Currently at sneaker con right now, and I got a hundred bucks I want to go around to the tables and see what we can buy for $100 and show people that not everything is seven million dollars on the tables Some of the prices are really outrageous, but hopefully we can find something for 100 bucks Okay, so first you want to look for shoes that aren’t laced up that will because if they’re not laced up that well that means They’re probably not worth nothing. If they’re not plastic wrap. That means they’re probably not worth nothing So those are the type of tables you want to look for and then usually the shoes that are at the top of the rows Those are the expensive shoes So what I always want to do is look at the bottom of the rows and those are the cheap shoes And from there you start negotiating So I’m looking for man shoes only no kids shoes cuz I know you can find cashews for 100 bucks But I’m a size 13 and I know the prices going down a little bit So I think I might be able to find something something’s got to be out here Anything I can get for a higher but not today that’s a day tomorrow. We gotta keep looking hundred bucks. Here we go None of this is $100 I can take it out right now Ten bucks. What? Can I get? Nothing here my man Yeah, yeah, do you have anything under or around $100 What can I get for 100 It’s a black-and-white Oh Right there are that stink on so far we’ll have to pass on this one I got a house over here. Everything looked pretty weak. So there Was a hundred fifty snow and Hills been $150 for these right here, bro What can I get for you a factory This is the key shoe see I say you calling it like a kid shoe hanging on me to pity but I Can’t do it for the case. You must be better of companies Jersey Jersey is on me. Is it a memo boy? Oh boy For those that I appreciate Jersey new shorts, that’s a good selection over there. I found some shoes And shadow be Kershner for designing these like I love you bro, but this was not the one You get these were – 4000 – now it’s like a mouse key breathe max I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. So witness College announced be free max Something like that has good Janowski on the top three on the bottom with the max on the fact We didn’t put a boat anybody else. We’re gonna have to keep it pushin offence. Ality. That’s not the one either Welcome to the DNA show. What’s your name? But in the Bay Area, my name is Dustin How many pairs of you like 150 200 Anything under 100 bucks But to Hunter buns please is slightly words 150 boats are here Man I’m gonna have to pass on it, you know, I thought they were both for a lot more than what they are I’m a rocker, but I definitely can get them But I do like crazy So I heard I heard That they got a table over here at the pigs kicks, and they said to everything on the table was 100 bucks or lower So this might be the jackpot that we was looking for We’re gonna go over here and check it out and we gonna see if it’s true Yeah, so this is like the holy table that you can gaze on the throne right here Everywhere else Let’s go see what they got massage so I got a cool selection everything looks like it’s used but I think out of your school Five thirteen hundred bucks. That’s not bad. I’m glad that’s not bad what he’s go for now Other bugs This right here is like a steal like this is like back in the day you find something like this for a hundred bucks or under all of us priced at 20 bucks. That’s a steal Sorry thought other teachers At one point there was hidden for like five there was tax Yeah, this is cool So as of right now as I can see he’s a big ski This is looking like the spot to be you might want to check out their website because I feel like they might be the place Online in locally as these amazed because everybody else is taxi Heavily, so I think you found something. I don’t know if I’m by anything You see anything you like? Kind of just I like kind of rockers. We kind of got all this stuff already So it’s kind of hard to just chop the cake But we wanted to show you guys that there are stuff that you can find for 100 bucks out of sneaker con So don’t be discouraged and that goes to the mint and barely have enough money You can definitely make it get some type of shoes. You should be able to find something at these events It’s gonna be tough. You might had to do some negotiating

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  2. Good to know… it seems like the average person could not afford a nice pair of kicks at the event.

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