YouTubers React To 10 Things That Were #1 This Week (PewDiePie100M Subs, It 2, Mendes/Cabello Kiss)

YouTubers React To 10 Things That Were #1 This Week (PewDiePie100M Subs, It 2,  Mendes/Cabello Kiss)

– Don’t make me do it again!
I don’t wanna do it! It’s Shawn Mendes and–
NO, GODDAMMIT! – (Garrett and Pennywise) I
missed you. – (laughs)
– (groans) I hate that word. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re gonna
be showing you 10 things that were number one this week
across movies, fashion, YouTube, and beyond
to get your thoughts on some of the biggest things
that occurred this week. – Awesome. I can’t wait to see.
– You guys are gonna just see how irrelevant I am
and I don’t know anything. – (FBE) So, to get things started,
we’re gonna show you the most talked about
tech announcement this week. – Oh, okay. (laughs)
Okay, I got this one. – All right. It’s probably the iPhone.
– I’ve been already debating about whether or not
I need to upgrade my phone. – (voice-over) Introducing…
– (gasps) Oh, that’s right. – (voice-over) …iPhone 11 Pro.
– Whoa! – (voice-over) The
triple-camera system… – God. This has gotten memed so hard.
– Weren’t people getting trypophobia or something from this?
– Wow. Three cameras. That’s so awesome!
– I feel like all they do is camera stuff now,
and I’m not a photographer. – I film and edit all my videos
on my phone, so the three cameras… I need a bigger screen.
I’m sold already. (chuckle) – (voice-over) iPhone 11 Pro. – (claps) I mean, listen.
It’s another day. It’s another iPhone.
I used to be very hyped, very excited about iPhones,
watching the keynote, being like, “What? It has
a third [inaudible] camera?!” But nowadays, I’m just like,
“My iPhone X is doing the job.” – (FBE) Apple announced
its latest line of cellphones, the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro.
So, the biggest change is the addition of the third camera,
which the internet quickly made memes out of.
– Oh, yes. I think I did see some of these.
– “Someone said that iPhone 11 resembles coconut. #iPhone11.”
(chuckles) Love that. – The three-camera thing
is so intense. I know people are freaking out
about the actual look of it, and I guess I kind of get it.
I can’t actually look away. – It resembles bowling balls
is what it resem– I wanna be able to put my finger–
I wanna sink my fingers into my iPhone 11
and throw it down a bowling alley. – “Three cameras
of iPhone 11 explained! CIA, FBI, Homeland.”
Bam! Hate it. – Honestly, it’s fine.
I post everything online anyway. (snorts)
– It is literally just two additional cameras
to government surveil you. I’m mad that you guys don’t have
the little piece of tape over the camera on the laptop,
’cause they’re watching us right now. ♪ (“X-Files” theme) ♪ – (FBE) So, up next, we have YouTube’s
number one unboxing video of the week. – Oh, really?
– I don’t think I’ve seen this one, ’cause I can’t think of anything
cool that’s been unboxed. – (PewDiePie) My wildest
dreams came true. – Oh, it’s PewDie! Oh, yeah, yeah!
It’s his 100 million. – Ohhh. PewDiePie’s– ohh.
– (PewDiePie) …still awkward as [bleep], but I finally
got confidence in myself. And instead of 100 subs,
we hit 100 million subs. – Oh my gosh! That’s great!
I think I heard about that. I’m super happy for him.
– I’m so happy for him. I’ve been keeping up
with him for forever. – (PewDiePie) Bro fist.
– I felt that. – (PewDiePie) Ba-dan!
– Oh! Oh, that’s cool! – Where is he gonna put that?
In his bathroom probably. – (PewDiePie) And of course,
thank you, YouTube. Where would I be without you?
– Wow! This is really cool. I, myself, am only 97 million away
from getting one of those. – He hit 100 million subscribers?
That’s a lot. I honestly thought that
that would never happen. – An individual pulled that off.
That’s cra– I mean, obviously, you have to thank the community,
but wow. It’s wild. – You see the numbers
when you’re looking at your views or looking at your subscriber count,
and you can’t really process how much that is.
Like, 100 million? How many football fields
worth of people is that? I can’t do math, but if I could,
I think it’s a lot. – (FBE) So, up next,
we have this week’s number one traditional celebrity video
uploaded to their YouTube channel. – Oh, wow. Okay. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– I loved this movie. I just saw it yesterday,
and it was really, really good. – J.Lo!
– Oh, hell yeah! She’s so sexy. – (instructor) Grab the pole.
This left guy. Yes. Yes.
– She looks so good. ♪ (sensual electronic music) ♪
– Wow, that’s insane that should can do that. Wow.
– Wow, good on her. – Dude, I need whatever
Illuminati [bleep] is going on with Jennifer Lopez.
I’m 33, and I look like I’m going on 48.
– She’s great. I have much respect. Staying that fit into your 50s?
She 50? God bless. – (FBE) That was a
behind-the-scenes video that was uploaded to Jennifer Lopez’s
YouTube channel titled, “How I mastered the pole dance”
to promote the film Hustlers. And it already has over
four million views at the time of filming this episode.
– Deserves every one of those. – (FBE) Jennifer Lopez joins
the plethora of celebrity YouTubers who are now making content online
similar to Jack Black, Will Smith, and Zac Efron.
– Wow. I didn’t even know all these people had
YouTube channels. That’s crazy. – (FBE) So, what are your thoughts
on how traditional celebrities are having a larger presence
on YouTube nowadays? – Come on over! I love people
being on YouTube in every way. There’s so much room at the table.
Everyone’s welcome. – It’s kind of flattering in a way,
’cause we’ve been doing it for so long, but it’s also like,
“Ah, man. I can’t get three million views to save my life.”
(laughs) So, I’m pretty jealous. – Attention is the key valuable asset
we have online, and so if you already garner it in different ways
as a mainstream celebrity, why not make sure that you kind of
stay in the limelight with a YouTube? – (FBE) Next up,
we have the number one most talked about celebrity kiss.
– Oh. OH, NO! NOT AGAIN! Don’t make me do it again!
I don’t wanna do it! It’s Shawn Mendes and–
NO, GODDAMMIT! – (Shawn) We saw on Twitter
and stuff… – Oh, I saw this on Snapchat.
– (Shawn) …the way we were kissing and how it looks weird,
like we kiss like fish. – I saw this. It reminds me
of people who aren’t funny. – (Shawn) We just wanna show you
how we really kiss. – (Camila) Yeah. – Oh, wow! That’s a big kiss.
Oh, it’s not a real kiss. Okay. – Yeah, they’re like windshield wipers
going at each other. – I did that joke with my girlfriend
in high school. – They’re not even having fun!
– (Camila laughs) – That laugh felt so fake!
– They were probably just having a night where they’re watching
and being silly and they’re like, “Oh, let’s mess with people.”
– (FBE) Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have been rumored
to be dating after several pictures of them making out circulated online.
Several users started poking fun at the way they kiss. So, here,
they are poking fun at those users. – More power to them.
I love that. – (FBE) So, as somebody who’s kind of
in the public eye, have you dealt with the public discussing
your personal life over your career? – Oh my god. The public likes
to pick everything apart. They have something to say
about literally everything: the good, the bad, the ugly, the fun.
– Not really, but that’s also ’cause I don’t share a ton of it.
Earlier on, I did. I also earlier on realized
it’s one of the only places that I’m a little sensitive,
especially now that I have kids. So yeah, I got a little taste
and went, “Nah.” – (FBE) Coming up is the trailer
for the number one movie in the country at the time
of filming this episode. – IT Chapter Two!
I’ve seen it three times. – (Mike) We didn’t stop it.
– Oh! I went and saw this. I slept through most of it.
– Ooh, this– ah, man. That scene. Oh, that scene. – Yeah, I’m not much
of a scary movie guy. – (Garrett and Pennywise) I
missed you. – (laughs) ♪ (eerie music) ♪ – Ooh! – (Pennywise growling)
– The first one was so good. – Chapter Two, wow.
That looks like an intense one. – I’m the biggest IT fan
on the planet. We could make a whole– not video,
but channel dedicated to me just ranting about this.
– I’m such a baby, but I wanna see ’em.
I just have to work up to it. – (FBE) Up next, we have
the number one Tik Tok trend of the week.
– Okay. I’m intrigued. – I don’t even understand
what Tik Tok is, but bring it on. ♪ (upbeat guitar music) ♪
– What did she put on there? – Is that eyelash glue? – (laughs)
– She just made her lip look a little bigger? – How many viral trends are we
gonna get about making lips bigger? I mean, I get it. I get it.
But I don’t get it. – I’m literally just like,
“God, is that adhesive toxic? Are they breathing in fumes?
Is she gonna be able to study the next day?”
It’s gotta be safer than the Kylie Jenner
lip challenge, right? – Wait, that’s it?
That’s Tik Tok? Just little things like–
I mean, that’s hilarious. Guys, I love Tik Tok.
– (FBE) Next up, we have the number one most upvoted post
on Reddit with over 171,000 upvotes. – I love Reddit.
– “Hey, Printer, can you please print this document?”
“Low on cyan!” – “Don’t worry. It’s just
a black and white text.” “No, [bleep] you. Low on cyan!”
This literally just happened to me the other day.
– I feel like this would be more relatable in 2002.
There’s not a lot of people printing their own stuff, I feel.
– I don’t use printers. I make YouTube videos.
This isn’t relatable for me. – I haven’t written a check
in six years or printed anything in probably four.
God bless the digital age and DocuSign. I’m shocked
that, on Reddit, something with such analog capabilities
can rise to be the top. – (FBE) Coming up next
is the number one most watched compilation on YouTube this week.
– Okay. Cool. I don’t know if I’ve seen
any compilations recently, so can’t wait to find out
what it is. – (right woman sneezes)
♪ (vocalizing) ♪ – (left woman sneezes)
♪ (vocalizing) ♪ – Are they sick?
– (chuckles) That’s really good. ♪ (tranquil foreign music) ♪
– Oh, a cute coup– oh! That’s not nice!
♪ (upbeat foreign music) ♪ – ♪ Shhh ♪
– Oh, he’s getting it. – Yeah! Slay it.
– I don’t get it. You know, I’m 20.
I feel old. – Tik Tok is like the new thing
to do things on. I mean, we all could be Tik Tok stars
if we just knew how to dance. – (FBE) Up next, we have
the most talked about fashion trend. – Okay. I’m gonna be
completely out of my element. I love it.
– Crocs?! Whoaaa. Alien Crocs.
– Oh. (laughs) Wait. This is way better
than anything I thought. Those are like the Ferraris of Crocs.
– (FBE) This week, Ariana Grande posted a photo of her wearing
white Crocs on Instagram, and her post got a crazy amount
of attention for her shoes. – I stan Crocs. I have big feet,
so I can’t pull ’em off, but I’m here for them.
– (FBE) Coincidentally, an unofficial social media account
that tracks Kanye West’s sneakers brand posted a photo
of the latest style in the rapper Yeezy’s shoe line
with many comparing the shoes to Crocs.
– Wow! So, these are Kanye’s shoes then? Okay.
They kind of do look a bit like Crocs. I guess they’re just kind of
a Kanye style version. – The fact that you said
it’s part of the Yeezy line, I was like, “Oh, yeah.”
If you said “Crocs, but make it Yeezy,”
that’s it. That’s 100% it. That makes so much sense.
– I feel like I just got hit with some conspiracy songs
in my brain. I’m like, “Do they know?
Was this on purpose?” ♪ (“X-Files” theme) ♪ – (FBE) So lastly, we are gonna
be showing you what we’re calling the number one wannabe trend
of this week. – “The number one wannabe trend.”
I swear, if I’m somehow embracing this, I’m gonna die
right here on camera. – ♪ (R&B music) ♪ – What is she– is she just showing her hair, looking good? Oh! – Yes! I’m here for this! (blow dryer whirring)
– (laughs) – Oh. “Slofies.”
Oh, that’s almost as lame as Crocs. – Don’t. This is the– (groans)
I hate that word. I hate that word! No! “Slofie.”
– (FBE) Aside from the phones, Apple also announced a new feature
called Slofies, where you basically can take selfies in slow motion. – What? What speeds are people
usually taking selfies at? – Anything where people
don’t look attractive is hilarious to me,
like when people are willing to look silly.
– All right, it sounds kind of cool, honestly.
I would be interested to play with it to see what tomfoolery
I could get up to. – (groans) I’m just dying inside.
I just don’t understand the need for it.
In what world do you need to film something in slow motion
that’s not– that’s you– why would you do it?
I don’t get it! – (FBE) So now, we want you
to create your own version of a slofie. The feature
isn’t out yet, so we’ll have you record a normal video,
and we will slow the video down during post production.
– Okay. Cool. ♪ (R&B music) ♪ – (FBE) Finally, what was
the number one thing that happened to you this week?
– Number one ha– what happened to me?
I don’t go outside. Oh, Borderlands came out.
– I walked around a food festival for charity, and I ate beef ribs,
and I got drunk, and I got very sunburnt.
– The number one thing in my week was just thinking about
IT Chapter Two 24/7 I really love Pennywise. (chuckles)
– Honestly, coming here. I haven’t been on YouTubers React
in so long. This is it. And being filled in on
all things internet, proving to the world that I have
no idea what the [bleep] is going on. – Thank you for watching
this episode of YouTubers React. – Be sure to subscribe
to all the wonderful creators in the episode.
Links in the description. – Thanks for watching!
See ya next time. – Hey, guys. Vartuhi here.
A huge thank you to all the YouTubers that came out to shoot with us.
Make sure to support them by subscribing to their channels.
Links in the description below. Bye, guys!

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