Top 10 Best Selling Shoes Of 2019

Top 10 Best Selling Shoes Of 2019

welcome back to another one of my videos since we are now already past the midpoint of the year I figured I might as well make a list of the best selling shoes of 2019 these shoes were rated on how many of them were sold by popular online sneaker consignments before we start though here are the three subscribers who got into this video if you want to be featured on my next video then all you gotta do is subscribe the Nike Air Max 90 was released in 1990 and is considered to be the second flagship sneaker of the Air Max legacy with the black off-white joints leading the sales and of Mars landing right behind the Air Max 90 is a great shoe to wear casually so it is not a surprise that it is on this list up next are the off-white Nike Air Presto's the Presto sports a minimal design that speaks loudly with its vivid colors which is why it was a popular shoe in 2017 two years later it seems like people are only buying the off-white versions of the shoe the Air Force one Lowe is the first Nike basketball sneaker with air technology and also comes in a mid and high version it is considered to be the most pre sneakers of all time as it was among the best sellers of 2018 as well as this year as the Travis Scott sales being the best seller the egg turn six is Michael Jordan's sixth signature shoe and the shoe MJ wore during his first NBA championship it is highly valued among sneaker heads and it looks great on feet too especially the infrared colorway which is the best-selling Jordan six of the year now here are my most favorite Jordans of all time and it is not a surprise that it's on this list with original colorways such as the Brad's being released this year as a celebration for the shoes 30th anniversary the force with the bread colorway leading in sales are easily one of the best selling shoes of the year the Jordan 11 originally released in 1996 and it's recognizable by its panel leather upper it is considered to be one of the greatest sneakers in history in 2018 Jordan Brand released several different styles of the shoe but the most anticipated version was the air turn 11 Concord which is the best-selling eleventh of the year with Kanye West being as popular as ever and still releasing more shoes with adidas the easy 500 made it into this list easily the shoe features a combination of suede mesh and leather on top of an adiprene midsole although that she was highly judged when it first released the utility black is the most popular one another shoe of Kanye that was highly criticized for looking like a – ooh it's the 700 but it seems like everyone ended up liking it because it is in the top three spots ironically the best-selling colorway is the wave runner which is the one many people hate it when Kanye was first seen wearing the shoes back in 2017 the Air Jordan 1 retro high returns the legendary 1985 silhouette to its most accurate to original shape and height with the help of many collaborations from famous street wear brands like off-white – rappers like Travis Scott and easily as one of the most popular silhouettes on the market today you guys remember the time when it was special to own a pair of bc-350 because of how hard it was to get or see in person now you can practically see anyone wearing a pair of the v2s unsurprisingly the triple white colourway holds the title of the best-selling sneaker of 2019 all right well that would be all for this list like this video if you own at least one of these shoes and comment down below which one you own maybe you can bond with someone who owns the same pair anyways don't forget to rate comment and subscribe and I'll see you guys later

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