‘Venom Man’ Lets Deadliest Snakes Bite Him

‘Venom Man’ Lets Deadliest Snakes Bite Him

TIM FRIEDE: I will not stop doing this until the vaccine is in the field, or I die. 00:15
COMM: Over the last 16 years without a real lab or funding Tim Friede has set himself
the mission of developing a vaccine against some of the world’s deadliest venomous snakes,
using himself as a human guinea pig. 00:30
TIM FRIEDE: Black Mamba. You can never ever have a bad day, and that’s why my focus
is so strong and so intense. Because if you do have a bad day, do your math wrong, your
injections are off; you get bit – you are done, that’s it. 00:45
TIM FRIEDE: Two bites. Nice. 00:48
COMM: It’s an obsession that has cost him his marriage and could cost him his life. 00:53
BETH FRIEDE: Me and the kids never came in first, sometimes not even second. 00:56
TIM FRIEDE: Everything has taken a back seat to it. I wish I was not selfish with it. 01:01
TIM FRIEDE: Thanks for watching. 01:05
COMM: Today Tim plans to take consecutive bites from 2 deadly venomous snakes to prove
the strength of his immune system. 01:14
TIM FRIEDE: You have not put me under any problems. Everything I am doing is on my own.
I am signing off on it. If I die, bury me. Piece of cake. 01:27
TIM FRIEDE: Black Mamba. 01:38
TIM FRIEDE: PNG Taipan. 01:43
TIM FRIEDE: You can already see the swelling and more blood than usual. I love it. I love
it. Love it. 01:59
TIM FRIEDE: Arms are killing me right now. I mean it’s a throbbing sensation. It’s
just boom, boom, boom, boom. 02:09
TIM FRIEDE: It has been 20 minutes since I have taken a black mamba bite and a taipan
bite back to back, and I feel great. Minus the swelling which is extreme. Right now I
am the only person in the world that can do what you just saw. I don’t think there’s
anybody that’s gonna meet a black bite and taipan bite back to back. Let alone either
one of them. And I don’t say that arrogantly, I say it confidently. 02:36
COMM: At his home in Wisconsin, Tim has been injecting himself with controlled doses of
venom over the last 16 years to build up an immunity to snake bites. He hopes his experiments
in self-immunisation will lead to the development of a vaccine. And he has been sharing his
results with a scientist who specialises in immunology. 02:56
TIM FRIEDE: My relationship is with Dr. Brain Hanley. I don’t have a degree so it’s
nice to have someone that does to represent the cause academia wise. 03:06
BRAIN HANLEY: I tend to like people who get out and do something hard against the odds.
The more I found out, the more interesting he was. Here’s a guy with a high school
education, who self-taught himself some pretty sophisticated immunology and microbiology. 03:19
TIM FRIEDE: It’s as simple as this, if you are in Africa, whatever country you are in
with let’s say mambas, and you take a controlled dose of venom through time and dilute it down,
and you work your way up to a certain amount of venom to create a tighter level for antibodies,
IGG. You can walk out of your hut, get bit, go back to work and not die. It’s as simple
as that. 03:42
BRAIN HANLEY: A good scientist doesn’t argue with empirical results. Arguing with Tim’s
results it’s like arguing with the sky being blue. It needs work but it’s real, and it
fits what we know about immunology. There is no conflict there. 03:54
TIM FRIEDE: Dr. Hanley and I hope we can take what I do and publish it and have other physicians,
clinicians take it out to the world to self-immunise other people in the world. Anywhere in the
world where people die from snake bites, that’s the number one goal. 04:07
BRAIN HANLEY: Doing without a lab or funding, there are definitely limits to that. Things
like this, you know, you work on it, you work on it, you work on it, you work on it, and
then maybe the right people will see it, and it will catch fire, you never know. I’d
like to help him accomplish that. 04:24
COMM: But Tim’s experiments haven’t been without great personal cost. One injection
of monocle cobra venom caused necrosis in his leg, and he had to self-amputate the muscle.
And that’s not all. 04:38
TIM FRIEDE: I made a big mistake back in 2011 and took 2 cobra bites; took one fine, took
another one, and flat lined ICUE. Because it was so bad it’s really cool to be at
this stage and beat that scary thing. Big mistake, but sometimes when you make those
mistakes you have to come back, and get through them, and do this, which was the best thing
that ever happened. 05:04
TIM FRIEDE: What’s up, buddy? 05:06
COMM: Perhaps the biggest cost has been the breakup of his marriage, and the damage to
his relationship with his family. 05:12
BETH FRIEDE: You ever feel like though you pushed too hard? 05:14
TIM FRIEDE: Oh yeah. I pushed hardly hard. I pushed myself to death, literally. 05:19
BETH FRIEDE: You also pushed your family away. 05:21
TIM FRIEDE: I did. But that’s 3 people versus millions, and millions, and millions, and
millions. 05:26
BETH FRIEDE: I know you want to save lives, and I understand that, and I know that’s
your priority. I always wished though that we came before the snakes. 05:35
TIM FRIEDE: I wish it did too. 05:36
COMM: Despite the risks and what it’s cost him, Tim doesn’t plan on stopping. 05:42
TIM FRIEDE: Everything will be worth it if we can develop a vaccine ‘cause people will
be saved. And that’s the reason I approve it and that’s the reason I do it.

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  1. I have no words, but appreciate this mysterious phenomenon of our immune system. How he tolerates the pain from deadliest snake bites is not clear, but it surely illustrates how adaptive human body can be.

  2. Could he survive a king cobra bite? Or Russel cobra bite? And i have a doubt, i think he removed their venom and letting them bite him…

  3. You have to hand it to him. He is a bigger dumbass than most. Natural selection will take care of him soon. Only problem with having a technology based civilization that has all these amazingly wonderful medical advances is that it keeps the human bloodline so below par. I’m a big believer in the real reason we have historical highs in all these diseases and certain genetic disabilities is simply because we allow all these bad genetic traits to continue to reproduce and put those traits in to the bloodline. If we had to live in nature all these things would naturally go away or the numbers would be much lower anyways because the ppl with these issues wouldn’t survive to reproduce. Like near and far sidedness. In nature most animals don’t have that problem and if they do they are called blind and for animals that rely on sight won’t live cuz they won’t be able to find food or avoid predators. Etc etc etc. just my personal theory. Never heard anyone say it but that don’t mean it’s not true.

  4. Some "clans" in rainforests do this but first with one drop, then two and continue to make themeelves also immune to the venom.

  5. Im sorry sir im in Africa yes we have a lot of wildlife but we are extremely good at civilization im watching this with fibre

  6. Taipan and black mamba bite at the same time?not milked then a small drop injected, just a bite from both.crazy.mutha.fucka.

  7. Very rare people can get bite by snake.
    You need build immune from malaria by malaria mosquito bits you.

    Btw he is too masculine. Feminist would hate him so bad.

  8. His poor son listening to him just being 'one of three people as opposed to millions'. ugh. Even looking at them sit on the couch – he takes up half of it and leaves the other two to squish together. He is arrogant.

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