What I Wore ~ Holiday Looks ~ Ep. 48

What I Wore ~ Holiday Looks ~ Ep. 48

Hello dear friends and happy, happy new year. I am coming to you with another edition of
my What I Wore series where I show you outfits that I pulled together recently that incorporate
vintage and resale finds, I really hope you like them. [Music] Welcome to The Dress Up Mom. [Music] It is Friday night, we’re going to go out
and get a couple of beers, yay! I’ve been looking forward to it all week. I have on this cashmere turtleneck that I
got at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club Resale Shop. It’s this cable knit, it’s in such great
shape, it feels so lovely this time of year, it’s a wonderful layering piece for me. This is a beautiful necklace, starburst coin
that my Aunt gave me, it’s very special to me and I love wearing it. I’ve got my Kimono on, this is one of my
favorite ones, a vintage one that I got from ReLove in San Francisco. Look at the inside lining, which I think is
really pretty this kind of time of year. And then check out the back, the fireworks! I love it! These jeans are from Everlane and I never
buy new jeans, but I’ve been hearing these great things about them. I don’t have a pair of skinny, cigarette
type ones, I was looking for kind of an Audrey look with these and I’ve been really impressed
with the fit of them. They have just enough stretch in this denim
to wear–it fits nicely, but not too much. So, I’ve been wearing them for a couple
of days, they haven’t stretched out too much. I think they lift up just the right amount
and I’ve been very happy with them, I think they’ll be a staple for me here in the fall
and winter. And then my new Rothy’s, these are the Merino
wool ones, it’s in the shadow color. I love this color, it’s like a dark, dark,
dark grey and it’s their blend of Merino wool with their sustainable fabric, so it
feels lovely, I’ll be able to wash them. They are the most comfortable, cozy shoes
for right now. So, heading out. [chimes] Today, I am on the beautiful campus of UCSD,
right in my backyard where we are going to see a play at the La Jolla Playhouse. It is cold finally in San Diego and I get
to wear this beautiful vintage cape that I picked up in Julian in a place called The
Old Well, a vintage shop. Now, this is super old, and it is Scottish,
it has these great buttons on it as well as it’s just so fun and lined and I love the
colors that are in it. I have it just with this turtleneck that I
got resale, a cashmere turtleneck that I thrifted at a place in Rancho Santa Fe, the Garden
Shop, uh, Resale Shop there which is wonderful. These pants are from the Hospice Resale in
Encinitas and then my Artemis Design little booties here, the animal print that I consider
to be a neutral. I think it adds just kind of a fun pop to
this whole ensemble. I’m also wearing my grandfather’s watch
that still works. It was a stopwatch that he had and I just
put it on a nice gold chain and I love wearing this instead of a watch and I think it kind
of adds to the outfit. Here’s the whole back of it. Love it. It is a blustery kind of rainy night here
in Sand Diego, but Doug and I are going out and I thought I would brighten things up a
little bit with this amazing vintage Oscar de la Renta jacket. Now, if you can see this, it is a gold kind
of a feeling to it, I also wearing that I’m wearing kind of gold foiled Christmas wrap. I bring it out around the holidays all the
time, I absolutely love it. It has a matching pair of pants and sometimes
I’ll wear them together for a real statement, or I love to separate them like I am tonight. I have them just paired with these cigarette
jeans that from Everlane that I just love and then these Chelsea boots are from a resale
shop, a men’s resale shop. They’re from England, they’re leather,
I’ve had them for years. I think it kind of gives it a little bit of
a rocker vibe almost like this and it’s kind of a look and I love it. I feel really like I’m going to have a great
time in this outfit tonight. [chimes] Tonight, Doug and I are going to my work holiday
party which is a Roaring 20s theme and we’re supposed to dress a little 20s. I already own everything that I’m wearing
and this is sort of my low key take on that, because I didn’t want to do the whole flapper
dress. Starting off with this turban headband that
is from Jennafer Grace locally that I’m wearing in the headband style. This gorgeous vintage top I got at the Rancho
Santa Fe Garden Club Resale Shop there and it is so beautiful. The beading is in pristine condition, silk
lined, super old from Marshall Fields and it fit me perfectly as soon as I took the
shoulder pads off it fit me perfectly, I didn’t have to do anything to it. Now the pants, I normally don’t buy anything
that’s brand new, but if I do, I go to locally owned boutiques. These I picked up at Chateau Bel Age here,
Valerie the owner, great taste, carries some really unique, fun pieces and I love how it
looks like it is a skirt sometimes if I go together, or pants. I just think it’s super fun and has a little
20s feel to it as well. These shoes are ancient, they were my mom’s
back in the 80s and 70s and I loved them. She kept them in great shape, so she gave
them to me many, many years ago and I always bust them out when it is a fun occasion like
this. So, we are heading out, going to have some
fun. [chimes] Hi. It’s kind of cold today in San Diego, so
I’m bundled up. I have this turban headband from Jennafer
Grace that’s keeping my ears and head kind of warm. And this is a turtleneck that I bought in
Nantucket at the Hospital Thrift Store there, I got it for so little. It’s cashmere, it’s Land’s End, it’s
kind of big and oversized and super, super comfy. These beads were from my mom’s collection,
they were something when I went through her jewelry. And then this jacket is fantastic, it’s
a Prada jacket that I’ve had for many years, it’s wool, it’s a wonderful layering piece. This belt here is super special because it’s
from 1984, one of the very first things my husband bought me. It was new at the time, now it’s vintage. And then this bag is from a great brand called
Sword & Plough, they make everything out of repurposed Army and Navy surplus, so military
surplus goods. Please look, everything, including the chain,
the leather, this nice fabric here, this is all made out of repurposed goods from the
military and I love it. I love the size and the shape and everything
of it. What this is, is actually a dress. So, I’m showing that you can take a nice
long dress, especially if it’s a thin one, and layer it to look like a skirt. This is the signature dress from here in San
Diego Chateau Bel Age and it’s a wonderful dress, but today I’m wearing it like a skirt. And then I have my Rothy’s here just to
give it more of a casual and kind of a street look. I’m quite warm and cozy, but I think looking
kind of cool too. So, that’s what we’re doing. [chimes] That is it for this time my friends. Thank you so much for tuning in, I really
appreciate it. I would love to know your feedback and comments
on the outfits, you can just put that in the comments below. Until next time have fun and dress it up a

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  1. Love all your outfits but particularlly LOVE outfit #5…. I have a signature dress from Chateau Bel Age and have not thought to use it in this way—so thanks for the inspiration!

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