Vince Camuto Strappy Heeled Sandals – Kestal on QVC

Vince Camuto Strappy Heeled Sandals - Kestal on QVC

to spend our Wednesday actually I got to spend part of my day at Vince Camuto headquarters in New York City and let me tell you from the stunning views to the gorgeous models to the amazing designs it was so much fun well we have not one but two Vince Camuto shoes in the show what I already showed you as a shoe view that's coming up at the end of my hour together my two hours with you but this beauty look at this this is brand-new today and that is a symphony on the foot nothing I'm going to bring it out because you know we move quick can she shopping got to make sure we have enough time for everything and by the way all over New York I will wear my Vince Camuto shoes that day so for the only day this month we're presenting them on five easy payments this is my buddy Bethany Lori who is the expert and the force behind Vince Camuto clothes and shoes they all ship for free and this one is brand-new I call it a first-timer and we were saying buy it now wear now wear it year out right I think this one you'll get so much wear out of because you have that covered count the heel counter it really makes it super transitional so five through 12 including half sizes through 10 and here your colors and by the way it's all about the block heel and that block heel is not going anywhere it's actually getting bigger for 2020 and that's about a three inch but it really feels like last season so it's more like that two and a half inch sweet spot that I know you're gonna love so here comes black only day this month presented on air on five easy payments right now I'm gonna put my hand in this many but I might switch into black in a second when we journal gorgeous models then we have our moon be there's no stones don't those fun names so cute a light gray and look at all that Brady and guess what it has to be done by hand thank you and then here comes moon Beach okay there's thank you they have this great like bohemian feel that braiding detail and all the strap eNOS gives you the coverage so if you're somebody that you know maybe doesn't want your foot completely exposed when you go to work when you go to religious services it gives you that coverage but it still has that great transitional look and that little peekaboo with all of the strap eNOS going on and then the braiding kind of alternates between the straps you can see and then how it comes down around the vamp look at how cool that is it just has a beautiful look to it on the foot and all that least kind of strap eNOS gives you that a little bit of sass and then that heel is a really great size block heel look at the real estate on the bottom and I love that we've wrapped it in that nubuck suede so that it has such a rich look ships for free as all Vince Camuto does brand-new take a look at this in the black look at that isn't that gorgeous so I just put it on in the black I mean yes I on Facebook I walk around with two different shoes why not two different colors but you know there is moon Beach and then there's black and look how beautiful that is on the foot I love this B because it's gonna kind of open everything up and elongate everything but I've not seen a sandal like this all year long and I know what happens when you guys see something new from Vince Camuto that's so fresh and exciting and new this is a first-timer and only J this month presented on five easy payments so that means end of the day the five easy payments are gone maybe reverting back to three but you know why not get it now when you're spending under a dollar a day right it's such a great like you know sometimes a strappy shoe is not very easy to keep on your foot like your toe peeks out or if their heel is open this is a shoe that really gives you that coverage but it holds the shoe in place so you get that great strappy look but you get the ease of having the heel covered to zip up the back so it's easy to slip on and then you know what I'll switch to I'll put my hands on so that we can go that's right you're the seven that's right perfect the sample sizes I always say that's the only reason Jocelyn all I got to do she's shopping with Jamie because I'm the right size and I could wear all the samples that we stock so you have on the Stones Throw which is that beautiful soft gray I've got on classic black and I love the fact that it's almost like that naked leather like the leather is cut mm-hmm and so it looks really cool but then some of them are braided and then you're in moon beach so that great kind of natural neutral kind of feel that it will just kind of elongate your legs okay this heel feels literally like I'm barely on any hearing Oh crazy good right you have three inches but completely supported by that block heel that is not skimpy and it's really if those thin heels that make you feel wobbly right it's super stable there is a nice chunky heel to it and heel shapes and sizes are really all the rage right now so this is such a perfect shoe to wear right now and I think you'll get a ton of wear out of it well we have a family wedding this summer and I had a pair of shoes picked out to go with my dress that I own and then my sister was at the venue it's at Valley Forge Park which is beautiful and ahead you can't wear spiked heels you're gonna be right inking into the ground and I'm like okay that'll be me you know like Calamity Jane so now all the girls are looking at our family for really great shoes to wear that have not just a wedge but also a block heel because even with this you wouldn't sink into the ground sorry I'm in black Jocelyn is wearing the Stones Throw which is that soft grey which is now getting limited and Miss Bethany is rocking the moon Beach however a by the way I just got back from the beach and the moon was on the water every single night I was there so beautiful okay here's the thing you guys we have another vince camuto coming up that is a Rock'em Sock'em robot crazy price so get ready for that and the second half of shoe shopping with Jane and I'll see you guys right now okay so years ago you guys said to me Jane I love shoe shopping but you're always all about the Comfort can you bring us something

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