Touring Sandals Halcyon Beach in St Lucia.mp4

Touring Sandals Halcyon Beach in St Lucia.mp4

hello good day you’re with Scott from EZTravelPad and today we’re going to take a look at Sandals Halcyon beach in Saint
Lucia or as they say in the island’s Sandals
Halcyon Beach we’re in the lobby and as you can see its very comfortable as all Sandals Resorts
are Sandals is an all adult all couples resort very
romantic it’s geared that direction staff is always extremely friendly you just
you’re not going to get a better staff then what you gonna find a Sandals
Resort there’s a mural that’s painted on the wall
behind main lobby just off the ways is a private
island it is deserted but you can take tours
out there on Friday’s here’s the beach part of the
beach and as you can see it’s not crowded the
pier restaurant is built literally out into the
caribbean your dining over water you can see it rained a little while earlier is the taken in the morning an
hour in Saint Lucia when it rains it rains but it’s usually brief showers here’s
the main pool with a swim-up bar right on the beach in the views for stunning if you’re
fortunate enough to be in a butler level suite this would be your view from
your patio and here’s a little Gazebo where weddings take place on a daily
basis it’s a great option so for more information please get in
contact EZTravelPad I’m here to help

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  1. Went to Sandals Halcyon for our 25th wedding anniversary in June 2012 and had the best week of our lives! People were super friendly and the food was fabulous. One of the most beautiful spots on earth!

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