What Not to Forget to Pack for Colorado (This Summer)

What Not to Forget to Pack for Colorado (This Summer)

when you visit Colorado this summer
there are certain packing items that you need to remember you are going to be
doing outdoor adventures in all kinds of weather so I have made a list what not
to forget when you visit Colorado this summer our family had a reunion in
Silverthorne Colorado and that’s one exit before Breckenridge so we rented a
home and there are some things that I forgot so I thought I would help you my
viewers and tell you what you should not forget when you visit Colorado thank you
for visiting my Lauriepop channel my name is Laurie and I create YouTube
videos about all kinds of ideas that pop into my head and we are an airline
family this time we traveled to Colorado so hopefully these tips will help you
let’s pop into my video the number one thing to not forget when you visit
Colorado is some kind of shoe that can get dirty like I wore these on the
airplane and I recommend that you have something with more of a base on your
shoe something that can get wet because for outdoor adventures and for the rainy
weather in the summer or early spring and late summer in Colorado you might
have some wet terrain to deal with I also recommend booties instead of
cowboy boots because it’s in the summer and I think booties just give you that
country-western feel without the heat of a cowboy boot keeping the heat in your
legs and wearing socks and everything in the summer for outdoor adventures that
will sometimes get you wet I recommend a sandal or a flip-flop that can be worn
in the rain or if you’re kayaking doing some kind of outdoor adventure
now these maril sandals are several years old so I will link some that are
similar but Merrill’s are really good because they have a shock absorber
something in the heel of their sandals and their shoes and they do give you
quite a bit of arch support now I wouldn’t go hiking in this kind of a
sandal or maybe at Eva but they’re fantastic for outdoor water adventures
or just scooting around town where might want to I don’t know picnic on the
bank of a rushing river after you’ve had a lovely outdoor lunch with no humidity
and no bugs some kind of sandal like this especially
if it has the toe that’s gonna give you the extra support and relief for your
feet versus flip-flops one of our outdoor adventures was kayaking and I
highly recommend a skort like this I will link this one below it is Navy but
the picture that I’ve linked below I think is a turquoise so you can really
see the detail of this skirt it’s got a rounded bottom like this which I think
is flattering and allows you to bend your legs and stuff without the skort
going up so high I guess it has hidden shorts like all skorts do zippered
pockets and I love how thin but not see-through the wicking material is and
this back is very elastic II so that’s great
for vacation dieting I also love the length of this it goes like three inches
past my fingertips and I am 5/8 I was in Stein Mart the other day and they had a
ton of sports most of them were golf oriented or looking you can look at it
and say oh that’s a golf scored but some of them were very cute with really cute
drapey pockets when you visit Colorado this summer you may start your outdoor
adventure in the morning or late at night and for that I highly recommend
taking a fleece it’s thin enough and thinking of it’s not a coat but in some
of the summer nights you are going to have temperatures in the 40s and this is
just a lightweight addition especially if you roll it up in your backpack it
can be used on the plane as well summer temperatures in Colorado can be cool at
night and really cool in the morning but if you rent a house during the day the
house has heated up and at night you’re a little cool when you go to bed
especially because rental homes do not have air conditioning but they might
have a fan or something so the room is kind of warm at night so you need
pajamas pajamas yes but do not forget pajamas that are like cool at night when
the house is kind of warm but pajama bottoms or
leggings or a fleece that you can put on in the morning when you wake up and you
want to sit out on the deck or just walk around the house to sit out on the deck
and look at the beautiful Rocky Mountains and drink your coffee it’s so
wonderful but anyway be prepared for cold weather in the morning or at night
outside when you pack your liquids bag for visiting Colorado I highly recommend
these little disk containers to take really thick lotion the lotion that we
took was this diabetic by gold bond I don’t know why it’s for diabetics but it
is so thick and with these little containers you’re saving space in your
liquids bag and this lotion is super super super thick now I also took a
little tube like a travel tube of a vino for like just throwing it on some lotion
in the afternoon like halfway through the day and I trashed that at the rental
home because I hadn’t used it all in our week while we were visiting Colorado I
also keep like Vaseline if I’m going to a beach location but because it’s thick
but I don’t recommend bringing your moisturizer because that’s like your
facial moisturizer because that’s a little more liquidy and that is going to
leak but if you use a super thick lotion in these you’ll save space and you’ll
have some really good moisture in the dry air in Colorados I also recommend
these eye drops their individual vials of preservative free eye drops for dry
eye and my eye doctor who did my LASIK surgery suggested that I use the
preservative free ones because they are much healthier for your eyes and you
just twist off the little lid and then you have enough liquid for like two days
or three days so I would take like two for your trip and just throw them in
your liquid bag all the while saving space when you visit colorado do not
forget a foundation or a CC cream that has an SPF in it I will link an article
below by the Denver Post where they talk about how intense the ultraviolet rays
are when you are at a really high atlitudes and the Rockies are at least
9,000 feet above sea level if you were visiting Colorado where they have
insects I can highly highly recommend this Sunsect I’ll link it below on Amazon
we took this to Costa Rica and it has an SPF of 15 but after two hours on the
beach I did not get burned at all it was created for the military when they’re in
the swampy locations with intense Sun and needing insect repellent it comes
highly recommended and I recommend it as well and these both fit in your liquids
bag also with the ultraviolet rays now that I’m 46 I already have to wear
polarized sunglasses so don’t forget these they are not the same as the
ultraviolet rays 400 stuff that you see on the less expensive sunglasses
sunglasses so I highly recommend polarized I’ll leave some below that these
that I found on Amazon I’ll link them below because you’re gonna be going on outdoor
water adventures I highly recommend a cell phone waterproof case if we had
taken this on our kayaking trip I would have felt a whole lot better when you
sign on to go on a kayaking trip or stand-up paddleboarding your company
that you rent your kayak from is going to put an emergency number inside the
kayak well we didn’t take ours because I didn’t want to get my phone wet but as
we had some preteens who were doing stand-up paddleboarding and if we were
gonna have to jump out of the boat I didn’t want to lose my cellphone I wish
I would have remembered to take this case
this is something we’ve thought of during our kayaking trip do not forget
to take a disposable camera one that you can just throw in your pocket when
you’re hiking or while you’re kayaking and they’re disposable and you the
little windup con they also make waterproof ones so that’s something else
to not forget when you visit Colorado I forgot a brush so don’t forget to brush
my husband forgot a hat so we went down to the local Silverthorne Ace Hardware a
type store which was local and bought a hat but it was like 20 something dollars
so don’t forget a hat when you rent a home or a condo you will probably have
access to a hot tub do not forget a swimsuit I didn’t
my swimsuit because I thought oh I won’t get in a hot tub but I ended up really
wanting to get in it and I got in it with my skort that I showed you
earlier when you get home from hiking your stuff like that in Colorado you’re
gonna want to put on your swimsuit and jump into the well slide into the hot
tub it’s just different doing it in the summer but it still cools you off and
then at night you’re gonna have 50 degree weather 40 degree weather and
it’s gonna be great I would not get in the hot tub I know it’s sad but I won’t
get in the hot tub if it’s super cold outside because it’s just painfully cold
to me but I really wish I would have had it at night in the hot tub during the
summer when you go on a hike during your visit to Colorado do not forget a water
bottle with the squishy thing around it now my brother is making a video because
I could not remember to take a picture while we were on vacation of this water
bottle and the thing that goes around it he is wearing a wig just so you know but
it is a water bottle that’s insulated like regular and then the thing that is
squishy that goes around the water bottle is fantastic for helping you be
hands-free and for your hands not sweating and my niece wore the fanny
pack hahaha I didn’t have to I said no thanks I wore enough in the 80s but she
wore the wraparound fanny pack one for her water bottles and that is completely
hands-free for your hike so I highly recommend this I will link it also below
on Amazon if it will help you one of the most important things to not forget if
you are renting a home or a place with the kitchen in Colorado is ziplock
baggies you just need to bring like five from your house for snacks but
especially for leftovers for storing them in your refrigerator
we use an empty Dorito bag to store chicken breast in the fridge because we
did not remember our Ziploc baggie so just a creative idea and easy to store
in your suitcase let me know below in the comments section where you are
visiting in Colorado and please let me know if there’s one more thing that you
think we should not forget to take when we visit Colorado thank you so much for
popping over

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  1. My mom lived in Colorado when my dad was in the army. And they didn’t have all us kids. I wish she would have moved back there when the got divorced. She always said how pretty it was. But none of the seven of us got to see it. Maybe someday I will get to go.

  2. You also want lip balm with SPF! When we rented a condo in CA a few years back we took disposable dish cloths that have soap in them. We could do 2 sinks of dishes with each. We had 2 adults and two kids with 2 to 3 meals a day. It was a great save? Have you tried the Gold Bond neck cream? Another channel I watch is amazing for antiaging skincare. She got amazing results with that neck cream.

  3. Me n my sis in law had altitude sickness last when we visted Coloroda this time we will stay hydrated loll🗻🍹

  4. Where can i get a pair of those black and white slip-ons in this video? Just discovered your channel and enjoying your content 🙂

  5. Great tips!!! Thank you so much! We are leaving tomorrow night to Winter Park, CO! This will help me so much! My first trip to Colorado and now I feel I will be better prepared! Thank you so much and God bless! Great video!

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