Wading Fishing the Flats for Trout and Snook in Jensen Beach Florida

Wading Fishing the Flats for Trout and Snook in Jensen Beach Florida

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  1. Just got back from fishin the dock lights in the Jupiter Inlet and even though the snook were not eating what i was throwing out, there was probably 10-20 snook from about 5 – 6 pounds at each light just swimming around including a few "mogans" that were at least 20-30 pounds! So thats a good sign for project snook!

  2. Blair Wiggins is awesome. Awe Jensen? I never catch anything there lol, course i dont have a boat. Tried wade fishing , nada.

  3. @AddictiveFishing You're right, of course, I catch the show on TV as well, but I am shocked MORE anglers don't watch. I think a they would be more productive in the salt if they watched your show- their loss! Thanks again for sharing these videos on Youtube!

  4. few things feel as great as a fish on the hook. that hit! looking into the abyss and its tug-n back at ya.

  5. @RaggedHawk 4000 is a bit large for smaller inshore species. I would go with a 2500 or 3500 Sabalos reel. They are light enough to cast artificials all day.

  6. Dude. all of your vidoes are great.

    I especially like the gear it right section of the shows. I would like to hear a little more scenarios though. Like, today, the water is X, so we are going to bla. Love all of your videos, im subscribed.

  7. @winkawak The 4000 Sabalos reel is the workhorse of the line. It will work fine in any fishing situation. Just make sure it is balanced with the rod you purchase.

  8. @AddictiveFishing
    will the ugly stik bigwater 8' rod be good for it?
    sorry if im double posting on ur video
    wanted some advice fast thanks in advance!

  9. @CSsalwater I now use the new Minn Kota I-pilot – handheld GPS remote control trolling motor. The spot lock is incredible. No need for an anchor anymore.

  10. What flat are you fishing in Stuart? It looks like you're near the Stuart causeway from the video but can't tell. Definitely want to hit this area, looks like a great area to fish.

  11. @Drewzer04 your right about the causeway. they look to be just north of bird island. which is on the west side of the river..

  12. hey blair….you have to come out to Pelican Harbor in Miami….monster trout out there…..check out some of the pictures on my kayak club "south florida kayak fishing club"…22"-24" trouts…nice and fat…check it out…

  13. hey Blair, i fish in Port Mansfield, Tx flats Can you give me any ideas on some lures for reds and trout?

  14. Are Snook usually found in the flats at Indian/Banana River in Cape Canaveral? I know the Drums are. Would love to wade the Jensen Beach Inlets for Snook and Tarpon. Hooked my first Snook and landed him at Jetty Park last friday mornin' at 2 AM on the D.O.A. Tough Guy/314 Silver Glitter…man what a feelin', fight, drag screamin' and pretty fish. First fish caught on that lure to. And yes of course he was released back in and would not let go of my thumb for nothin'. I go by the FFR to the T!

  15. …you can tell your fishin' in the hot, muggy, sweaty, humid summer with the way those clouds look in the sky.

  16. captain blair ………. you shold go wading on the flats more often and ps your awesome can you do a vid of you castnetting

  17. hey cap @Addictive Fishing i have a bunch of those bait busters, but i have a question why the hook its free of the lure when the fish is on,?? i look mine and not to easy free the hook maybe an old model? thanks for your time

  18. Was water brown tide at that time to? Looked like it. Nice Snook and Trout. And “fall in the water” by captain Greg Snyder.

  19. What is the fishing like in February and March. I am an avid striper fisherman using my fly rod wading the Massachusetts shore. I'd be doing ice fishing in the winter. Not fun. We will be staying on Jensen Beach. Thoughts on what's running and where that time of year? Are there any snook around then. They are a favorite from summer fishing on Sanibel.

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