yalta J Mike you miss Barranca episode number 51 email tress these critics now this one is gonna be a bit of a special one because obviously as you can tell I am today the fake joltin special one no Jose haha did you get it I got it wasn't funny anyways guys we're gonna talk about fake boots there's gonna be 10 minutes on the clock as you can see right there Wow no sound he bought a new phone and still there's no what can you do what can you do but anyway I did something I never thought I would gonna I was gonna do in my life I went out and I bought a pair of fake foot problems my actual pair of fake football boots in China some nondescript website it looked real shady but that's just how it goes and even better not only did he get one pair he got this one pair I got to piss now obviously we haven't opened yet and they just pay me the thing is I ordered them like six months ago but that's another deal I didn't but it's a while ago I ordered a pair of aces and I ordered a pair of laces laces super flies and I thought today we're gonna talk you through why you should not buy fake football boots because not only is it is it bad because it's terrible quality but also it's actually illegal and it's and it's hurting the football pants so you shouldn't do it so this is why I waited it for you J Mike let's stop okay okay okay you know what let's reveal we're gonna reverse we're gonna pop the superfly again you don't haven't seen these yet it already smells nice so this is all the smell ah even the Fox you know the first warning sign is what do you this is a box a box this box is trashed but there's a there's a price tag ah yes whatever this cost me this cost me $50 sorry 50 euros $59 and and clearly it's nowhere near the same quality as in the 300 you are real authentic Superfly and the first one you can think you would think you can tell by is the smell it smells very synthetic but also I don't know if you guys can see but this is far China in the finish it's it's a lot less a better comparison we're gonna get from this one yes the actual colorway lock-in let loose here as we got you can tell how it's it's a lot less should we say foamed like the normal Superfly yes I would argue that they did an okay job with the suck yes maybe the meat is like kind of easy to get like it's not to the theorem the thing is no I I would have these on feet oh I would agree with you in the sense that it's not terrible but it's just a tube here it's actually you got it's a lot tighter then it is much tighter and you can see where they like it's a lot they're more layers and you got a much finer knit here where it's just like very is it's very straight they need and especially if we look at like yeah we're gonna go through the whole boot here but but if we stop sneak peek if we start with the upper here obviously it's supposed to look like flying it it's not flying it and that's that's the thing you get something that might look like what you get in the in there should we say authentic versions but it's not and and that's kind of the problem here because they make it look like a good technology something that will work which Nike have made because well frankly it works it has a purpose but here it's just there to like a visual thing and that's bad because that means that you won't get the comfort won't get the fit and you won't get the performance so here in the in the in know what what they would call the fly wire the fake fly wire as we should call it you can see it by comparing it to the normal boots that the knit pattern itself is a lot less there's a lot less knit and it looks thinner the the the the ribs look thinner and and the the knit itself like the threats themselves they looked a sinner obviously it doesn't have the same like a 3d speed whip texture to it as well it's a little bit ripped but that's about it but the problem is that you don't get the flyways you get a much lower quality and then there's like all the little things such as the smell obviously for one it's bad this the insole okay it says mercurial take out the insole there then you look at it on the on on the backside it just says www for Paul calm and it's a very like synthetic plastic you know very nice insole compared to to this well you got the nut a great mega grip the Nike grip on the on the on the inside on the bottom as you say and it's a lot more shock absorbing then then the fake one it's just basically of crap so you know looks wise I'm just gonna point out that you know from a distance you're not gonna spot it probably not like imagine playing on AG not despair uh-huh it's gonna turn darker just like this guy right idiots like it's not like you know that the swoosh is with three stripes and you know it's completely it's on the side instead of know they like looks-wise but that's the thing with the counterfeiters do they they just sit down they look at it and they want to make it look as close to the real thing as possible so you would think it's it's real and that's it that's all they spent their money on which is not a lot and then they just go with the crappiest material that you can possibly imagine and that's the problem because not only is it illegal you support businesses that kind of like undermine the the real football based is where they actually they need money to innovate and to make quality products and then if you give it to basically copycats well you undermine the whole thing and apart from that you get crappy stuff J Mike we people want to see the other pair okay and I want to see it too again the Vox is this is not this is not even a 2017 anteaters but it's like mm I mean nowadays like the unboxing experience Keith like people don't go to media box things look at this this is obviously the a 17 plus pure control or the a 17 plus fake control they even have you know the the tags Wow so here we have as you can see I brought the same size in like the real ace and and you can you can quite clearly see that there is a difference yeah the materials are different obviously there's no primary on the forefoot they've kind of made it look like it but it's not nowhere near as soft you got some sort of weave material here to make it look like the textured sock it's it's not very stretchy compared to the to the normal one and it's not as should we say airy and and you can just clearly tell this a lot lot lower quality and then of course this there's the boost zone which is basically as you can see here just wow you got the real boost where you can see the structure and then this is just like the fake ghost it's it's just paint it on you know the thing is like you know nowadays not that much with football boots because obviously most people buy from reliable sources but like in the sneaker business uh-huh there are tons of fakes flooding the market yes and like what we can see here is like all these mistakes you see tons of like excess glue yeah the you know the stitching is not good like this so many mistakes then obviously you can spot yes sake from a mile up mile away but again from a distance looks wise but that's the thing these these things aren't built to play football with and that's the problem apart from being illegal and apart from being bad for football our brands and apart from well it's badly it's bad for your wallet because simply you're you're spending stuff or bait not a lot of money but he's still spending money on stuff that you can't really use for playing football they're not built to fit you well they're not built to perform and give you lockdown instability and they're not built to be durable as a matter of fact they're just built to look like the like the real products so you're basically buying a ton of things that I can't say on YouTube Oh honestly you know cool and all you know kula no and again I'm not supporting the fakes by any means you shouldn't but I would love to you know what one of them on my right foot second one the real pair on my left go out and play and honestly see what the difference is because like just touching them they feel plastic it they feels pretty Hiroshi's but good day is there any like chance that you would actually be like when you just feel these two uppers like you can't go out anyplace you can but it's nowhere near as I mean instead of going you don't have to buy the expensive phones listen this is very important you don't have to buy the expensive boots but what you shouldn't do is is is by the fates that look like the high-end models it's just it's stupid there's no reason to do it I would rather then just go out and say okay if we have the predator line up here instead instead of going out and okay you don't have 300 euros to spend on a predator to 18-plus why not go out and buy say and 18.2 instead or and 18.3 this is actually built to be worn for football it's built to give you comfort it's built to give you lockdown and stability while this is just built to look like an ace that's it it's it's it's crap on my table don't throw away my one amazing yo okay funny detail J Mike you even bought these in your size I even bought these in my size you know in case I want to go out and try them out see how bad they are but but listen guys we often talk about like like fake football boots and someone you know wouldn't mention hey I'm getting if you're getting the cheaper version of the predator they call them the fake football boots don't do that they're takedowns they're just cheaper versions but I should say cheaper but legit versions of the real deal and and that's the difference because this what you're holding in your hand and these atrocity right over here she's straight up Fitz if you're not de Mike which one out of these two do you think would actually be better for playing footballing I think this I also think the superblock this is but that's because the superfly at least has actual laces it doesn't have any flour to to help you come on I'd imagine making the laceless mood and trying to make that fit but it's just you know at least the D dismayed the compression around it they're made here the compression fit tongue and here it's just a piece of like material it's not really there to do any difference so I think the Superfly would be better but I would still rather just take this out and burn it on the fire let's burn these no this is the real one dude trigger it okay listen oh yeah we should make a football experiment with like you know fake booze uh-huh but just to see like put putting it all black on white you know now we're talking but can we walk them talk talk the talk and walk the walk well you guys should actually decide should we make a video where we actually test out these here horrible horrible fakes against the real deal she should let us know in the comment section right down below now if you do have any questions about why you shouldn't buy fake football boots and we haven't made ourselves a very very clear just yet you shouldn't buy fake football boots if you do it you should get your head checked because it's not good for anything not you miss this but no it makes me mad that all these hard-working go I'm like I want to try this this because of your passion anyways guys leave us a comment right down below if you want to check out more on cuts we've made a lot of cool videos that you can check out right down here of course we also make a lot of other cool videos where you can learn tricks you can hear the latest tech told see the latest reviews so make sure you subscribe by clicking the green bubble over my head leave us a like if you had a good time and also hate fake football boos and spread the word to not buy them by sharing this video with your friends and without sir we're signing off to you Wow do do Oh

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  1. I wan't a soccer shoes i don't have any because my new soccer shoes won't feet plsss i don't care if it is fake

  2. Joltter: "Obviously you can spot its a fake from a mile away"

    Also Joltter: "From a distance, Looks-wise… Its not that bad …."

  3. I am not saying we should buy the fake one…but how can you expect a pair of 60 dollars boots has the same quality as the 200 dollars one

  4. Hey guys theres a dude on Reddit named Eylix that's gonna off himself on 26th or 27th December please send him some love and care I'm trying to convince him to not but he is insisting. Please, he seems like a nice dude

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