What is it buried a foot in the ground?

What is it buried a foot in the ground?

cross century there's no fire pit over there that's one of them ceramic coated ones right yes – here huh yeah 80 80 – what if that's a box here's the deal for this special episode you help me get that target out of the ground regardless of what it is I'm gonna buy you dinner well welcome everybody here we go myself and Dame are back where I was the other day and I found that old camping area and we pulled some coins out of the ground today is gonna be a very similar approach where we're gonna follow the path in peruse each side massage massage usually I'm tickling you'll be the massager I like that and we'll make our way up to the cellar hole maybe dig some relics and then orbit down it sounds perfect nice little quick dig and who knows what we'll find along the way it sounds good so essentially if you missed it the other day this is a piece of property that goes back to the early 1700s up to current public access recreation area so the fine range is wide open cross century let's do it got a knock then picks up 87 88 Wolfe oh yeah I wanna one of those Oh No it's got a gear on it does it oh yeah it does I have no idea then in the pouch so walking around here you come across pockets like this just loaded with stuff and right here I got this signal pretty loud kind of hard to oh and i've dug one of these before and i have no idea what it is flange like and doesn't look terribly old but it's always interesting to see what you find in the ground let's check this area some more Memorial penny and all that stinking mess 1997 so we're rican verging you went up into the woods and perfect spot for a home site up there or camping I found led through the ages yeah pull-tab bullet City yes so we're gonna do is we're gonna keep following a trail for probably another couple hundred feet and then when they head into the woods which would have been the field in front of the colonial home and make our way up to the cellar hall perfect so once we get off this trail quiet down a bit what do you think folks 78 I'm gonna can began I think they really compacted it for me it's very nice of them right thank you alright so this is what Dame and I are switching into the woods this is the front end of the old colonial farm going up to the house we stopped here because it's very flat there's an old fire pit over there and I don't know what that trench is but we're thinking it's another old camp situation so we'll swing our way through a couple of random surface finds that's one of them ceramic coated ones right that's interesting because we're not that close to where the house was yet I'm actually seeing other things on the ground shut up camper debris yeah something was here folded lead oh yeah it's like chimney flashing thickness I think we're sitting on an old cabin site I think so too there's enough iron in the ground yeah for sure I just tripped over something and pull it out together is that like a massive like oil yeah yeah so ever seen kerosene heater yep the the element goes around there and oh yeah hunting zone swing around look with some weedy excitement not that I'm insulting the hunters I love hunters I love fresh game meat yes – er huh yeah super imitation grape soda Bev rich orange and Bev rich grape Wow that that kind of cracks me up because it's not even grape soda it's a supa imitation grape soda King size to boot almost shelf worthy right you notice I didn't bring my backpack so it's supposed to be a light hike right mm-hmm well I know exactly where they are and we will be here again and next time I'm gonna carry those three out super imitation super imitation yeah I just looked up your cans 1950s yeah I'm surprised they're in that good of shape sitting through what 60 something winters yeah and they're still looking good right all right well we're dame is up there we're now reappropriation and again because this place was settled too late there could be anything we've found stuff literally from a 250-year window in here 80-82 the pile of rocks lets Appling I wonder why it sounds so good under a massive pile of rocks do you enjoy that 63 where we're just walking around the barn here and there is leaf springs half a plow and tons more on the ground tons more yeah it's tough picking huh it is get a really big discriminatory yeah squeaky well this is probably gonna be my last target we're having a nice day out here but we're well I kind of just walking around and talk in and join the good weather and this site is just tough Gold gotta be and buried when they were digging the left all right I'm on top of it I just can't tell if it's right it's big actually I can hear you working on it but it doesn't sound like an axe or something that scrapie sound now that is over a foot down what if that's a box we are in the corner of the cellar hole it doesn't look like a tool no and it it's perfectly flat it's like thumpy what do think you want to go hog-wild digging with me for five minutes then we'll go get Chinese food okay that's a deal cuz I'm thirsty is a market problem there make you a deal for this special episode you helped me you got you got all kinds of crud on the I'm sure the audience appreciated that sorry man before you got distracted here's the deal for this special episode you helped me get that target out of the ground regardless of what it is I'm gonna buy you dinner getting my shovel if it's a box of coins I'll buy you dinner all weekend long that sounds perfect whatever it is I'm under it is easy enough oh so you're just hungry that's right there oh what's that round thing hey Cohen yeah George wouldn't stop nice notice how he's completely doing this now it's not a tool he's got general guy was on the brain that routes that route sucks let me think about this here at the bottom of a pan it's like a cast-iron cast-iron plate and that's what maybe sitting more than a foot deep the corner of a cellar hole because the blowing of a skillet but not dinner yes well that's it we're gonna go it was a good fun day of just exploring this area again it was kind of cool flying where another cabin was absolutely that and and those cans from the 50s looking good enough for the shelf next time we come out and bringing my pack taking them out yeah cuz I like old cans yeah I know you do alright we're off to get to D 13s I think that's the one yeah spicy non spicy that's right mmm burn me burn me see y'all soon until next time enjoy or not Thursday Oh No

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  1. You were sure gettin' the lead out and harvesting can-slaw Charlie & Dame. I so wanted that to be a time capsule there at the last for you guys, but sometimes it's just a cast iron pan bottom day. Keep tickling those lips and massaging those shoulders…ha ha ha…'cause you know you feel good when you do. Still, no matter what you do or don't find out there, I still have a grand time watching. Just remember, no matter where you go, there you are! LFOD Hope you enjoyed your Chinese food. Have a great day!

  2. About a month back i was at a site i found, not on any maps.The oldest i have found is an 1862 map. I found remnants of an old cabin.The most Identifiable object has been a 1800 Large cent.I found something similar it was flat, i got a little excited.I dug around is was a square object, i thought box.I got it out it was about a 150 yr old flat shovel about 1 feet deep, laying flat..Went from excited to why did i send all this time digging this junk.. Anyway really enjoy your Videos, Keep em coming..

  3. Pretty cool as usual. As a long time collector of beer and soda cans, I appreciate it when you show the old cans you come across. I was figuring mid to late 50's on those, really good colors on them still. They are about 10 years older than I am and appear to be in better shape!

  4. Guys I was hoping for a big box full of vintage cigars! Great move Charlie on getting Dame to finish that holeπŸ˜‚ Hope Chinese food was excellent and you washed it down with two grape sodas! See ya on next NTπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. Dame, you deserved that dinner. People that don't detect don't know how difficult it can be to extract a target. It surprises me how you can get your butt kicked by a 12" deep hole.

  6. A "Compact Stealth Shack Grunt Sack" might be good to have in the pack for a plethora of chunky finds, otherwise left behind, DC. ;-)) Still, it's good to be in a place where "discrimination" isn't considered a topic of outrage. Fairly simple, dig iron, or not. Is there a significance to the standing stone by Dame at 10:36 ? Just thinkin'…

  7. Greatt episode! Bev-Rich!! The cans are well preserved because the beverage once contained therein was also a great metal preservative! Bev-Rich Super Imitation Grape flavored Rust Oleum! πŸ˜‰

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