Zion Williamson SHOWS His NIKE Basketball Shoe Collection At DUKE!

Zion Williamson SHOWS His NIKE Basketball Shoe Collection At DUKE!

what's your shoe game what's a shoe game look like in there you have to get in there I need Nolan Oviatt for this one come on he said what my shoe game looking right so right now I got some decent carries mother hit though nobody hit the Duke University ma'am they said they said they wanna kind of see me work on in person so I said I can make it up there so I'll get that scholarship offer my walk with that scholarship for right now let me must admit I'm not really a Duke fan but it is interesting coming back here as you're seeing it all the magical moments happen here crazy Duke does have a very good incoming freshman class but sometimes that doesn't mount up to what it should be we're gonna talk all day on things designed on Jam family I think he was just saying that so I don't think he was just saying that so you can you know it means it's on video so it's official he say I'm saying that hopefully live up to the agreement he said you got bouncer and you did your step my easy so right now we in a Duke locker room I think in my scholarship yet just give me a tour the other builder give me a who Dukes are fine thank you Trey Joe trey songz mark huge marquees bow down in r.j. that's a starting five I thought it was fine when we five freshmen sophomore or junior and then I might become number is one more freshman which a shoe game which are sue game look like in there he has a few get some heat in there I need no no Viet for this one come on doll he said what my shoe game looking right so right now I got some decent carries but game looking special orders on the wing white two three years ago I mean I mess with him with what's going on Nolan that's my there's a kairi's below there I love these are here dog I mess with this guy Riza yeah so what's your favorite shooter hoop in bronze are kairi's even wear those out of the where the top sauce ideas on this shoe long but I'll probably wait LeBrons morning car user what the PGS Gigi's alright PG twos so let me ask you this who got the best who shoes Nike who sue Katie Kyrie Brian easy if you had a personís okay depends on the person like somebody like me right not gonna see here we're like no low tops all the time so really depend on the person but if you talk about design wise I go a car so right now we in the practice facility right now everybody putting up shots we got Zion Williamson over there working on this game and post practice Zion Williams I put it in that work man you see what it takes to make it man you got being here all day man he over there I ain't gonna get up in his face because he putting their work so when you get up for his number I'm not first dunking ninth grade so so what you think about these middle schoolers Duncan on would you what you think about that that's crazy hey Duncan is seventh grade not just like a darn a windmill Ananas you got it done over me Mike so I just worked out for the Duke coaches put up 50 shots made 37 of them what's that percentage gave 37 out of 50 to slow some you person games they're 72 percent 74 74 74 percent so I just want 74 percent for the three they say they don't have enough scholarships for me right now so I have to come back sometime next year and see what I can do man unfortunately hey so so what I got to do to get a scholarship to Duke man like I never I never play high school basketball and never AAU basketball but phone's not working now how long do you think it'll take for me to reach that level man so you ain't getting play high school basketball enough then play high school basketball alright in that situation from being a realistic you'll probably talked to Coach K or the assistant coaches you know she think I need spots available on the roster you're not gonna offer you no stars throughout the best you want like walk-on kind of like earn your spot and maybe after a year you're working hard showing that you guys you want to be a part of team I think you offered scholarship so you're telling me there's a chance a small chance so let me ask you this what do I got to do right now to get a shout-out in your story on Instagram what do you receive you gotta do oh because you because you got like a book to me your father's no three million one point six some slight you know so what three from half-court bukkake gay game suitor for me okay so if gay make a shot I get it I was trying to get the 50k brown my forty eight point forty eight forty eight point six hey Gabe I'm depending on you man if you ever talk to me again I get that boy hey hold it for three shots it was online over man Ronnie let me share bar but I'm here but if if you make it soft mouth for I get a shot off from Zion IG they get it I get a shot off cuz I made the bet he got so gay because that's they gave consumer me hey hey Andy mashallah man hey hey a man this is on the story may he he hit it bro a bet is a bet is a bet right heel man okay oh okay I don't go press you know Devers TV man you see the sock what you think about diseases right they straight me it just like the pen don't like what you wear them Co fear right not straight you know where will I soon this is Jesus I'm and like a long straight I don't think it'll work without just walking around cooler I did some I'm gonna go out to this flop they don't try wear them like that ain't no work let me ask you this the easy really jump over something man like you say the thing easy this is more hard to get in Jordans he's kind of watering down now but yeah I'm straight a little harder to get in Jordan see Jordans you know flight clothes god she's a dumb but bzees maybe maybe gone so what show shoot when you go out step out which it was rough remark man's a little bit easy I like some Nikes like the warm up on its own ball keep it cool keep it collected rest comfortably yeah yeah so that's a wrap man shake that Duke campus then get a scholarship that's okay I might be back next year work on my game I might hit down the shop of hill and see if I can get a scholarship there yeah but um the rival shut up shut up thanks to you thanks hit his jump shot got me a shot up man pretty good trip man maybe I get the scholarship next year right you ya ain't get a did you ain't gonna last for either and I saw two out tomorrow meet at shadow they go fall okay at my work

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  1. Hold up, so he has the best shoes… nice new phone…. smart watch… and clothes… and still isn't a pro athlete?? How does he afford all this when he doesn't work?


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