time loss at least 15 seconds as well if you get spun or more if it’s a crash Basically, this is really tough and not worth it yet I want to keep practicing this I think next time I’ll mop the game that played a really low speed and then slowly Speed it up to see if I can perfect it for now. It’s not worth it at the end of the play-doh score heist We enter the chicken factory is Michael and perceived into a shootout to the end. They get on the train the risky strategy available Here’s did the shoe got less Franklin He’s got no armor, and these enemies are tuned the spawn in and shoot like the player does have tons of protection So it’s kind of dangerous, but we do get a run much faster It used to be unthinkable that we’d be used Franklin here But both Barack and I have improved enough that it’s likely we will do it soon this is actually burn Ike playing this section for me as he’s better at this shootout if you guys want to watch the person I’m Battling for world record with hit him up at slash hack and be nice smile I’m gonna put the success rate at question mark I’m Guessing that with practice we can now do this every time and benefit from the lack of armor and slow movement But we’ll see the time safe is around 10 seconds, which is significant for only just a minute of gameplay The time loss would be around 60 seconds though If you die the most likely spot that I would be in the end here But I like hacks idea to use the box in this cover heavily usually in the armored suit is Michael We just stand in the open which is a hard habit to break So I rate this is probably worth it learning to do this shoot out as Franklin Near the end of the game on the mission Lamar down Most sensible people drive down this valley to get to the main road below instead of following the twisted paper routes down sometimes I am NOT sensible and takes this huge jump to get down to the mountain instead and Get to carry more speed and take a slightly more direct route This works like 25 percent of the time of the other 75% 50% of that time You just have a bad Lane and then lose a little bit of time and 25% of the time you explode Exploding is bad This can save like two seconds at most you do carry lots more speed but the air time slows you down a bunch The time loss is anywhere from five seconds to 60 seconds, depending on how bad you mess up This is totally not worth it, but it’s fun to do on runs that I am finishing for practice Even if they don’t have a chance of getting the world record Yo, thanks for watching if you dislike this video make sure you don’t subscribe to my channel Otherwise, you will see more videos like this one and that just be terrible I really enjoyed making this sorry for taking last week off the heatwave got to me and I needed a break I’ve been grinding hard on both YouTube and twitch and I’m also learning the san andreas run so I can hopefully begin Streaming and making casualwear speedrun of that soon eventually one day when I’m not too nervous about it

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  1. im really happy with how this video turned out, i've been wanting to make it for awhile but that whole "getting world record" thing delayed me a bit. if you like twitch things i do that here: if you like twitter things i do them here: if you like youtube things, you are already here.

    (if you reply to this comment i will read it but youtube makes it hard to reply to, if you want a reply then add a new comment to the video, not to this pin, thanks!)

  2. In the jewel store setup, you can also go onto the balcony, jump off and as long as you hit the light pole or a tree, then you will survive, if you don’t, that strat could send you back about 15 seconds, but it is a good strat. I found this one out myself because I watched someone jump off in first person and they didn’t die, so then I tried it and I died. So then I thought, hey what if I hit the light pole or a tree? So I tried it and it actually worked!!! I didn’t expect it to work, but it did and I helped myself so a 7hour and 26 minute speed run. For all the other strats I did, I just watched Freindly Baron’s speed was u. Videos, and got that time.

  3. Dude that part when you said it’s okay to get out of the car and let your body fly at 100 mph that just made me think that realistically and laugh.

  4. I used to do the Paleto score with only franklin at the chicken factory because I didn’t want to lose money 🤷🏽‍♂️😅

  5. that last bit
    "If you disliked this video don't subscribe to my channel, otherwise you'll see more videos like this one and that be terrible"
    first person I've ever seen say that

  6. "If you disliked this video, make sure you don't subscribe to my channel otherwise you would see more videos like this one. That would be terrible." – best way to end a video

  7. As someone who does the whole bike stunt stuff, do a back flip then let go mid flip as it will do a auto correct thing. It sends you farther instead of pulling wheel up. It's how people jump on top of high buildings by wheeling into ledges.

  8. Accumula Town music at the end, I like it! 🎶

    P.S. Even though you may be aware; The Clothes shop music in X & Y will drive you nuts, it's incredible! 🤙🏾

  9. I have played through this game 3 times. I used Franklin on The paleto score everytime. Everything else was just way to slow for me. Did not fail once.

  10. 6:55 i was gonna say that i just jumped and parachuted all the way down but i forgot parachutes are added later in the game

  11. Lol, i'm from Brazil, i have watched this a time ago, and today i was seen a brazilian YouTube video, when he mentioned the blimp for "Dead Man Walking" and showed your vídeo after, his name is Funkyblackcat

  12. I’m wondering, is there any discussion about doing tag team speedruns for long games like this? Like if you had one person who was good at shooting and another who was a pro at brake boosting. Even if it wasn’t official it might be cool for a stream idea

  13. don't let the bad campaign distract you from the fact that BO3 had the best AI of any fps campaign. hendricks would actually kill enemies if you were reloading or just not shooting and the enemies never only shot you, they would spread their fire between you and your squad

  14. Short cut for casing the jewelry store: after taking the photos of vents go left on the balcony and hit the palm tree it will reset your fall damage

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