What is Heel Pain & How Do I Treat it?

What is Heel Pain & How Do I Treat it?

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  1. I just purchased a pair from heel that pain .com and so far so go my feet feels great I can walk longer without foot pain at first they felt awkward you have to get use to them but now after walking in them for a couple of weeks my feet feel much better and also if you have slippers with cushion in them it helps to keeps you off the ground I would recommend them

  2. Thanks for the video I have a foot spur in my left foot from standing on my feet working many jobs sometimes I can’t even walk hope this works for me I just ordered can’t wait now I can go back to doing my morning walks

  3. Can someone help me? Ok so i got this also last may and now it has started again, every single step I take my right heel is hurting very much but when i step in the internal rotation I can't feel the pain almost at all, My hobbies are gymnastics and dance and now it even hurts when i stand or sit (i dont know how it went last year away it just did)

  4. I did a flip on to my sisters king size bed and my heel hit the toy bin and i have basketball practice tomorrow and a game tuesday and im trying to figure out the fastest way to get rid of this pain it hurts really bad someone please help me😟

  5. I'm pretty sure I have planter fasciitis. For years I've had jobs and still to this day, work at a job, where I am on my feet the whole shift, except of course break time. Also have been quite the regular walker. Don't always wear the best shoes. I work a job that requires slip resistant work shoes and hard to find those in good supportive form.. they are awful. I need inserts or some thing. I have dull heel pain most bothersome on left foot. Right foot is not as bad. on the left foot; ball of my foot right on the fascia band, calcaneus and Achilles Tendon are all sore as we speak.

  6. I was played by football, one the play started, I took off in an awkward position and fell too the ground. I could barely walk on my right ankle. Every time I walked, I feel pain in my Achilles and my hamstring, and this injury never happened to me ever.

  7. very informative (visually) on how it looks inside and under the foot when foot walks! most do not show those bands under the foot connecting to toes but only show the main fascia band . Heel spurs was illustrated well too.

  8. Im 13 and broke my growingplate about 4 weeks ago. And today the doctors said I could walk again. I can Semi walk right now with my crushes. But I feel pain in my heel evreything I step on that foot. Is this normal?

  9. I bought these and although they do help, they have not "healed" my foot pain, my issue may be completely different then yours so I would recommend trying these as the cost is low and the offer a money back guarantee

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