Hello everyone this is CG3DANK.This is also a request tutorial. So I would like to say thanks to all supporters and especially to Arshpreet for requesting it… In this tutorial we are going to learn about how to create alpha, how to use it and uses of
insert brushes and Shadow Box. In the beginning for giving the basic shape I
am using Zmodeler. and using Move tool ,Masking and size option from Deformation. for giving the basic shape of shoe.. Using rotation,scaling for the basic… Now again using Movetool and size option from deformation for soal. Now selecting the faces doing Inset and Extrude and again….selecting face and using movetool for doing up. Doing it same here also… and again some more edges… Extruding it …tweaking it using Movetool.. More tweaks.. more segments….and giving supporting edges in sole more tweaks… Tweaks …..tweaks Now we’re going to start sculpting
over it using claybuildup brush… for basic sculpt.. As I have already told you that Claybuildup brush is very good for basic sculpting… Giving some bulge in bottom.. You can create basic wrinkle of shoe using claybuildup brush.. After that we are going to use different brushes… Still using combination of smooth and claybuildup brush… and playing with small and big size of brush.. Now trying to broad the upper section… My motive is here to tell you different tools to achieve desire result… Not going to copy whole reference… ๐Ÿ™‚ You can use these options acc. to your needs… Now using Flatten for doing it flat from top… and using Move brush for tweaking… and standard brush for giving more highlights to wrinkles… and for giving leather.. I mask the upper section and using Clay buildup Brush for some leather… and for grains noise I used noise maker… and for doing extrude I mask the unwanted area… and using size from deformation… and for more highlights I am using Dame Standard brush… and for leather… I am sculpting it using…combination of Smooth and Claybuildup Brush… If you want you can use alpha also… But it was quick enough for me so I am sculpting it directly using brush…. and for unwrap I am unwraping it… Blue for definning seam and red for saving the mesh area… I unwrap this and… copy this Uv to orignal one… and using NoiseMaker for giving tiles on
shoe.. Masking the area where.. I dont want tiles… Apply to the mesh… and for more leather…using noise maker… Applying to the mesh…. and for creating rope on shoe..First of all I am going to do a polygroup After that I am going to use SliceCurve… but here we cann’t use it so….. I am going to do a duplicate of it… Then going to merge all subdivisions… and now going to create many polygroups using…SliceCurve and for the Curve here… I am going to use option in strokes… That is frame mesh… Now using Insert Cylinder.. Give the size of brush… and click here… reverse the mask and hide the unwanted meah area… and you can delete now it from Modify Topology in Geometry Now you are having new subtool of rope… and for giving some cloth and leather… We are using Noise maker… Play with values… and apply that on mesh For our design of shoe…First of all we are creating alpha in Photoshop… I took a pattern of design… and copied it… again doing same here for creating design.You need to know little bit of photoshop… It doesn’t take more than 5 or 10 minutes… After creating these alphas, We are going to use it in Zbrush… for using that first of all we are going have plane. I increase it segments… Now dividing it for more segments… and used mask by alpha and hide the unwanted mesh.. and again hiding… and after hiding I am going to delete it…. Using here….. SliceCurve.. for creating Polygroups… After creating Polygroup.I am going to hide it… Doing it same here also… Now you can delete it from… Modify Topology and for Extruding .I am using Zmodeler and for giving more depth I am using Size option in Deformation and now going to append that here in shoes We shall adjust it acc. to the shape of shoe later for another alpha… I did same… I hide unwanted area… and doing some design… and again appending it here… Doing extrude using Zmodeler… Now trying to adjusted it according to the shape of shoe…. Thatswhy I am going to use Matchmaker… and Move tool for placing it… Trying to do same thing here also… Using MatchMaker and Using Move tool and Rotation… For adjusting it acc. to the shape of shoe… While using MatchMaker You need to have a basic sculpt of shoe… If you don’t have.It is going to take grid section of shoe in your new mesh… for the side design…. I am again using Zmodeler…. Adjusting it using Size option Using Movetool also…. Now I am smoothing it and using Move tool for adjusting it.. and for giving shape also… After that I copied it and using Move Brush for adjusting…. and for giving Different shape also… Now for design of side I took a Plane… Extruded that….Because it is having crease… so I remove that crease using Zmodeler option…. and Rotate it in 45 degree… and using mask…. for creating design… For creating mask.You need to press CTRL and for extruding use Size option in Deformation… and using Damestandard for highliging the side area of Design… and for little depth of stitch using Standard brush… and for creating alpha of stitch I took….Spiral and playing with options…. I keep that in middle and going to use MRGBZGrabber and going to keep the role distance 0.5… in stroke palette… creating thread Doing same here…creating depth first After that I shall create …………Stitches with same setting… and for another type of stitch.I am going to use preset in Light Box… and for straight stitch .I am going to use Backtrack option with Line option…. Now I append that…and going to adjust it… for placing it using Move tool ….and then going to use MatchMaker…. But use Matchmaker on Basic shoe sculpt… and for some design using Standard brush…. Using Move Brush… ๐Ÿ˜› and for highlight using Damestandard… with Lasymouse option Backtrack line,,, Now creating thread…with same options as we did previously… and for doing copy using Subtool Master from Plugins… now placing it.. Using Movetool Do that same here… Adjusting it using it Move Brush.. ๐Ÿ˜› and for some noise… I mask the area… and going to use surface(noise maker)… and giving some noise… You can also give some noise or you can use alpha of leather… whatever you want acc. to it.You can use that… So I am using noise… and apply to the mesh…. for here also…. I am going to use …..stitch…. Using same setting as I did previously…. Keeping Roll 0.5… and can create stitchs acc. to you also.As I did previously…. and now for thread of soal… I am going to use insert mesh…so for creating that… I took a spiral..and rotate that and going to cut that using Slicecurve and first of all trying to adjust the shape… Acc. to the rope of shoe… Now using …Slicecurve and copying that… trying to tweak that acc. to the reference… Keep that near to the first one… Giving shape here also… Now going to place Insert mesh in brush option in Modifier….. So draw the curve… But it is coming opposite…so I rotate it… 180 degree.. Again import it there in modifier.. and click it here…. Trying to adjust it… Reverse the mask… and hide… Now going to delete it from Modify Topology now you are having new subtool and you can adjust it using Movetool. and for having depth of thread.You can use Standard brush Now I am going to tell you how you can create alpha using…mesh of different shape For that I am using IMM Dragon Bon… Press M for different Mesh… so you can take many ……shape of mesh… and place it…Acc. to the design… Do that one side only…Because after doing all things we are going to do symmetry… Try to keep that in middle…. After this I am going to select Box and hide it… and going to delete it from Modify topology…. and I On the grid To make that in middle… Mirror and weld for modify topology… And now going to create the alpha from Alpha Palette or you can use MRGBZGrabber also for creating alpha… This is how you can use it. and for another method I am going to use Shadow Box For getting different option of mask Press – CTRL so this is how you can create it …. Mask the design whatever the design you want… and Press SPACE for shifting the mask… This is a very fast method for creating any Props This is it for tutorial ..I hope you like it… Please don’t forget to like share comment and
subscribe and I would like to say thanks to all my supporters and viewer who ever are supporing me…. and thanks again for this request… so Now wait for next upcoming tutorial…

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  1. great video. I would like to submit a request for a tutorial. how can I contact with you and send images of what I would like to know in the amazing zbrush plafrom . again runs for the video. Ioved watching it and I'll try to follow your steps ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks Buddy,i am really happy that u created this video ,its exactly what i was looking for,it surely help me to improve,its not very hard to do but it still takes alt to do,i never heard about that matchmaker brush and its a game changer for me and this tut has a lot more techniques that i never saw before on any tut and thanks again for helping me and others,i hope in future i do something for u and no doubt this is one of the best CG channel to Learn Zbrush.

  3. and the model you are creating is crated by India's one of the best Artist and u are also able to create it which directly proves your skills are equal to a best senior Artist.can u please tell me a bit about u(particularly) like ur artstation or your site

  4. Amazing! keep up the good work! Awesome tutorials ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Can you do a tutorial on how to make nice glowing effects(maybe sci-fi lights or similar) on your final mesh with Keyshot/Photoshop?

  5. Zbrush Levels : Ignorant – Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced – Expert – You.
    What the hell bro, I've seen tons of videos, I've never see anyone use almost every aspect of zbrush like you just did! How long have you been doing this?

  6. is it somehow possible to take a foot model, place a rough shoe shape around the foot AND to sculpt the shoe while its transparent so it fits the foot?

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