Unboxing THE ROCK’s Shoes!

Unboxing THE ROCK’s Shoes!

– Today we’ve got our friend
Jonathan Morrison with us. We just did a video on our main channel with a very cool Apple product
that he didn’t know about. We had something else. We wanted to give him
a little bit of a gift and do a little bit of
a review unboxing here. Alright, Lincoln, bring over the boxes. – [Jonathan] Oh boy. (laughing) Oh boy. – Jonathan is an Adidas fan mostly, but we got some interesting shoes here. – Are those The Rock’s shoes? – [Host] Yes! We wanna see what you
thought about these things. – I love The Rock. – Alright, let’s check ’em out. Okay, we’ve got The Rock’s shoes here. We have not opened ’em
and checked ’em out yet. – [Lincoln] Whoa, those are cool! Those are awesome. – I’m sure you like The Rock, right? – I love The Rock. He’s like on my top five
people I’d ever wanna meet and hang out with. – So these are his official shoes. They sold out so quickly. People wanted these. So the only size that we
could get was a size 13. I’m 11. – [The Rock] It doesn’t matter! – We were thinkin’ of
destroying these shoes but. Or we were thinking that
maybe you could just keep ’em, if you wanna put ’em on your wall. – Yeah, I’ll put ’em on the wall. – You’re down. This logo on the back is interesting. – The Brahma Bull. – What is it called? – [Jonathan] That’s his
thing, the Brahma Bull. That’s like his main tattoo. – And then inside of the shoe– – It says blood, sweat, respect, and it has the bull thingy. – He’s in like so many different movies. He had a YouTube channel for a while. I don’t think he’s been
on there for a while. These are cool shoes. And I would imagine these
are good for working out, like that’s probably his big thing. – Yeah, it looks like it’s
fairly flat on the bottom, so I assume yeah. – The bottom is interesting. I’ve not seen a shoe that has
this type of groove to it, where it looks like it’s different panels that they just glued on. It’s an interesting shoe. I don’t know much about it, other than it’s The Rock’s
shoe that we’re givin’ to Jonathan as a present. – Thank you. – Let us know what you
guys think in the comments on this one. And then, Jonathan doesn’t
wear Nike shoes very often, but I know you’re a Michael Jordan guy. These are not Jordans, like I don’t wanna disappoint you. But these are some cool shoes that I saw the other day that I thought
maybe Jonathan could use some of these. These are ones that were also hard to get. – Uh-oh. – And I don’t much
about what, here you go. These are called, yeah, pull ’em all out. – [Jonathan] Oh wow. – These are sweet shoes. I don’t know, they’re kind of weird. I thought they were really
ugly when I saw them at first. But the thing about these that I like is that they have the Nike React in ’em, which is the latest technology. I think it’s Nike’s
counterpunch to Adidas Boost. Once they saw– – Yeah, I have a pair of Nike Reacts, and they’re really nice. – Adidas Boost is comfortable. That’s what Lincoln’s wearing right now. He’s got some, the Boost. Yeah, try ’em out and see. It’s cool because the inside
of these have cork in it, and so it makes it feel even softer. But, and then the top, it’s see through and really really thin material. These are some of the lightest
shoes that I’ve ever held. That’s the thing about Nike React, they’re really really light, they’re really responsive,
and really soft, they say like you’re walking on clouds. – I mean they’re kinda close. Boost.
– Really? – Yeah, I mean, it’s not like, like there’s definitely a little bit of– – The top is really weird. Are you wearin’ dark socks? – [Jonathan] I’m wearing dark socks. – Yeah, that’s pretty weird. This is the Nike React Element 87. They’re pretty rare. When they, I think the reason why people have been dyin’ to get these
is because they look like if Supreme made a Nike shoe, like they’re kinda like
the Supreme colors, and those are the cool
thing right now, so. – Thank you, man. So cool. – Yeah, you’re welcome. So there you go. There’s a shoe review by Jonathan. And if you go to his YouTube channel, we’re gonna link one of his videos that shows the shoe wall
that he has in his office that is really a cool idea. But I don’t, I didn’t
see any Nikes on there. – There was one. There’s the KDs. – KD what? – You do have some KDs. – The new ones.
– 11s? – Yeah.
– There ya go. Shoe unboxing with Jonathan Morrison. – [Jonathan] Thank you so much. – (laughing) You’re welcome.

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  1. Shoutout to the people too poor to buy a pair of the Rock's shoes. Also, I think they look awesome, it's a shame this wasn't a giveaway because that was my size

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