so I was searching the internet and I found that these were supposedly the most comfortable shoes in the world and they're not adidas ultra boost so I had to check them out for myself and see what all the buzz was about wanted to bring you guys my detailed review of the all birds runner so you can see from the box says all birds on it and this is the wool runner really innovative sort of looking box as you can see when you pull it open adds a little bit of a landscape on it and then inside you could see that has we are all birds and then it has two little feets by a city and an arm it's kind of crazy but then these flip open and you can see two shoes inside all right so you could see on this side over here it says introducing the wool runners and then it says designed in New Zealand and it's made from superfine in the merino wool and textile emitted in Italy and then assembled in Korea no socks required for seeing the world not running marathons machine wash on wool cycle and then air dry that it has the all birds thing here and pull it out you can see the shoes inside and then it has a little graphic on the bottom and then it says better shoes in a better way and all birds speaks so now that we have the wool runners out we can take a look at these just so you guys know this is not a paid promo I didn't get paid to wear these shoes I bought these shoes because I was very very curious about them you think most comfortable shoe in the world would you really think of a wool runner I mean for real like this to me was the craziest idea ever and the fact that they were called the most comfortable shoes in the world I'm like get out of here like really I get it if they're going to be the most comfortable for wintertime because obviously wool is really really warm and and traditionally it's not very breathable so I was like I was very skeptical getting these but then I actually I put on a brand new pair of sneakers and I won't name the brand but I had a brand new pair of sneakers and I put them on my feet and they're decent then I got these out of the box and I put them on and I was actually really pleasantly surprised crazy comfortable when you put them on like it's just it's a really free liberating feeling and the whole entire upper is very very minimalistic so the fact that it's all kind of like one piece sewn together on the back section right there but all in all it's like it's one upper and then you have the tongue but it's really quite a comfortable shoe and it definitely reminded me of like the Nike Roshi run so if you had to compare it to a pair of shoes the Roshi Run would be the one that I would probably compare this to if you want something on the business casual side of things and Roshi runs are too athletic then these are a great alternative for those people that work in an office a desk job and whatnot in the city these are something you could wear and walk around in it's not obviously for running necessarily even though it's called a runner but it's a really it's quite a comfortable shoe I have to say I was actually impressed with what we ended up getting so just a little bit of history behind the brand if you guys wanted to know does it all birds is wool from New Zealand and a mill outside of Milan Italy the results are an incredibly comfortable fit which stretches out a bit after a few days so basically this company came from a Kickstarter 2014 it raised over a hundred thousand to company from an ex soccer player named brown because of the success of the Kickstarter brown how to get serious about finding the supply chain and manufacturing these sneakers so after the Kickstarter they raised 2.7 million dollars in venture capital and then their very first sneaker came around and I think 2015 which is this shoe right here the wool runner as we mentioned it's made out of a superfine merino wool upper and the soul is of rubber and foam polymer so the secret to creating the most comfortable shoes you've ever set foot in is harnessing the incredible properties of our planet's natural materials such as New Zealand's superfine merino wool so one of the goals that they had when creating these was to be more contemporary than the chap tailors but more affordable than the common projects so after wearing these for a week I wanted to give you guys a full review of these shoes and let you guys know my thoughts on the wool runners so there's actually quite a bit of pros about the shoe that I wanted to mention first before I get into the cons because there's not too much structure on the upper it really reminds you of something like a Roshi run there's definitely a very free and liberating feeling when you put these on your feet which makes these things actually really good casualwear another plus is you can actually wear these sockless you don't have to wear socks with them and they are quite comfortable I personally think that style of these are actually really nice it's not really geared towards sneakerheads it's more towards just mainstream sort of individuals in the tech space maybe or whatever it might be but it's something that's not necessarily sneakerheads centric it's one of those shoes that are affordable at ninety five dollars for a normal person that might be a lot of money that is buying a pair of the shoes so they'll get the maximum amount of comfort for the price point because the design is so simple there's no pinching or rubbing or anything like that on the shoe it fits pretty well I would recommend you go up a half a size I'm normally a 9.5 I went with a size 10 another plus is the material is really soft unless you're allergic to wool it definitely has an appeal to it because of the softness of the upper however I would say that it gears more towards the wintertime because again of the wool because of the blended material it is pretty lightweight and it is breathable it also wicks moisture away which I thought was kind of interesting obviously it uses sustainable materials like wool and it has a small carbon footprint which is also a big plus if you guys are into that sort of stuff along those same lines they have a sole for souls partnership so the pairs that get returned after 30 days that people don't decide to keep go to Solar souls for donation which i think is pretty cool the last pro on these which is completely different than something like the ultra boost which is this sole anytime you say you have a comfortable sneaker the upper is only half the battle the other part is the sole and the midsole and how is it it's for me this is actually pretty comfortable but it's a different sort of comfort like the ultra boost this is very firm so it's padded on the inside a little bit and you can see the insoles are a little bit fluffy here and that is nice because that adds to the comfort of the shoe but all-in-all the midsole is actually quite firm and it actually works well you don't always need an extra cushy pair of sneakers with the midsole that have too much response in this all right so it's not all sunshine and rainbows with this all birds brand there are some cons and let's go ahead and get into them maybe it's a dumb thing to complain about but I think it's funny that the thing is called all birds and the shoes are made at 100 cent roll so it's kind of like it should be called all wool instead but that's one of the things that that was odd another con is the fact that it's not really a runner they call it a runner and if you actually ran in these you'd have some sore feet because they're not running shoes there's something walk comfortably in I would say but they're not what I would consider a runner this shoe really reminds me more of like a casual dress shoe then a runner in my opinion but you guys be the judge of that one of the other cons is I have to say it does get warm on your feet it says that these are breathable and it wicks moisture away but honestly I wear these on a treadmill for an hour with no socks on my feet were sweaty like there's no way around it they're sweaty and it didn't feel like they're breathing felt hot and sweaty inside of a wool shoe which is exactly what it was so positive thing is when you take your shoe like off and then let your feet dry for a second you put them back in and and they're pretty dry at that point so they do dry really fast but the other part that is odd to me is it says it absorbs odor and I think it's just because of the natural part of what wool offers that it absorbs odor but so maybe your foot might sweat but it might not be smelly I don't really know it just didn't feel very comfortable to me and I know I have other shoes that I could wear with a mesh upper that actually lets the ventilation through and my feet don't get near it sweaty as I did in these when I walk on the treadmill for an hour another thing is they had very limited styles and colors not very many options on the soles and uppers they do have a new slip-on now as well but I definitely like the runner look better than the slip-on one they just didn't have very many colors to choose from obviously if you're allergic to wool these are going to be a big con you don't want to cat tease this is definitely the biggest con of the shoes you can see the pilling on the wool is pretty bad and that's just from wearing it for a week I mean you don't want little floaties like this on your inside your shoe so you can see here the pilling around the collar is pretty bad it's not an ideal sort of thing to have on your shoes I imagine when you wash these it probably pills even more so that is definitely a con and that's just a side effect of having natural ingredients like wool versus like a leather lined shoe that doesn't have that sort of effect that's definitely something to consider about these shoes if you want to have that happen or not if when I mention the most comfortable sneaker in the world you don't think of these you usually think about these the adidas ultra boost because of this crazy pillowy midsole matched with this really breathable mesh primeknit upper these things are definitely a delight to put on your feet if you haven't tried them yet but their price point is pretty expensive one-eighty virtually near half of that and you have something completely different but in a completely different realm of comfort so which is the most comfortable pair of sneakers Atta to the all birds runner or the adidas ultra boost it's pretty much not even fair to compare these because this is obviously a premium running shoe that retails 180 this is a nice attempt to bring a shoe to market at ninety five dollars affordable and you get something that's fairly comfortable but it's not made for all occasions the ultra boost you can actually run in you can actually wear those casually and you can stand in DJ and then like I do for eight hours and still like have like a refreshing feeling on your feet these I think are good but they're and they're worth the ninety five dollars but there's no way near the most comfortable shoe in the world and that's just my two cents leave some comments in the comment section what do you guys think about the all birds wool runners do you guys think these deserve the title of the world's most comfortable shoes or not I personally know that the LG Boost is better for my feet but everybody's feet are different and everybody's pockets are different as well so anyway hope you guys enjoyed this video it's fun to be able to do just something a little bit different for you guys and review something that the other industries have been talking about but I figured I haven't seen anybody in the sneaker community actually pull a review on these yet so I thought it would be fun to give it a try you guys liked that I tried this hit the thumbs up button show you guys support on the video much appreciate it and if you have other future suggestions for videos similar to these or other shoes that you'd like me to give a try leave a comment in the comment section and we will check it out thank you all for watching have a good rest of the day peace guys

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  1. Terrific review! I would have bought but I wear an 11 and they don't make an 11.5. 12 would be too big. Oh well…great looking shoe.

  2. Dude, wool is traditionally breathable.

    Wool was worn in the south in the fucking antebellum period, even in non air conditioned kitchens in the summer.

  3. Runners are not running shoes. Runners are casual athletic shoes such as NMDs. Running shoes are actually for running such as Brooks.

  4. They will only last maybe
    6 month. I've seen many with holes in the toe area and they look crap after wearing for a while because the top stretches and doesn't keep the original shape.

  5. "two little feets" jeez. I'm not one to quickly correct grammar but that's too much. One foot two feet, come on man.

  6. I like how his complaints arenโ€™t really complaints. Heโ€™s really scraping the bottom of the barrel for cons.

  7. I have a pair of allbirds tree runners and I would prefer boosts if you are walking around a lot (like at an amusement park) and allbirds for office work or in school use (excluding physical education)

  8. If allbirds should be called allwools cause there wool then shouldnt puma be made of puma fur ๐Ÿค”

  9. adidas and all birds should do a colab and add boost to the midsole of the all birds whilst fixing all the cons Hes mentioned.

  10. Heads up go up a size even if you think your current shoe is to big. It's the most expensive low quality shoe I've ever bought. They are super soft but I can't speak for long term comfort since the size I ordered was to small in their line. I wanted a black on black shoe, while I did get black on black the wool part of the shoe looks like it had lint all over it and thus didn't look "black". The sole has no traction at all and seems to be a cheap plastic/rubber hybrid. Over priced marketing gimmic shoe. I'd go buy a quality brand from your local shoe store personally

  11. Wool is actually cooler and more breathable than many other materials, which is why it's actually recommended to wear wool socks in the summer. Misperceptions are what keep people from doing so.

  12. The only benefit Iโ€™ve ever felt in Adidas boost is the cheating boost in every step when running. The most comfortable shoes Iโ€™ve ever worn were from Sketchers and UGG.

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