‘Twas the night before deployment… Defence Team Holiday Message 2019

‘Twas the night before deployment… Defence Team Holiday Message 2019

♪ ‘Twas the night
before deployment and all through the Forces… Sailors, soldiers and aviators
were doing their courses. Learning the skills
to survive and defend. Looking out for their teams
of women and men. Uniforms were hung
by the bed neatly pressed. Prepared they’d be for action,
as soon as they dressed. On ships, on aircraft,
land, sky and sea. Dedicated? Oh yeah!
They are. Completely. When North Bay and NORAD
received an alert, something was flying
under the radar, covert. Planes they were scrambled,
Air Force members so steady. To protect our fair nation
from unknown dangers many. The moonlight reflected
on the new blanket of snow, Defence Team members waited,
from their positions below. CF-18 pilots were watching,
for the threat to appear. But it was a miniature sleigh,
and eight tiny reindeer. The sleigh came down for
landing, so smooth, so quick. The troops knew in a moment,
it must be St. Nick. High op tempo, they thought,
for St. Nick on Christmas Eve: “It’s too bad that for Santa,
there’s no holiday leave.” As sandbags before the spring
floods were stacked high… The gifts on Santa’s sleigh
were packed to the sky. So up to the base,
the reindeer they flew. As fast as a Hornet,
with St. Nicholas too. As the sleigh landed softly
on the roof of HQ, the reindeer and their Captain,
admired the building anew. While security was tight,
St. Nick made it through. He was on a special op,
this fact was true. St. Nick was dressed
in CADPAT, from head to toe, paying homage to the Forces
from to and fro. With a knapsack filled
with maps and spy gear… He filled Defence Team members
with joy and cheer. The military you see,
it’s more than just us. In our civilian teammates
we place great trust. On Facebook and Twitter
and in the Maple Leaf too, Public Affairs informs Santa
and his jolly crew. Through science and mixing
and schematics galore, ADM(S&T) can help
streamline Santa’s chore. With sensors, data, drones
and all types of weather, brilliant minds find ways
to fly Santa better. The stockings were hung
by ADM(MAT), procuring the footwear
to be filled to the max. Doing their duty,
finance keeps the books. Accounting for each penny,
in case Santa looks. Onboard the Calgary, the Moncton,
and the Harry de Wolf… The Asterix, the Ville de Quebec
and the Corner Brook. Although it’s the holidays,
on high seas they set sail. Through hurricanes and floods
the RCN will prevail. To the top of the world!
Those at land, air and sea! Take a pause if you can,
to see friends and family. They sprang to their ships,
their planes, and their tanks. Prepared to defend,
regardless of rank. We heard them exclaim,
as they faded from sight: “Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good night!” ♪ ♪

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  1. This is awesome!! This video has a sense of humor, and most importantly shows the dedication of the CAF. I am so proud of our country!! Merry Christmas, and the happiest of new years!

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