Who is Money Kicks? Dubai's Billionaire Teenager Taking Over Sneaker YouTube | Full Size Run

Who is Money Kicks? Dubai's Billionaire Teenager Taking Over Sneaker YouTube | Full Size Run

what if everyone I'm rich maids Lopez I'm Brenda done news that are soulcollector I'm at wealthy editor complex sneakers and this is a very special edition of full size run show with a very special guest with us today Atilla people yeah I'm Rockville haha aka Monica khk a money kicks is in the building today infamous youtuber infamous on instagram and missus new culture but to figure out just why you're that big how big are we talking how many YouTube subscribers do you have I have 1.1 million in two years yeah Wow and an RG an IG 1 minute so you're like 2 million strong yeah yeah so let's take it from the beginning right you're originally from Dubai tell us a little bit about that about your upbringing in Dubai yeah I did a lot of videos about Dubai and tells me a lot like you know everybody wants to know what suppose that's how I started just actually like showing like we have a forms and I started my youtube channel like bringing the people in my sneaker room were you into sneakers before your first youtube video my friend I was just gave me a Chicago one if you guys remember the retro they released like 2015 I think so I wanted to knew it was fake cuz I don't know anything all sneakers like this you don't don't have laces so I was checking on them I saw these youtubers I was like ok let me do some like I want to do something like that the moment that I think I everyone kind of you know first notice you this is sneaker YouTube girls is when you brought Wiz Khalifa in shape into your sneaker closet or room or whatever was and you had him say that you know he wouldn't wear yeah so the Kanye me some young young I don't care like I just like to have fun you know at the time I think 13 or 14 I knew it was gonna go well I was young I didn't understand I knew it was gonna go crazy and just uploaded the video I remember encompassed posted it I was young my god going to my father you know so like it was crazy like that's my first hit video yeah you can say that how many stickers do you have in your like collision you can see five hundred fifty by fifty two years what's the most you ever spent like either on one pair of sneakers or like your biggest like sneaker purchase like the big ones I have and what could or like gifted from me like I have that Christmas trees I have the Nicki Minaj Jordan one way Nicki Minaj it's a sample yeah only six in the world I don't even know what those are but yeah they're like think they are on the lek she wore that though she did the Jordan Brand class so I have that I have Paul Pogba his that he was the most expensive soccer player yeah give me game won't shoot someone offered me 20 yeah like a game or two yeah well but surely you spend money you spent big money I mean I spent what's an expensive sneaker that you've purchased I think that I'd Octobers those like four to five kids have you spent a lot of money on a pair of sneakers and ended up with a pair of fakes ever no I never faced the Guinness Book of World Records are you in the Guinness Book of World Records I'm gonna I'm good if I know I'm just really focused in business you know I just like we want to know I'm not into that too much buying medicine now opening a sneaker store to buy with Fat Joe no no yeah we just did your thing now we're getting a location we're gonna be the craziest sneaker we go shopping do boy we say you hang out with celebrities a lot how does that happen how do you link up with we've seen with Floyd Mayweather we've seen with Pusha T give her your friends with Fat Joe apparently how does this happen like some of the agents who booked in the LaCrosse they want to come there they're asking about you okay if I'm free you're free yeah I have to do my stuff you know yeah you've seen you with the supreme wrapped car we've seen you with a car that looks like it easy explain this to me maybe I'm just too old maybe I'm just too poor but I don't understand I don't understand this at all like the LV supreme I was in France and I was thinking about the idea like a head video thought about the head if you want to do a YouTube channel you know so I did the I was I was thinking I was in the jacuzzi I was just in the jacuzzi I'm not gonna lie I was I'm so bored and in France I just like it's chilly yeah how did you come up with this concept just just thought about it just I'm gonna I just send it to my friends company yeah like do a 3d print and you did it I did it I want it I want to watch you drive a car no I know no no I know how to drive as I can't drive to buy straight in the desert if I take you to the desert ok ok there's always a lot of controversy that we see about kids your age young getting startup money from their family and getting in that way and they say you know that oh he's not a real sneakerheads and he's just here because his mommy and daddy have a lot of money what do you say about that so you can't blame anybody who's a kid who's rich that's why I see a lot of sudden sneaker youtubers he cannot just blame them like they grow up you know like the family worked hard thank my family my father I remember him he done some like nothing nothing I remember or someone he married to my mom his ring was worth maybe $200 yeah yeah from it from that starting from zero from zero zero just he was building his contacts it's all about contacts yeah and he does his own thing so you can't blame so you're saying don't blame you yeah your dad yeah yeah yeah like you know he he worked hard for us like he always told me like CEO I should don't like depend on me aside did my own thing and I'm happy you know yeah and what is your dad do my father so my father's a businessman he has over 30 companies in the States I'm not I read online he's a billionaire you know my father he never tells me anything like I tell him well you should google him cuz it worth 10 billion washes or that so what is next for money kicks you said that you're opening a store in Dubai with Fat Joe right I'm doing my clothing a king's ambition cayuses you yeah me my brother and we just finished our collection we're gonna do a big fashion show in Dubai yeah solo 15 okay yes are you expecting the heavier on a sneaker collaboration someday or I wish and shall know one day I wash it with with with who and what sneaker I love Jordan like Jordans you certain you said earlier that you were you know Khalid sent you the the Grateful three so you guys are you guys friends er yeah what are those yeah I did that video that was one my view most viewed videos it was a better lion you or DJ cow eyes we have the read one there I'm which means Lopez I'm Brendan done from soul collector I'm Matt wealthy editor complex sneakers so next time y'all with them K money kick that thank you

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  1. The video puts the words flex lol ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Mashallah i came here to say this kid humble Mashallah but I wanna add this to my comment he know thereโ€™s death we will leave all this wealth behind u canโ€™t take it with u money canโ€™t buy u one second to stay here when u got to go u go

  3. Yes, it's way easier if you have money to make money. Atleast he is working for his money, instead of rich kids just spending everything and not realizing the value of it.

  4. i love dubai emiratei will go there some day inshallah, long live people of turkey iraq and syria in middle east.

  5. All these "influencers" are the same..none of em really kno about sneakers..listen to em all they say they wasn't into sneakers until the record button was hit

  6. Pls also spend your money on human beings. 00923006748843. I have great ideas Iโ€™m already working. God will give you more.

  7. Billionaire teen Roshan
    Is cute and humbled and looks great with no ego hidden inside him, he's pure and a perfect friend of MO

  8. A rich ape bitch do some charity & feed the poor cause ya ain't gonna take all those sneakers with Ya when heading to ya grave.

  9. Brother u r a humble person u bought most epensive perfume in dubai brother if u spend these money by helping poor people Allh will give most fame and money
    Alot of person from Sodan and Nigeria are waiting like these people plz help them by money
    Bcz they are not getting a single bread of meal on dailly basis

  10. if he has as much money as he is ….. because he does not join a children's foundation and donates money for children who go to bed without eating and have no clothes etc … and is not on YouTube eating shit buying expensive things and teaching them all … I'm sorry but there is no heart and life is short when I die nothing you take only the best moments and the love of your family and true friends the rest stays ….

  11. Lol๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†put that money on your ass๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•and put some those people too

  12. If u have money u can do anything in life, his father is on one of the billionaire businessmen in the country, well that's not the fact, u need to do it of yourself


    Feature that feedback you thick ass mustache having pretty boy. Get stoinked out.

  14. This kid is the definition of culture vulture. Bought your way in … GTFOH game makes money ..money don't make game.

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