Unboxing Dan Post Boots & SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT | Lisa Guerrero TV

Unboxing Dan Post Boots & SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT | Lisa Guerrero TV

Ookay guys guess where I am this week New
York City so this is different than the normal kind of videos I’ve been doing as
you know um today I’m gonna celebrate a really special week on Friday I have a
song that is available to download that I wrote on a $20 bet and I’m performing
it with Grammy nominee Keith Bern’s of trick pony who co-wrote the song with me
and who’s singing lead and believe it or not I’m singing in the song so I did a
really special video that’s gonna be posting this Friday called the story
behind the song the making of everybody loves to come back which is the name of
the song it’s available to download this Friday but what self-respecting cowgirl
would go around without a good pair of boots so because I’ve been to Nashville
a couple of times and I’m meeting people in the music business one of the great
joys of meeting all these amazing people in country is the Wardrobe that they
wear so I met Greg Hensley from Dan pose boots and he has gifted me two pairs of
boots so I’m gonna open him up we’re gonna unbox this and then I’m gonna try
them on Wow these are black embroidered leather Dan post boots holy cow these
are gorgeous Wow okay let’s try them on let’s do the second pair left side what they are hi brown hot check these
at what oh my goodness I have found my new favorite pair of boots my new
favorite shoes are cowboy boots so now you know I got the boots the boots are
amazing as you saw they fit great as you saw so what did I do in those
boots well I went to Nashville of course and I performed in those boots believe
it or not we shot the video – everybody loves to come back in Nashville and I
also performed some other songs – trick pony hits wearing those boots and what
you’re gonna see next is me on stage singing and dancing in my damn post I mean dancin and singing at my age on
stage and Nashville in front of a live audience so much fun
listen there’s a bunch of things you guys need to do first of all like I said
I’m in New York this week shooting a ton of Inside Edition investigation so
you’re gonna want to make sure to watch Inside Edition starting in September for
our new season launch because I’m gonna have investigations on almost every day
in September so that’s big that’s why I’m in New York but also this week on
Friday my new song everybody loves a comeback comes out on Friday so you can
download it anywhere a portion of the proceeds go to charity folds of Honor
and a journalism scholarship fund for students of color through the
investigative reporters and editors association which on the part of really
proud that we’re giving back a portion of the money for the song to these
wonderful charities so definitely download the song on Friday and watch
Inside Edition on Friday night because they’re doing a story about me making
that song and of course come back here to my YouTube page because you’re gonna
see an entirely new really amazing documentary about the making of this
song everybody loves to come back my thanks to keep ferns and to Dan post
boots and Greg Hensley and everybody who has helped to make everybody loves to
come back possible and especially especially for you for subscribing I
love you guys thank you if you haven’t subscribed please do and now I’m gonna
go have a drink and have fun and dance on tables because I’m in New York City

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  1. Loving it Lisa! make sure to say "Free Wine." LOL. I am joking. I am so happy for you. I will defiantly listen to it Lisa and the music. Have a awesome time, Wish I was there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I really like the boots you got. They were really cool boots. Have An Amazing Time In New York City. Good Luck On Stage This Friday.

  3. Lisaa, you litteraly are my role model. Its so cool how u confront the bad people and stick on to ur question. I want to be like that somedau

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