Too $hort’s “Go To Look” was The Nike Cortez | Sneaker Stories

Too $hort’s “Go To Look” was The Nike Cortez | Sneaker Stories

– Well you know I was a
little kid in the 70’s so I’m all the way back to
Chuck Taylor’s and you know, Pro Keds and all that stuff and it was, you know ya mamma buy you a little pair of little canvas shoes or something and you gotta make em
last as long as possible. (hip-hop instrumental) I’ve always been surrounded
by sneaker fanatics. We tend to not call them sneakers though even when they like basketball shoes we call em tennis shoes Regardless it drives people
on the East Coast crazy They’re like, “Tennis shoes? These aren’t for playing tennis”. But that’s just something
that stuck on the West Coast. Some people you know, the
‘sneaker head’ culture, but I still call em tennis shoes. We used to have these shoes that we called naiks with the little swoosh. Later on they started calling em Nikes but we used to call em naiks. We didn’t know how to pronounce it it was just ‘N’ ‘I’ ‘K’
‘E’ so we called em naikes. I want some naiks, it was like, you know. I remember when that was a new thing. I probably have a lot of pictures of me blue, or black or tens of different colors it was the go-to shoe for a long time. That was like my tour, my first tour and like go-to look was just
five-oh-ones, some Cortezes maybe a t-shirt or a sweat
shirt and just hit the streets. Imma tell you how much of
a sneaker head I’m not. I don’t know the name of any shoe, don’t read the side of the box, I don’t know what edition number, if it’s a Jordan or a
regular Nike, I don’t know. My little nephew came
to my closet, and he was ‘Oh you got these Jordans and them Jordan I’m like brah I didn’t even
know those were Jordans like I just thought they
were like black and red shoes I don’t know what they
called, and I found out that I have a nice little Jordan collection, I didn’t know but I do. I just like the colors and the styles and I know, I know what’s
like cornball you know like I’m not gonna get some cornball shoes but also I don’t feel like your
statement is made correctly just because the shoes
cost a lot of money. I personally feel like a lot of people who are only bent on ‘my shoes
gotta cost 800 or 1200, I think some of them end up like, you know, in the clown category where you got these shoes on and clearly we can see you spent a lot of money on em. But, other expensive shoes are like ‘Woah, wait what are those?’ and you like oh you gotta go to the special section in the back of the
store and get the VIP treatment but, I probably have ventured off into you know, some thousand dollar sneakers just because of the way they look. And it might be like, a
certain event or something but I have never bought a
shoe that cost more than $900. I will come somewhere like
I’m out of town right now, I’ll buy a bunch of shoes, then I’ll get ready to pack
my bags and go ‘aww man, everything doesn’t fit’, and I’m like ‘eenie meenie minie moe
you guys are getting left.’ and it be like a nice pair of shoes I just feel like they’ll end up somewhere somebody’ll get em someday but, you know, a lot of people I know would not leave their shoes back. They’d be like ‘ship em to myself, buy another suitcase’ something, stuff the suitcase I don’t know. I’m just like ‘I liked you guys while I had you, hope
you have a nice life’. (hip-hop instrumental)

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  2. i need help i went on the nike website to go get some cortezs and when i clicked on mens it said 9.5 and 8w so does 8w stand for wide cause i have wide feet plz help because i want the forest gump edition. link is here

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